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Saturday, December 9, 2023

D-EGGS PROJECT, a Demonstration Experiment on the Hiroshima Stage, Announces Results of the 30 Finalists

SAMURAI INCUBATE has been supporting the "D-EGGS PROJECT," a demonstration experiment to solve problems in the Corona Disaster, as part of the "Hiroshima Sandbox," sponsored by Hiroshima Prefecture. The 30 demonstrations that began in April of this year have now been completed, and the results will be presented via live streaming over two days from November 20 (Sat.) to 21 (Sun.), 2012.

In addition, local officials (local governments, companies, and organizations) will also appear on the program to discuss real local issues, the results of the demonstration experiment, and future expectations.

Outline of LIVE Streaming

Day & TimeSaturday, November 20, 2021, 12:00 - 22:00
     Sunday, November 21, 2021 8:00 - 14:00

How to hold an eventLive streaming by YouTube
For 20 days:https://youtu.be/X5L7Phh0rVQ
For 21 days:https://youtu.be/FBzoZV7KxEM

D-EGGS PROJECT Final 30 Adopters
Local stakeholders (municipalities, companies, organizations)
Mr. Naoki Nakajima
Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture
Kentaro Sakakibara (Representative Director, Samurai Incubate)

As part of the "SAMURAI VISION 2030"* vision to be implemented by 2030, Samurai Incubate aims to support local entrepreneurs and managers, etc., and to support co-creation in various forms to create businesses and solve problems for people facing challenges in the world.

Note: See our press release dated March 15, 2021.

D-EGGS PROJECT Final 30 Adopters

[Claire] Twenty days.

form (something takes)Scheduled place of performance, etc.originatorDraft Title
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)12:00 - CampsOpening ActDeparture Ceremony, Governor's Address, etc.
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)CampsJAPAN CorporationNicody is an application that allows people to plan a trip remotely, even when they are far apart.
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)CampsTriple-D Japan K.K.A safe and practical mobility service for seniors with urinary problems using DFree, a device that predicts urination.
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)Campscookpy Inc.Using cookpy, a cloud kitchen platform, we would like to support the preservation of "gourmet foods that are about to be lost" for the future.
videotape recorderlong vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)Eight Knots Co.Supporting the transportation of goods in the Seto Inland Sea and remote island regions with autonomous EV water drones to create a sustainable logistics infrastructure and a smart island that attracts migrants.
videotape recorderlong vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)Site Sensing CorporationWith Corona Era, Remote Management Service for Existing Buildings and Facilities Using 3D Models
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)isle of islands similar to JapanMedii CorporationResolving regional medical disparities throughout Japan by solving the problem of uneven distribution of medical specialists within Hiroshima Prefecture.
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)isle of islands similar to JapanMITAS Medical Inc.Remote ophthalmic image diagnosis service using smartphone-connected ophthalmic examination equipment and software
videotape recorderlong vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)Division of Biodesign, Office of Academic and Social Cooperation, Hiroshima UniversityDistributed manufacturing demonstration of medical devices using 3D printing technology that can be stably supplied even under epidemic disasters and global deployment of functional extension systems using IoT technology: The futuristic "$100 stores for medical devices" concept.
videotape recorderlong vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)Mellow CorporationSolving regional issues by using kitchen cars - Spreading the use of "store mobility," a next-generation mobile store that can accommodate new lifestyles.
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)Kure CityAshirase CorporationAashiroshi" project for the visually impaired
Shoe-insertion type walking navigation system that does not interfere with hearing and provides a margin of safety
videotape recorderlong vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)Spornia CorporationVisualize the attractiveness of contents from SNS and YouTube data of clubs and athletes, and support sponsorship acquisition.
videotape recorderlong vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)Engate CorporationSports Empowerment Platform
〜The world's first sports-specific social networking gifting〜.
videotape recorderlong vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)technical college quotaIntroduction of applications and other solutions devised by technical college students from around the country to solve social issues
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)Takehara Cityscape Preservation DistrictSamurai Incubate Special ContentsIntroduction of special content from Hiroshima by Samurai Incubate
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)Takehara CityPlacy CorporationForget the reviews. follow your rhythm.
videotape recorderlong vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)Ichthys CorporationDemonstration of a remote infrastructure inspection system by a robot x AI venture
〜AI/AR to solve the problems of decrepit infrastructure, decrease in the number of skilled technicians, and the undermining of Corona
videotape recorderlong vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)Daishin Sangyo Co.Through "Hybrid sensing", which is the optimal use of satellite and drone, we will realize both of the following: 1) Digitalization of farmland patrol survey for each farmland through the abandoned farmland detection system for municipal agricultural committees, and 2) Data-driven agricultural management system for agricultural students through the farm management system for agricultural corporations. Realize both sides of agriculture
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)Onomichi CityAVA Intelligence, Inc.Realization of AI personal suggestion service to improve the value of travel experience in Hiroshima Prefecture
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)Onomichi Citynyans corporationUtilizing wild game, which accounts for 90% of waste, in pet food, we are transforming wasteful "killing" into beneficial "living". Premium Cat Food Business
videotape recorderlong vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)Yasai Bus Co.Smart Community Project by Yasai Bus Hiroshima to connect people "effortlessly, happily, and deliciously
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)Around Mihara StationCarstay CorporationJapan's first mobility version of Albergo Diffuso
〜Demonstration of the Economic Effects of Stay-and-Stay Tourism Using CAR Overnight Accommodation
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)Around Mihara StationYokoyama Seimitsu Co.A startup with a vision of creating a healthy society in the future through individual wellbeing by providing services that support people's health and self-esteem by combining the new concept of stretching with digital technology.


form (something takes)Scheduled place of performance, etc.originatorDraft Title
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)Kitahiroshima TownUria Corporation"2-Minute! Nutritional Over/Under Test"
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)Kitahiroshima TownSiltas CorporationDemonstration experiment using SIRU+, the simplest health management application featuring "automatic record keeping by linking purchasing information with supermarkets
videotape recorderlong vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)Yper CorporationBuilding a new last-mile infrastructure in mountainous areas
videotape recorderlong vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)hakken CorporationDried Discarded Vegetable Project
~Technology x Local Innovation for Food Loss Solutions~.
videotape recorderlong vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)NPO e-EducationNew English education using AI to make all Japanese junior high school students English speakers - English 4 skills training service using technology to solve social issues in Japan and emerging countries at the same time.
videotape recorderlong vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)patternstorage, Inc.Program for apparel manufacturers with declining sales in the efficiency/profitability business Corona.
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)Naka Ward, Hiroshima CityHorn CorporationPromotion of matching for one person at Corona Disaster - Creation of local connections through "Soromeishi", a gourmet app for one-person meals.
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)Naka Ward, Hiroshima CityZerogura CorporationFillTime" application for effective use of travel time
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)13:00 - CampsfinaleIntroduction of the sponsor, greeting from the Governor, etc.
live (esp. concert, show, etc.)CampsMagicShields CorporationDemonstration test of "Koro-Yawa," a floor that is soft only when a person falls, to prevent fractures caused by falls in the elderly.

About LIVE Streaming

This schedule is subject to change without notice before the day of distribution.
For the latest information, please refer to the D-EGGS PROJECT special site.

 Special Site:https://newnormal.hiroshima-sandbox.jp/

<Saturday, November 20

<Sunday, November 21

Performer Information

Main Reporter (LIVE Streaming Reporter)

Naoki Nakajima
TV personality, game creator, and leader of the theater company Margeble.
In addition to his talent activities mainly in Hiroshima, he also produces games and runs a theater company.

Governor, Hiroshima Prefecture
Mr. Naoki Nakajima
Kentaro Sakakibara (Representative Director, Samurai Incubate / Secretariat of this project)

What is the Hiroshima Sandbox "D-EGGS PROJECT"?

Ideas are invited from all over Japan that use digital technology to solve problems that have emerged or are expected to emerge as a result of the spread of new coronavirus infection. A maximum of 30 ideas will be selected from among those solicited, and up to 13 million yen per idea will be provided for demonstration experiments through the Acceleration Program, in addition to up to 10 million yen in accommodation expenses for companies outside the prefecture.

name of companySamurai Incubate Inc.
EstablishmentMar. 2008
Location1-3-50 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
representativeKentaro Sakakibara
Business OverviewVC business investing in and supporting the growth of startups from the startup stage to Series A, and innovation support business for major Japanese companies, municipalities and governments.
uniform resouce locatorhttps://www.samurai-incubate.asia/
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