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Creww Growth Case Studies

Ando Hazama x Cube Earth] Innovating the world's urban OS with patented technology from Japan and the U.S.

Creww Growth Case Study Interview】Ando Hazama has selected Cube Earth, a startup company offering a "smart disaster prevention system" to local governments through the "Ando Hazama New Business Co-Creation Program 2022," an accelerator program for fiscal year 2022, utilizing Cube Earth, a geographic information system platform patented in the United States and Japan. Cube Earth, a startup company that provides municipalities with a "smart disaster prevention system" using the geographic information system platform "Cube Earth" patented in the U.S. and Japan, was selected for the Ando Hazama New Business Co-Creation Program 2022. The startup is developing next-generation social infrastructure infrastructure such as disaster prevention systems, smart cities, drones, and digital twin systems as part of the DX approach to municipal crisis management. What specific initiatives are they pursuing? We interviewed Hiroyuki Horii, Deputy General Manager of the Innovation Department, Corporate Strategy Division, Ando Hazama, Shigehiko Amo, Chairman of Cube Earth, and Zenshi Takeda, President and Representative Director.

Sanki Kogyo × Startups] Become a company that continues to be chosen|New Steps in Co-Creation with Startups

Sanki Kogyo Corporation, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2025, has set its sights on becoming a company that will "continue to be chosen" in accordance with its vision for 2050, and is working to strengthen its core businesses and enhance the Sanki brand. One of our new initiatives is to strengthen our core business and improve the Sankiki brand. Therefore, as one of the new initiatives, we are challenging the "SANKI Open Innovation Program 2023". We interviewed Mr. Hiroyuki Sasaki, Facility Systems Business Department, Mr. Tadashi Ishiwata, Corporate Planning Department, Corporate Planning Office, and Mr. Naoya Tokuda, Corporate Planning Department, who are challenging the accelerator program for the first time, about their frank thoughts from their respective standpoints.

Ando Hazama × Air Digital × Kuki City] Tackling the challenge of extending healthy life expectancy through digital sports!

Ando Hazama, a general construction company that promotes the creation of new businesses through open innovation, has selected Air Digital Inc. Air Digital, Inc., a company involved in the development of digital sports space and the operation of digital sports fields, was selected for the program. Subsequently, Ando Hazama, Air Digital, and Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture, signed a collaboration agreement and are now working together on "Sports 60 & Smart," one of the largest digital sports clubs in Japan, which is located in the "Ario Washinomiya" shopping mall facility in Kuki City. What specific initiatives are being undertaken? We interviewed Tsubasa Sakakibara, Manager of the Innovation Department of Ando Hazama's Corporate Strategy Division, Sobaku Maeda, Representative Director of Air Digital, and Takeshi Kanazawa, a member of the Sports Promotion Section of the Health and Sports Department of the Kuki City Office.

Hamaru Strategy × JVC KENWOOD] Creating a world where people can get into the entertainment and otaku industry without worrying.

Hamaru Strategy Inc. is a start-up company that plans and proposes business plans that will stick in the entertainment and otaku industry. The founders are Kazuyuki Shimizu, who has more than 10 years of experience in the toy and hobby industry, and Tsukine Dojo, who combines the qualitative analysis, introspective sensitivity, and high planning ability of an active "otaku. The two have a two-person cell that is highly attractive in interviews, and they have been selected for four open innovation programs in the past six months. In this report, we interviewed them about the trajectory of co-creation with JVC KENWOOD Corporation that led them to commercialization and their long-awaited product. #HamaruStrategy # Entertainment # Otaku # Startup # JVC KENWOOD # Co-Creation # Utilization Collaboration Case Study Interview #CrewwGrowth #Creww # Creating an era of great challenge

Mitsui & Co. x 4 Startups] Co-Creation with Startups! What is the future that Mitsui & Co.

Ltd.'s Steel Products Division is expanding its business from trading of steel products to manufacturing, maintenance, and digital platform businesses that are not limited to steel. In December 2022, this division held the company's first accelerator program titled "Mitsui & Co. Startup Co-Creation Program 2023 Ver1". What results were achieved from this program, which aimed to co-create new businesses that anticipate industrial issues and potential customer needs? We interviewed Akihiko Hasegawa of the Strategic Planning Office, Iron & Steel Products Division, Mitsui & Co. # Mitsui & Co. # Mitsui & Co. Startup Co-Creation Program 2023 # Open Innovation # Utilization Collaboration Case Study Interview #CrewwGrowth #Creww # Creating an era of great challenges

SceneryScent × Anest Iwata] Creating new value and markets with "scent atomizers

Creww Growth Case Study Interview】 Annesto Iwata has been a leader in the Japanese coating equipment and air compressor industry for over 95 years. As a "development-oriented company," it has applied for more than 1,200 patents in Japan and abroad, and has offices in more than 20 countries and 35 group companies. In the accelerator program introduced in 2020, the company selected SceneryScent, a start-up company that develops scent space production and production business, and developed a demo unit of Ambiscent, a scent production device with a built-in motion sensor, in just one and a half years. Ambiscent" demo unit with a built-in motion sensor. The company has begun trials outside the company. What specific efforts are being made? We spoke with Takaaki Izumi of Anest Iwata and Kanae Gu, representative of SceneryScent. # Anest Iwata #SceneryScent # SceneryScent # Ambiscent #Ambiscent # Ambiscent # Startup # Open Innovation # Utilization Collaboration Case Study Interview #CrewwGrowth 1TP 5TCreww #Making the Era of Great Challenges

Kumadaira Manufacturing × MAMORIO】Total security company established 125 years ago creates future "safety and security" through startup co-creation.

Creww Growth Utilization Collaboration Case Study Interview】The Hiroshima Bank and Creww co-hosted the "HIROSHIMA OPEN ACCELERATOR 2021" with the aim of creating new businesses in Hiroshima Prefecture in order to build an innovation ecosystem in the prefecture. (HIROSHIMA OPEN ACCELERATOR 2021)" with the aim of creating new businesses in Hiroshima Prefecture. This article focuses on the co-creation project between Kumadaira Seisakusho and MAMORIO, an IoT startup offering a variety of products and services, including the loss prevention device MAMORIO, with the mission of "eliminating loss. Kumadaira Corporation We spoke with Mr. Chanohara, Director and General Manager of New Business Development Department, about the background that led to the co-creation of the project and the actual experience and changes he gained from the co-creation with the startup. # Hiroshima Bank # Hiroshima Prefecture # Innovation # Hiroshima Open Accelerator 2021 # Kumadaira Seisakusho #MAMORIO #IoT # Startup # Co-Creation # New Business # Case Study Interview 1TP5 TCrewwGrowth #Creww #Making the Great Challenge Era

OPA × somete's Challenge|"Machikuroku" aims to solve the fashion loss problem!

OPA Inc. develops and operates urban retail facilities under the OPA, VIVRE, and FORUS brands, including Kanazawa FORUS, Canal City OPA, and Yokohama Vivre. What kind of experiments are OPA and Somete conducting? We interviewed Ms. Yumi Adachi of the New Business Development Team, Business Creation Department, OPA Inc. and Mr. Yuji Aono, representative of Play Blue, which operates somete. #OPA #somete # Open Innovation # Utilization Cooperation Case Study Interview #CrewwGrowth #Creww # Creating an Era of Great Challenges

Sanyu Plant Service × mint] Collaboration to Develop LINE LIFF App to Promote Behavioral Change

Sanyu Plant Service Corporation, a pioneer in the waste treatment business, held an accelerator program to seek the creation of a new business to utilize discarded materials as "resources" in addition to its incineration business to properly dispose of industrial waste. The selected company is startup mint Corporation, which develops and operates a SaaS that enables the creation of membership services and loyalty programs in low code. We spoke with Mr. Masuda and Mr. Kurihara of Sanyu Kankyo Sogo Research Institute, Inc. and Mr. Tamura, representative of mint Corporation, about the specifics of their collaboration and their vision for services facing the future. # Mitomo Plant Service # Mitomo Environmental Research Institute #mint # Carbon Neutral # Waste Management Business # Accelerator Program #SaaS # Startup #Creww # Making the Great Challenge Age

Seino HD x Farm Ship] Challenge to Next-Generation Agriculture|From production to delivery

Seino Holdings Inc. has implemented the accelerator program "SEINO Accelerator 2017" through Creww. Ltd., a startup that develops sustainable agri-systems with the world's best agricultural engineering technology, utilizing the Seino Group's diverse business domains, strong customer base, and other assets. We interviewed Mr. Tokuto Kato, General Manager of Open Innovation Promotion Office, Seino Holdings, and Mr. Masahiro Matsuyama, Plant Manager of KOTO no Ha fresh farm, about the details of the collaboration, which launched a multi-functional plant factory business in the Chukyo region, and the cooperation between the two companies to date. # Seino Holdings # Open Innovation # Accelerator Program # Startup # Agri-System #SDGs # Farmship # Plant Factory #Creww # Creating the Age of Great Challenge

Minami-Nihon Shimbun × Kids' Flea Market] A hands-on educational event for children in Kagoshima through startup co-creation!

The Minami-Nihon Shimbun, which has a 140-year history in Kagoshima Prefecture, held the "Kagoshima Accelerator 2021 Minami-Nihon Shimbun. The selected company is Honeything, which operates a "kids flea market" that helps children learn about money and the value of things through buying and selling, and contributes to the improvement of money literacy. We interviewed Hiroshi Ito, Deputy General Manager of the Planning and Accounting Department of Minami-Nihon Shimbun, Naoki Yamashita, a member of the Planning and Accounting Department, and HONEYTHING representatives Yoshihiko Akaike and Keisuke Seino to find out what exactly they are doing. # Minami-Nihon Shimbun #HONEYTHING # Open Innovation # Utilization Collaboration Case Study Interview #CrewwGrowth #Creww # Creating an era of great challenges

Creating a city where foreign tourists want to come! Increase the attractiveness of retail companies by providing duty-free processing services!

Tomobiz, a member of the Kagoshima Accelerator 2021, is collaborating with Minami-Nippon Broadcasting System (MSBS) toward the mutual goal of revitalizing the local community in Kagoshima Prefecture. We interviewed Choi Chang-hwan, President of Tomobiz, who is taking on the challenge of revitalizing the Kagoshima region with "REMOTAX," a service that supports the conversion of retail stores into duty-free stores, utilizing the reliable network of Minami-Nippon Broadcasting System. #TomoBiz # Kagoshima Accelerator # Minami-Nippon Broadcasting # Tax Free #REMOTAX #Creww # Create an era of great challenge
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【Crewwニュース】韓国コンテンツ振興院(KOCCA)は、韓国の準政府機関として、韓国のコンテンツ関連スタートアップの海外進出支援を行っています。この度、2023/12/05 (火) SHIBUYA QWSにて、「韓国コンテンツSUグローバル進出支援プログラム」の一環として、日本市場への進出を目指す韓国の有望なコンテンツ関連のスタートアップ7社を日本へ招き、ピッチイベントを開催します!

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【オープンイノベーションニュース】キリンホールディングスが、2023年11月より、調剤薬局向け置き薬サービス「premedi」に、高田製薬を協業パートナーとして迎え、高田製薬による「premedi」販売支援のトライアルを開始します! キリンホールディングスは、より多くの調剤薬局や患者さんの社会課題を解決すべく、「premedi」の展開店舗数を2024年末時点で現在の6倍となる300店舗に、2027年には2,000店舗までの拡大を目指します。

みらいワークス、経済産業省 関東経済産業局から「中小企業の人材確保に関する調査事業」を受託!

【オープンイノベーションニュース】みらいワークスが、経済産業省 関東経済産業局より中小企業の人材確保に関する調査事業を受託したことを発表しました! 今後、地域企業の人的資本経営の浸透に向けて、多様な人材の確保・活用を行っている事例の収集や、地域企業が人材戦略を検討・実行する上で重要な視点・ポイントの整理を行い、関東地域の持続的な企業価値向上を目指します。


【オープンイノベーションニュース】Abies Ventures、リアルテックホールディングス、ユニバーサル マテリアルズインキュベーターが、「日UAE先端技術調整スキーム」のコーディネーターとして「国連気候変動枠組条約第28回締約国会議(COP28)」への国内スタートアップ出展支援を行っており、この度、10社の出展が決定しました!「COP28」は、アラブ首長国連邦で2023年11月30日から12月12日まで開催されます。


【イベントニュース】メドピアと日本経済新聞社が、2023年12月11日(月)・12日(火)の2日間で第9回ヘルステックグローバルカンファレンス「へルステック・サミット」を共同開催します! この度「Healthtech/SUM」のメインイベントである「Pitch Final」のファイナリストが決定しました!ファイナリストには、書類審査と日本経済新聞の読者をはじめとしたオンライン投票により8社が選ばれています。ファイナリストに選ばれた8名は12月12日(火)に会場で実施するピッチコンテストに登壇、審査を経て同日中に最優秀賞と各スポンサー賞が決定します。
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