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Sanki Kogyo × Startups] Become a company that continues to be chosen|New Steps in Co-Creation with Startups

Sanki Kogyo Corporation, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2025, is striving to strengthen its core businesses and enhance the Sanki brand in order to become a company that "continues to be chosen" as stated in its 2050 Vision, while at the same time aggressively promoting new measures to enhance "trust" in the company.
As one of the new initiatives, we challenged the "SANKI Open Innovation Program 2023". We interviewed Hiroyuki Sasaki of the Facility Systems Business Department, Tadashi Ishiwata of the Corporate Planning Department, and Naoya Tokuda of the Corporate Planning Office, who are taking on their first accelerator program, about their candid thoughts from their respective perspectives.

"New Innovations."
Expectations for open innovation different from matching services

Q: What is your background in promoting open innovation?

asbestosThe Facility Systems Division (FS Division), which is participating in the program, provides design and project management for the construction and relocation of offices and other workplaces, as well as strategic and operational consulting.

The construction industry still has the smell of the Showa period, but we are looking ahead to the next 100 years,Now is the time to build momentum to take on new initiatives. We want to continue to provide new value to society.To this end, it was decided to actively promote open innovation in Phase 3 of the medium-term management plan starting in FY2022, based on the belief that it is necessary to broaden our perspective by incorporating a wider range of outside knowledge and to speed up the process.

Why did you use the open innovation method??

asbestosFirst of all, our core business is strong, and we have insufficient resources to devote to new initiatives,Seeking to co-create with a speedy start-up companyThis is the background of the project.

It was also a challenge to see what kind of startups would be interested in our application.

Q. What are your honest impressions of the actual program?

SasakiThe difficulty of carrying out a project in the midst of our core business was a "pain," while the contact with startups who could provide us with new information and knowledge was a "joy.

When we were approached by the Corporate Planning Department this time, unlike the matching service,New innovation through "together" co-creationWe had high hopes that this would lead to

As a result, we were able to reach the point of adoption, and we believe we were given a good opportunity.

SANKI Open Innovation Program 2023" in March 2023.

"Can we envision the same future?"
Co-creation with startups for the first time

Description of the adopted project and the reason why it was selected

Sasaki: Out of the 30 applications received, which exceeded our expectations, one was selected for the program.

virtuous rice field: Adopted projects are those that have been selected for the "New business proposal as an extension of the project".
With startups with unique scanning technology,Synergy effects could be expected with the office interior design business handled by the FS Division.is the reason for adoption.

From StartupBy combining your proposal with our technology, I think we can create an interesting experiment that we have never undertaken before.We think that this is a good idea.

Q. What was important to you before the adoption of the project?

asbestos: As well as the contents of the proposal.I think I could do some interesting things with this guy.The emphasis was on the sense of

virtuous rice field: I, too, have been working on the "Can we envision the same future together?"Can we move forward with the project with empathy?The importance of the "I" was important to the company.

Four "barriers" to adoption

SasakiFirst of all, as I mentioned earlier, we have to work on the accelerator program concurrently with our busy core business," he said.time barrier".

And since each member of the secretariat has his or her own sense of values, it is only natural that they would differ on whether they "want to do it or not," even with the same cooperation proposal. We had to reconcile these differences.Diversity BarrierWe felt that we had to be careful to respect each person's values and proceeded with the project.

In addition, hosting an accelerator program is an unprecedented and first-of-its-kind initiative for our company. In promoting the program, there are of course costs involved, and the possibility of failure is non-zero. We are also aware of the importance of the question, "Whose responsibility is it to make the final decision to adopt the program?"Barriers to Decision-MakingThere was a "I'm sorry, but I'm sorry.

virtuous rice field: Finally, the "Barriers to Adoption DecisionThe first seven proposals were all excellent, and it was very difficult to select the final one to be adopted. When we had narrowed down the list to seven co-creation proposals, all of them were excellent, and it was difficult to choose one over the others. We had to think about how to take the selected proposal to the next step of the demonstration experiment, and how to gain the understanding of decision makers within the company.

The number of "strong individuals (employees who are internally motivated and can strongly promote their work as "Jibungoto")" who can promote the co-creation plan within the company and who can be assigned to actually promote the demonstration experiment will determine the number of applicants selected. The number of participants was determined by the number of employees who could be assigned to the actual promotion of the demonstration experiment. I believe that the balance between productivity and human resources is a requirement that must be overcome in order to realize co-creation with startups. We tend to focus on current operations, but we must also recognize the "importance of creating new value," which will be necessary in the future, and the "need to make decisive decisions and implement them while the company is still strong," and to this end, we must "assign strong individuals and create an environment that allows them to move freely. To this end, we carefully explained and persuaded the decision makers within the company and gained their understanding.

"The difference in speed was shocking."
Key Points in Collaboration with Startups

Please tell us about any episodes in which you felt the culture was different from that of startups.

asbestos: What surprised me was,Fast start-up decision-making processOn the one hand, we had to go through a very careful but painstaking process to get approval. On the other hand, at our company, we had to go through a very careful but painstaking process of explaining and convincing each level of the company step by step in order to obtain the necessary approval.

In collaborating with startups, we were able to gain insights such as, "If we don't work with this level of speed, what will work will not work at all.

SasakiI was shocked at my inability to keep up with the speed. I wanted to do something about it, so I asked everyone at Creww to help me.

"Creating new value."
What to Expect from Collaboration with Startups

virtuous rice fieldWhat to Expect: "TheCreation of new valueThis is the only way. It will probably be difficult for us to create new value on our own.

I believe that the so-called "winning formula" is for startups and large companies to combine their assets to create new value. I am convinced that working from the same perspective as partners is important as we look ahead to the next 100 years.

We expect startups to work with us to create new value and services that solve social issues.

asbestosI believe that in order to make a change in the corporate culture, it is necessary to conduct initiatives such as the Accelerator Program, to be exposed to the winds of the outside world, and to gain new insights.

First, it will be important to see how we can expand this initiative to the entire company, but we hope to make it a company-wide activity by creating a solid success experience.

"New Challenges for the Next 100 Years"
Sanki Kogyo's future cultivated through open innovation

Q: Lastly, what is your vision for Sanki Kogyo?

asbestos:Sanki Kogyo will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2025.Founded on the former machinery department of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. we have responded to the needs of the times with "engineering". Today, we support people's lives and work through our core business of design and construction management of air conditioning, sanitary, and electrical equipment and water treatment facilities for office buildings and factories.

Currently in Phase 3 of the "Century 2025" medium-term management plan, we are working toward our 2050 vision of "Become the Sankiki of Choice! We are now in Phase 3 of our medium-term management plan "Century2025", and are actively promoting new measures while working to mature and evolve measures to enhance "quality" and "reliability" toward our 2050 vision of "Become the preferred choice of the three machines".

Contributing to the creation of a comfortable environment and the building of a sustainable society through refined engineeringWe would like to

Q. Please tell us about the future you hope to achieve through open innovation.

asbestos: With regard to this initiative, it is a vital part of our mid-term management plan. We hope to achieve results that will not disappoint expectations both internally and externally.

This initiative is,It is important to do this on an ongoing basis and not as a one-time event.I believe that open innovation is a "good" way to create new value. We hope that by increasing the number of people who have experience in this area, open innovation will become a normal activity, rather than something special, within the company.

name of companySanki Kogyo Co.
EstablishmentApril 22, 1925.
Location8-1 Akashi-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8506, Japan
representativeHirokazu Ishida, President and Representative Director
Business OverviewBuilding Equipment Business, Plant Equipment Business, Real Estate Business
uniform resouce locatorhttps://www.sanki.co.jp/
Mr. Hiroyuki Sasaki
General Manager, Facility Systems 2 Department, Facility Systems Division, Sanki Kogyo Co.

Mr. Hisashi Ishiwata
Manager, Specialized Section, Corporate Planning Department, Corporate Planning Office, Sanki Kogyo Co.

Mr. Naoya Tokuda
Senior Manager, Corporate Planning Department, Corporate Planning Office, Sanki Kogyo Co.

[Call for Applications] SANKI Open Innovation Program 2023 II |Creating the Future of Material Handling.

July 12, 2023

[Wanted] SANKI Open Innovation Program 2023 - Let's envision KAITEKI together.

February 28, 2023
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