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Thursday, December 7, 2023

APT Women, Tokyo Metropolitan Government's female venture growth promotion program, announces 40 students for the 8th term!

APT Women, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's female venture growth promotion program, held its eighth kick-off event on Friday, September 8, 2023, introducing 40 female entrepreneurs who were selected as the eighth cohort of students after a rigorous screening process!

Introducing APT Women's 8th Program and Students

At the kick-off event, senior entrepreneur Ayako Ishikawa (CEO, Mitsumoa Corporation) gave a shout-out and introduced APT Women's 8th program and its participants.

The 8th cohort of students began their domestic and international programs on September 6, 2023.

The in-country program offers a three-month program of group mentoring and lectures for growth-oriented female ventures to acquire the management knowledge, skills, and networks necessary for scaling up and expanding overseas. Selected participants will also be offered an overseas program to visit startup professionals and facilities in Silicon Valley and Singapore to help them gain a foothold for overseas expansion.

APT Women is one of Japan's largest support programs for women entrepreneurs, having selected 200 companies to date, raised a total of approximately 14.8 billion yen in funding, and partnered with more than 616 major companies. APT Women supports female entrepreneurs who aim to make their mark on the world, starting with Tokyo.

APT Women 8th course students

40 in total, in alphabetical order by genre

List of students:https://apt-women.tokyo/program/participant/index.html


Chisato Kunimoto, Cynthialy Co.

AI Performer / Creator's AI School" for training reskilling AI creators for companies that want to increase productivity through the use of generative AI.


Agriee Corporation Chinatsu Suzuki

GrowthWatcher," a crop growth evaluation system using satellite data


Darajapan Corporation Yao Kakuda

IMANI Hacking Bootcamp", an IT human resource development project connecting Japan and Africa


Yoshie Nagatomo, Zenmetry Corporation

Bringing Order and Silence to Chaotic Chats Stress-free Chat Optimization Tool "Zenmetry


Daeyoung Ham, bgrass Co.

Waveleap, a carefully selected matching (job change) service for women and IT engineers



Aya Awata, Icreate Co.

Planners": a co-creation type sustainability project implementation support


Sparkle Corporation Chika Kawai

Changing "Organizational Emotions" through Well-Being Learning!


Clean next Corporation Takayo Nishiyama

Business improvement and human resource development specializing in hotel cleaning



Yuki Koike, at FOREST Corporation

Recycling Funeral "RETURN TO NATURE" that is friendly to people and the earth


Akiko Sato, POTZ, Pochitto-tsunagaru POTZ Co.

I will not leave anyone alone. I will turn the cycle of mutual help around the world, where I can help someone else, too. POTZ



Women's Kampo Corporation Shinobu Sumiyoshi

Chinese herbal counseling to accompany women's health care such as infertility, preconception, menopause, etc.


Lumirous Sdn Bhd Anna Yamauchi

Lumiras," a fertility and infertility treatment support and women's health support platform


Yuki Wada, Mellia Corporation

I'm La Floria," the development of a delicate-zone care brand to help people face their bodies and know themselves.



Gochi Inu Masumi Okumura

Diet personal recipe service "Gochi-Inu" for dog owners who are concerned about their dog's obesity.


S'more Corporation Satsuki Sawashima

Dogs are identified by their nose prints! NoseID": Building Big Data by Linking All Information to Nose Prints, Toward a Society of Pet Coexistence


Nekohana Corporation Mai Shono

Nekohana" creates a comfortable and stylish life for cats and people.


health care

Mio Shibata, u-bloom Co.

Cosme Fitter by Skin Flora Carte" proposes the best solution for each person's skin.


COMARU Corporation Enka Suzuki

More effective than sighing! Marumark," an app that senses


Matou Corporation Saiko Nagaoka

GoJiai, a Well-Being App that Visualizes Gratitude with Positive Psychology & Brain Science x AI


Smart Nurse Kaori Yagome

Smart Nurse," a nurse counseling program that supports couples in starting their fertility journey, creating future health for couples and their babies.



GACO Xu Dannie, Inc.

Delivering Japan's Tourism Attraction Beyond Constraints


Sayaka Otsubo, Rouen Light Co.

POSICOOK" realizes a world where cooking from childhood is a normal part of life.


qaraq Corporation Nozomi Ohashi

MUUT" brings "work" to refugees in the Middle East through the Olive Wood brand.


morning boost jinguji hope inc.

Tokyo" to show the world the appeal of Japanese food culture "fermented foods" through vegan and gluten-free sweets.


Yumiko Nishioka, Forgood Inc.

Eco & Health] Exercise leads to decarbonization and the prevention of global boiling.


Seiko Hayashi, atelier ST,CAT (B.H. Long Co., Ltd.)

Fashion Semi-Custom Rings," a New Wedding Ring Option for Generation Z


nolud Corporation Pessick, Bessie

Nolud jewelry" is a fusion of handcrafted recycled silver jewelry by Japanese craftsmen and Scandinavian design.


FUNDARD Corporation Kazue Murase

Making People Happy with Stuffed Toys! Jibungurumi" Connecting People with People


Chihiro Murata, Color Your Life Inc.

For all adults living in a stressful society. Chocolate "Night Cacao" from Thailand


Childbirth & Childcare

Hahakara Corporation Sakurako Katada

Wedoo, a maternity preparation management service for couples to begin parenting together.


NEM Corporation Chinatsu Shimura

Educational furniture that becomes interior design. MINORINO" reduces the educational burden on households with young children.


Human Resource Services

Yuko Nara, Namphoto Co.

Group dialogue program "miit" for companies using photographic psychology


Satomi Furuya, CLARITY Corporation

ROLMO, a Role Model Matching Cloud for Developing Diverse Leaders


Nao Mihara, Smile Button Co.

Sensei no Gakko," an educational media community that brings new perspectives and connections to teachers.




FFi, a career education service for junior high and high school students with fashion and beauty as the gateway


MAGEEEK Corporation Wu Meng Shan

Learning media "There is no Magic!" to create global human resources by bridging the information gap in overseas university education and English language learning.


Naomi Kinoshita, Givin' Back Inc.

HerCarich, a comprehensive online school that enriches women's careers


YOMY Corporation Riko Yasuda

Online interactive storytelling "YOMY!


Medical care and welfare

Child Play Labo Mayu Inomura

Make your time in the hospital a little more special! Advent, a program for sick children to find their "likes" in bed



Fumiko Inada, Bee Informatica Inc.

Microfinance-like credit platform using behavioral data


What is APT Women?

APT Women is a program in which the Tokyo Metropolitan Government provides a variety of venues and opportunities for women who want to start a business or grow as a business owner to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and scale up their businesses, as well as to meet and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs and collaborators and supporters who can accelerate their businesses. The program provides a variety of venues and opportunities to meet and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs and business accelerators.

We support entrepreneurs who will change Japan and the world in the future and "future creators" who will become role models for many women by providing a wide variety of lectures by lecturers with extensive knowledge and experience, mentoring to solve problems of individual companies, backup for global expansion, and encounters with highly motivated and irreplaceable colleagues. We support entrepreneurs who will change Japan and the world in the future and "people who create the future" as role models for many women.
Official Sitehttps://apt-women.tokyo/

About Zero One Booster

Based on our corporate philosophy of "changing the world by making Japan a country capable of business creation," we are developing the Corporate Accelerator, an open innovation program in which major companies and venture companies complement each other in areas where they are lacking, co-create innovations, and accelerate business growth, and the Intrapreneur Accelerator, a program to discover and foster in-house entrepreneurs. The Corporate Accelerator, an open innovation program, and the Intrapreneur Accelerator, a program for discovering and fostering in-house entrepreneurs, are also being developed.
In addition, the company is expanding its business areas to include the operation of "01Dojo," an active learning program for training entrepreneurs and internal business development staff, venture investment, and venture study abroad programs for personnel from large companies. In addition, since February 2020, we have been operating the Yurakucho "SAAI" Wonder Working Community, a working community for individuals to give shape to their ideas.

name of companyZero One Booster Inc.
EstablishmentMarch 2012
LocationShin-Yurakucho Building 10F, 1-12-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006, Japan
representativeNorifumi Suzuki, Chairman of the Board / George Goda, CEO
Business OverviewShared offices for entrepreneurs, planning and operation of corporate accelerator and intrapreneur accelerator programs, training for corporate entrepreneurs, investment and fundraising support, business creation consulting, M&A brokerage support, etc.
uniform resouce locatorhttps://01booster.co.jp
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