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BizSuite's administrative services for startups have been used by 25 companies in the first 6 months of availability!

As a subsidiary of XTech, a company with the concept of creating new businesses through existing industries x technology, BizSuite provides general administrative support for startups based on its expertise in establishing numerous companies and raising external funding.

In just six months since the official launch in December 2019, the service has been used by 25 companies, including two companies that have already conducted short reviews. We will continue to expand our menu by leveraging the knowledge, expertise, and technology of our experienced management personnel from within and outside the group to contribute to the growth of companies at various stages of their development.

Introduction Results
BtoC/toB EC site operator
BtoB AI-related companies
BtoB SaaS company
IoT Company

BizSuite offers a service that allows startups to outsource a wide range of administrative tasks for as little as 200,000 yen per month in order to solve problems related to administrative tasks, such as not being able to find personnel who can handle a wide range of administrative tasks, finding personnel with high annual salaries, or finding that the number of people involved in administrative tasks has increased but not knowing whether the efficiency has improved. To solve these problems, the company offers a service that allows customers to outsource all or part of their administrative tasks for as little as ¥200,000 per month.

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  1. Companies that wish to use outsourcing services are "companies considering introducing services".
  2. Individuals who want to gain administrative experience in a start-up or inexperienced field on the side "Individuals who are considering registering for a second job"
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System with experienced members

BizSuite has standardized administrative operations to enable a small number of people to handle the operations of multiple companies, and has accumulated the know-how to build an internal management system that should be in place for fundraising. BizSuite has also accumulated the know-how to build an internal management system that should be in place for fundraising.

In addition to normal administrative operations, the company supports the expansion of a company by proposing the details of operations required at each stage of the company in its quest for fundraising and IPO, and undertaking the actual operations in bulk for a lower cost than hiring a single administrative staff member. In addition, if necessary, experienced consultants provide advice on the establishment of personnel systems tailored to the startup stage, structure, and business procedures, support for acquiring P Marks and ISMS in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law, and advice on acquiring financial licenses.
In addition, in providing the above support, BizSuite provides an environment for management personnel who would like to work at a startup in the future but are anxious about changing jobs suddenly, or who lack experience because they only have experience in certain management tasks and cannot match the job openings, with the guidance of BizSuite advisors on the side. The goal is to increase the mobility of management personnel to startups by providing an environment where they can gain practical experience in a variety of administrative tasks at startups and increase their understanding of startups and the breadth of their work experience.
BizSuite will contribute to the growth of startups and the industry as a whole by providing outsourcing of administrative tasks through the "startup operation know-how of the XTech Group + administrative personnel on the side" described above.

Profiles of Management Members

Tomoyuki Tajikawa, Representative Director
After graduating from the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo in 2002, he worked for an IT consulting company before joining an accounting consulting firm. He was involved in the development of internal controls for listed companies, listing support, and M&A support.
He joined CyberAgent FX (now YJFX) in 2010 and became a director in 2011, serving until June 2019. He was mainly in charge of all administrative operations, and was also involved in negotiations with ministries and agencies. Later, he was mainly involved in setting up the UK subsidiary and new businesses and divisions.

Eriko Yashiro
Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Economics. While still a student, he worked as a certified public accountant at a major auditing firm, where he was involved in accounting audits and IPO support. Later, he worked for an accounting consulting firm, where he conducted M&A due diligence and valuations. At a strategic consulting firm, he was involved in strategic planning for new businesses of major manufacturers and other companies, as well as research and study projects for government agencies aimed at fostering domestic industry. After working in strategic planning and implementation support for new business creation in the healthcare field and business development for venture companies, he joined XTech in 2020.

Daiki Konno
After graduating from Sophia University, Faculty of Economics in 2016, he entered the Graduate School of Accounting at Waseda University. While in graduate school, he dropped out after passing the CPA thesis examination and joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC in 2017. Mainly in charge of IPO support/financial statement audit/internal control audit, etc., focusing on middle market companies from IPO preparatory companies to companies in the immediate post-IPO period Joined XTech in March 2020.

Michiko Suda
After graduating from Chuo University's Faculty of Economics in 2002, he joined a manufacturer-affiliated systems subsidiary and engaged in systems development as an engineer. Later, he worked at an accounting firm where he was in charge of accounting operations, payroll, year-end adjustments, closing of accounts, and tax returns. After working in general affairs at a consulting firm and in the development department of a Saas company, he joined XTech in 2018. Passed 5 subjects of the Certified Tax Accountant exam.

Satomi Sakamoto
After graduating from Keio University's Faculty of Commerce in 2009, he worked at a securities firm and a law firm before joining an IT startup where he worked in a wide range of administrative roles including accounting, labor, and general affairs. 2015 he moved to the U.S. and returned to Japan in 2018 to join XTech.
He is a U.S. Certified Public Accountant (Washington State) and a U.S. Certified Tax Accountant.

Koichi Goto
After working in finance, accounting, and corporate planning at an operating company, he participated in the founding of an entertainment startup and led it to an IPO within 6 years. After that, he supported the growth of the startup and achieved three IPOs as a project manager (CFO/Administrative Manager) and one IPO as a full-time auditor (direct listing on the TSE 1st section). and establish a startup ecosystem.


Izumi Kisumu
After graduating from university in 2011, she joined a recruiting agency, where she was involved in job advertisement sales and job change event planning. In February 2019, he was transferred from Excite to XTech, where he is in charge of human resources for the XTech group.

Advisor Masaya Ishii (Director, CFO and Executive Officer, Excite Japan Ltd.)
After working for a major heavy industry manufacturer and a consulting company, he joined CyberAgent, Inc. in 2004. In February 2019, he joined Excite Inc. and was appointed as Executive Officer. In June 2019, he was appointed as Director, CFO and Executive Officer of the company.

Shinichi Saijo, Director
After graduating from Waseda University School of Law in 1996, he joined ITOCHU Corporation. He worked in the Finance Department and the Foreign Exchange Department before joining CyberAgent in 2000. He was involved in the launch of many new businesses and subsidiaries, including CyberAgent FX and G-Crest, and served as representative director of several companies. 2006, he became the first president of CyberAgent Ventures, building venture investment operations and organizations in Japan and other Asian countries. 2004, he became a director. 2008, he became a senior managing director and COO. Appointed Senior Managing Director and COO in 2006; Director of Coiny, 2013-2017; Co-founder General Partner of WiL, 2013-2017; Representative Director of Qrio, 2014-2018; Founded XTech and XTech Ventures in 2018 and became Representative Director and CEO. In December of the same year, he was appointed Representative Director and CEO of Excite, Inc.

name of companyBizSuite Corporation
LocationTokyo Tatemono Yaesu Sakura-dori Bldg. 3F, 1-5-20 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0028, Japan
representativeRepresentative Director: Tomoyuki Tajikawa
Business OverviewConsulting and outsourcing of administrative operations and support for business development
uniform resouce locatorhttps://biz-suite.co.jp
name of companyXTech Corporation
EstablishmentJanuary 2018
LocationTokyo Tatemono Yaesu Sakura-dori Bldg. 3F, 1-5-20 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0028, Japan
representativeRepresentative Director: Shinichi Saijo
Business OverviewInternet-related business, operation of Startup Studio (Startup Studio)
uniform resouce locatorhttps://xtech-corp.co.jp
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