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Friday, September 22, 2023

TDAI Lab, an AI venture from the University of Tokyo, and TV Asahi begin operating a "vertical video conversion system!

TDAI Lab, an AI venture from the University of Tokyo, and TV Asahi have started operating a "vertical video conversion system" that automatically reads ticker information from horizontal videos broadcast in news information programs and generates vertical videos for smartphones by rearranging the video and the read ticker information!
This initiative is a TV Asahi project adopted by the Google News Initiative (GNI) Innovation Challenge, which aims to improve the reliability and quality of digital news, and was made possible through technical assistance from the TDAI Lab.

Developed "Vertical Video Conversion System" that automatically creates vertical videos from horizontal videos.

TV Asahi has been distributing vertical video news content on TikTok since 2020, YouTube Shorts since 2021, and LINE VOOM since 2023.

Image courtesy of TV Asahi

Vertical video production used to be done using general editing software, which required production staff to reduce the size of the broadcast horizontal video and edit the ticker information directly, which took a lot of time and cost.

To solve this issue, TV Asahi, with technical assistance from TDAI Lab, has developed a "vertical video conversion system" that automatically creates vertical videos from horizontal videos, and has actually started its operation on SNS. The system incorporates TDAI Lab's AI and image recognition solutions, enabling automatic conversion to vertical design and automatic generation of tickers by recognizing text in the video.

Destination of vertical video news content produced by this system

YouTube ANN News Channel (ANNnewsCH)

TikTok Teresa News (official)

LINE VOOM Telecommunication News [Official] (Japanese only)

About TDAI Lab."

TDAI Lab is an AI venture founded in November 2016 and originated from Professor Fujio Toriumi's Laboratory (Department of Systems Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering) at the University of Tokyo. TDAI Lab conducts basic research on next-generation AI and its commercialization. Tomoo Fukuma, who completed his doctoral studies at the same graduate school, serves as President and Representative Director, and also provides implementation support so that more people can make use of the research results.

name of companyTDAI Lab Inc.
Location3F Kabuto-cho Daiichi Heiwa Building, 5-1 Nihonbashi Kabuto-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
representativeRepresentative Director: Tomoo Fukuma
Business OverviewAI Algorithm Solution Development
uniform resouce locatorhttps://tdailab.com/
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