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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Gaudiy and Sanrio to Release Web3 and AI-based SNS Service Simultaneously Worldwide Next Spring

Gaudiy, in collaboration with Sanrio, will release a social networking service utilizing Web3 and generative AI technology simultaneously worldwide in the spring of 2024!

SNS service using Web3 and generative AI technology

This service is a next-generation SNS service that combines Sanrio's knowledge of the character business with Gaudiy's blockchain technologies such as NFT and SBT, as well as generative AI technologies including AI agents.
The platform implements a Web3 wallet that leverages the concept of Account Abstraction*1 to provide an easy-to-use service experience even for users unfamiliar with Web3.

Currently in closed testing, the service is being verified utilizing the Ethereum layer 2 solution "Arbitrum One" and GPT-4. In addition, for the purpose of innovation creation, we will promote joint research on generative AI through industry-academia collaboration with universities and research institutions in Japan and abroad, including the Chiba Institute of Technology Transformation Center.

When the service is released, we plan to release it simultaneously around the world, including not only Japan but also Europe, the U.S., and Asia.

*1 Account Abstraction is a proposed improvement to Ethereum (ERC4337) that aims to replace user accounts with smart contract accounts. This will enable use cases such as application developers bearing transaction costs, introducing account recovery methods other than private keys, and enforcing transactions through two-step authentication.
The adoption of AA is expected to improve the convenience and security of Ethereum and accelerate its spread and development.

Service Background

Gaudiy is a web3 startup with the mission of "Advancing the times with our fans. Gaudiy is a web3 startup with the mission of "Advancing the times together with fans. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and generative AI, Gaudiy aims to realize a "Fan Nation," an economic sphere where fans are connected by their "likes" and "passions" beyond national borders.

Currently, the development of various technologies, including Web3 and generative AI technologies, is progressing rapidly, and new innovations are being created every day around the world. In such an environment, if Japan misses the big wave of technological innovation, it could become a factor that further strengthens the sense of stagnation and stagnation.

Gaudiy, in collaboration with Sanrio, will take on the global challenge from Japan by combining the use of cutting-edge technology with Japan's strengths in entertainment. By combining the strengths of Sanrio, which operates a character business in 130 countries and regions and has fans around the world, and Gaudiy, which utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and generative AI to create new fan experiences, we will provide services used by people around the world and aim for mass adoption of Web3 and generative AI.

Blockchain: validation is underway using "Arbitrum One".

This service is verified for public chains using Arbitrum One, an Ethereum layer 2 solution supported by Gaudiy Fanlink. Arbitrum One" is the largest TVL*2 network as a layer 2 solution for Ethereum.


*2 TVL (Total Value Locked)...an index that measures the total value of cryptographic assets deposited in the DeFi (decentralized finance) protocol.

Generative AI: Industry-academia collaboration to create innovations in generative AI

We will promote research and development of generative AI in collaboration with the Chiba Institute of Technology's Transformation Center, which is headed by Joichi Ito, former director of the MIT Media Lab and president of the Chiba Institute of Technology. We aim to become a domestic example of the creation of innovation through industry-academia collaboration between IT companies and universities, which has become mainstream in the United States.

[Contents of joint research
Research and development of artificial intelligence
Develop task-specific LLMs using Fine-Tuning.
Improving communication using network theory
Research and application of multimodal information processing using Embeddings Model

Participating Researchers
Joichi Ito, Director, Center for Transformation, Chiba Institute of Technology
Mizuki Oka, Visiting Researcher, Center for Transformation, Chiba Institute of Technology
Kota Matsubara, Researcher, Center for Transformation, Chiba Institute of Technology
Takashi Ikegami, Visiting Researcher, Center for Transformation, Chiba Institute of Technology
Chiba Institute of Technology Center for Transformation:https://www.henkaku.center/

Going Global in Three Web Fields. Calling all reckless seekers to create the future.

Gaudiy aims to create a "fan state" where everyone can live their lives by their likes and passions, utilizing advanced technologies such as blockchain and generative AI.
We are taking on the global challenge by crossing Japan's proud entertainment industry with the technological realm of Web3. We are looking for colleagues to join us in our reckless quest for both "Gaudiy Fanlink," a fan community platform, and "Gaudiy Financial Labs," which promotes a new financial business.

Employment Opportunities:https://site.gaudiy.com/recruit

About Gaudiy

name of companyGaudiy Corporation
EstablishmentMay 2, 2018
LocationDaiwa Sasazuka Building 6F, 1-64-8 Sasazuka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
representativeRepresentative Director: Hiroya Ishikawa
uniform resouce locatorhttps://gaudiy.com/
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