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Let's do it together! Startup! 〜Gathering Friends in the Beginning - Vol. 2

STARTUP STUDIO by Creww is an incubation program for individuals who can realize their businesses without leaving their day jobs. to, OyaConnect, and Study "X", all founders with a passion for launching a business.

STARTUP STUDIO by Creww is an incubation program for individuals who can realize their businesses "without leaving their day jobs".
In approximately six months, we aim to gather associates, develop the product, and verify the market, before transferring the product to an operating company.
Operating companies can reduce new business risk by committing resources to new "business saplings," and project teams can gain 0 to 1 experience and a contingency fee for the distribution of the transfer price.

Twenty-six projects were selected this year, and founders with a passion to launch their businesses gathered together. One of the most important elements in launching a project is "team formation. In order to gather team members, founders of selected teams pitched their ideas online for four days.

Table of Contents
interpoint (interword separation)RE:medy
interpoint (interword separation)Freeeat
interpoint (interword separation)CoFIND
interpoint (interword separation)barefoot
interpoint (interword separation)Career to
interpoint (interword separation)Oyakonnect
interpoint (interword separation)Study "X"

RE:medy] Creating a world where everyone can find a satisfying treatment.

Founder : Takanari Okegawa
Engaged in advertising sales at an IT business company. Experienced in drafting and verifying new business proposals in an in-house new business development contest. As a side job, he is the manager of the corporate planning office of an oyster farm that produces "oysters that can be eaten raw all year round.

Due to the problem of asymmetric medical information between doctors and patients, there are cases in which patients are unable to determine whether the current treatment is optimal, and are left fighting the disease with a mental burden. It is a lonely and painful path, just like groping your way through a dark cave. We want to shine a "light" on this path.

|Social Issues to be solved

Unable to determine if current treatment is the best: Patients lack medical knowledge compared to physicians.
 Patients who "distrusted" their doctors and the results of their medical examinations were about 761 TP3T.

Very few people have access to a second opinion.
 Only 4% of hospitals have an outpatient service dedicated to second opinions.
 Even hospitals that provide some kind of contact point related to second opinions 34%.

| RE:medy's Business

Due to the problem of asymmetric medical information between doctors and patients, there are many cases in which patients are unable to determine whether the current treatment is optimal and are left fighting the disease with mental strain. For this reason, second opinions are recommended, but few people use them because "it is impossible to choose a doctor," "a visit to the hospital is required," and "the cost of diagnosis is unclear. To address this issue, we have a vision to "create a world where everyone can find a satisfactory treatment" and we would like to create a service where second opinions can be completed online.

Main Functions
Search for physicians (profiles, patient evaluation data, and word-of-mouth)
Request a second opinion consultation with a physician
Online report consultation
Second Opinion Stories and Bulletin Board
Search and reservation function for hospitals and clinics
(lessening the significance or value of the previous word) the likes of


Two business planners are committed 2-5 days a week with concurrent work. Engineers and designers are needed who can work at least 2 days a week.
The current UI image was created by me. Changes are possible! This PJ has been adopted by STARTUP STUDIO by Creww. Our basic policy is to sell it to an operating company in November.

*In the event of a successful sale, the engineer/designer will receive a share of the profit from the sale.

Main Schedule
By 06/31 Service LP production completed
By 08/31 Service (beta version) development completed
By October 31 Feasibility study completed
November 18 Approx. Sale of business

We are looking for people like this

Those who share our vision of creating a world where everyone can find a treatment that satisfies them.
Experience in web service development
Experience in UI/UX design
Licensed physicians who are willing to become advisors and registered physicians.

≫ Click here for the detailed member recruitment page.https://studio.creww.me/projects/5/

Freeeat] Free valuable surplus food through advertising.

Founder : Ryo Furushima
After working in management at an entertainment agency, she worked in public relations and marketing at an IT company. Although this project is completely unrelated to his main job and he has no experience in startups, he is willing to take on this challenge with solid enthusiasm.

From my original experience in the past, I have been shocked and frustrated by the reality of "food loss," the large amount of food wasted every day in restaurants and workplaces. With sustainable values becoming a major trend these days, I launched freeeat to solve this problem.

This service reduces food waste generated by convenience stores and other retailers. By posting advertisements on this service, companies will enable general consumers who view the advertisements to obtain free products that are about to expire from retail stores. We will also conduct a demonstration experiment to create a 3-sided platform that solves the problem of reduced sales and losses on the store side.

|Social Issues to be solved

Sellers: lost opportunities and wasted costs due to large amounts of food waste
Consumers: Economic hurdle of paying for food out of disposable income
Companies placing advertisements: Difficult to reach low-income groups

|Freeeat Business

Through this project, we will develop an application from scratch. We will also use the developed prototype to promote the project, with the aim of conducting demonstration tests in actual stores. We would like to conduct a demonstration experiment to realize the creation of a 3-sided platform: businesses that post advertisements to users, users who can obtain surplus products for free by viewing the advertisements, and retailers that can reduce the disposal of surplus inventory and solve the problem of lost sales and losses.

We are looking for people like this

We would like to team up with people who are highly passionate about the major social issue of food loss and have a similar temperature of awareness of the problem. We are looking forward to receiving applications from people who are willing to share their opinions and work together. In addition to core members (business architects, engineers, etc.), we are also looking for a wide range of supporters. We would like you to help us promote the project together in various ways, such as spreading the word on SNS, conducting questionnaires during market testing, and monitoring the application!

(1) Business development/construction: construction - demonstration testing, etc.
Experience in new business development and startups.
Know-how in market validation and customer development.

(2) Engineer: Product (prototype) development
Experience in smartphone application development (especially location information acquisition and functions such as store linkage)

(iii) Designer: Product (prototype) design
Experience in UI/UX design

≫ Click here for the detailed member recruitment page.https://studio.creww.me/projects/27/

CoFIND] 0 to 1 specialized business matching SNS for those who take a new step forward.

Founder : Shouou Inoue
After graduating from the graduate school of Waseda University, he worked in research and development of robots at a major company, and has experience in launching a web-based startup.

People get used to their current jobs and talk about "wanting to start something new. However, I believe it is very difficult to take the "first step," to figure out what to start, with whom, where, and how to start. We want to create a service that encourages them to do so, so that the enthusiasm that exists out there is not wasted.

|Social Issues to be solved

I have a passion for entrepreneurship and new businesses, but I need to make it happen.
. "No skills."
. "I'm out of ideas."
... "I don't have any friends."
I don't know where to start.

|CoFIND's Business

We will connect people who have the enthusiasm to try entrepreneurship or new businesses, but "lack the skills," "ideas," or "friends" to make it happen, and match them with organizations that wish to open innovation to realize services that will enable "individuals" to create something new and better.

(1) Recommending people and projects according to their profiles
(2) Even if you don't have a clear idea, you can easily start at the wall-hanging level.
(3) Intuitive UI for efficient search of many projects

(1) User matching
When you think "I want to do something," it is not so easy to come up with an idea if you are thinking alone. However, talking with someone who is thinking "I want to do something" in the same direction. CoFIND uses a unique recommendation engine to efficiently match you with others who share your goals.

(2) Project Listing
Once we have an idea, we want to give it shape. However, colleagues are not always present in the vision. Also, a business cannot be formed by one position. Post your idea as a project and find colleagues who share your vision. This service is also available for applicants.

(iii) Project Launch
I'd love to do something together!" CoFIND can put you on a clear path toward an accelerator or startup support program while the enthusiasm is still there. Once you find your friends, you can start shaping your idea on the side before the heat dies down.

We are looking for people like this

UI/UX Designer
Survey and beta test experience collaborators

≫ Click here for the detailed member recruitment page.https://studio.creww.me/projects/11/

barefoot】Supporting people taking the next step forward! The more you walk, the more you want to walk!

Founder : Ryosuke Ikeda
I belong to a major production digital agency company as a CX producer. As a sole proprietor, I am also involved in initiatives that lead to regional revitalization and am working to become a role model for "parallel careers" while belonging to a company.

We have invented a new shoe that uses the sole of the foot, also known as the second heart, as a source of information. We are trying to develop a new shoe that uses the soles of the feet as a source of information, and that is as comfortable as if the wearer were barefoot. We are currently working on the first stage of prototype development.

|Barefoot's Business

Smart Slipper is a wearable device specialized for footwear by Shoes x Technology (IoT technology of sensors, location information and communication function). We will develop a device that has the potential to improve the relationship between users and those who look after them.

One example of how smart slippers can be realized is to track data needed by healthcare professionals and provide appropriate feedback to users, among other uses.


The "barefoot" project is planned to progress in a three-phase approach. Currently, we are in the midst of making adjustments toward the development of the prototype for the first stage of the project.
1) Development of insoles with built-in GPS
Develop slipper-like shoes that evolved from insoles and work with institutions to track where people's feet are going.
(2) Manufacturing process for molding insoles with 3D printers, etc.
(iii) Connecting with the outside world using tactile and other vibrations, etc.

We are looking for people like this

We are looking for members who have experience in IoT device development: We are looking for members who can promote the development of prototypes (mockups).
Those who can provide advice on fundraising and prototype development.

≫ Click here for the detailed member recruitment page.https://studio.creww.me/projects/28/

Career to] Beyond Career Change: Career Path DB Search Service to Increase Career Predictability

Founder : Kotaro Machida
He is in charge of finance and business investment for a heavyweight company. Hobbies are futsal and soccer. Struggles with business development on a daily basis.

If I work hard here, can I really become the person I want to be?
No one could answer this question quantitatively and qualitatively. Society needs solid information that pushes people who have the desire to take on the challenge of becoming the person they want to be, with an eye toward their career after changing jobs.

In today's world of endless career choices, many people change jobs with an eye toward their post-employment careers. For those who are challenged with drawing up their careers, we provide a database search system that shows how much money they have earned and what kind of career they have drawn up, including those who joined the company and those who continue to work there and those who subsequently went to other companies.

|Social Issues to be solved

- I changed jobs to become the person I wanted to be, but later realized that I had made a choice that would take me far away.
- I was stuck between career-oriented and stability-oriented and could not take a step forward.
- I wanted to increase my market value and got a job at a company with a policy of "overwhelming growth," but my annual salary did not increase and I did not know what growth I had achieved.

|Business of "Career to

Career to is a database that focuses on the "continuum" of careers and increases career predictability.

The core functionality envisioned by Careers to
The user's career information will be inputted.
Search for the name of a company you are interested in and learn quantitatively and qualitatively how much people who have experienced that company have earned since then and what kind of career they have envisioned for themselves.
You can see the qualitative comments of respondents on the boundaries of their job change.

We are looking for people like this

Only supporters and ambassadors are being recruited.
 Those who are willing to test our services and give us feedback, and those who are willing to help us promote our services by sharing them on social networking sites.

≫ Click here for the detailed member recruitment page.https://studio.creww.me/projects/12/

OyaConnect] "Solid Knowledge" and "Compassion" for Parenting

Founder : Yoshiyuki Ogasawara
I am a graduate student who works in planning at a major company and, as an individual, specializes in researching business concepts. Although she often gives the impression of being logical and calm, on the inside she is a humanistic person who values compassion and empathy.

I want to fill the few moments that parents and children can spend together with more smiles.

In a lifetime, parents and children spend only nine years in close proximity.
Parents, on the other hand, are frustrated between housework, childcare, and work, and suffer from daily frustrations and regrets when they lash out at their children. We want to solve this problem and "create happy time for parents and children. That is our passion for this business.

|Social Issues to be solved

Abuse problem: If we can change parents, we can prevent 751 TP3T of abuse.

|OYA CONNECT's Business

To "understand parents and save parents," we want to light a fire in the hearts of parents, a fire with room to spare, and fill the nine years between parents and children with smiles.
Compassion and psychological safety
Visualization and Improvement

This is a community platform for parents who are raising children to connect and support each other. Users can directly contact not only other parents, but also childcare professionals, FPs, psychologists, and other life-scene experts to directly resolve concerns caused by lack of experience. The data collected through the use of the platform will be used to visualize the daily life of parents and children, including housework and childcare, and to propose a PDCA cycle based on scientific thinking to the users. We are considering selling the rights to use the acquired data to companies in related industries with their consent.


Sample collection for issue validation
UIUX design

We are looking for people like this

We are looking for people who are willing to support us in spreading the word about OyaConnect to a wide range of people.
Influencers who are willing to become OyaConnect ambassadors.
Housewives (househusbands) who have specialties of interest and can serve as advisors (education, household finances, returning to work, etc.)
Engineers who want to produce their own programs in the world.

In order to create a truly good service, we desperately need the "real voices" of those who share our concerns.
Please help us tremendously just by filling out the survey!

≫ Click here for the detailed member recruitment page.https://studio.creww.me/projects/13/

Study "X": A magical educational program that turns a difficult subject into "fun

Founder : Tatsuma Tokunaga
Mobile content provider, Baidu Japan, and UNIQLO. I am involved in a wide range of activities from the launch of consumer-oriented businesses and services to planning and operation. In his private life, he is married to a Chinese wife and father of two children. His current interests are D2C and beef tongue.

Memorable and "fun" learning methods, up to lifelong learning in the age of 100 years of life

When I was a student, classes on subjects I was not good at were painful, but the instructors I met at the College Prep School were different. He taught me my weak subjects in a funny way, and I still remember the memorization methods of those days with laughter." I can do and learn because it's fun. I want to bring the joy of learning to students and create an environment where they will want to continue learning for the rest of their lives.

|Issues to be resolved

I want to make classes on subjects I have difficulty with painless.


Learning is fun because it's fun. We create an environment that makes learning fun and encourages students to continue learning throughout their lives. We develop educational programs for elementary, junior high, and senior high school children that combine subjects in which they are strong and subjects in which they are weak. For example, for children who are good at music and physical education but weak in math and English, we offer programs such as "singing while calculating" or "learning English verbs while moving your body. Programs should be developed jointly with or supervised by universities and other educational institutions and tutoring schools. The introductory part of the program will be provided free of charge, and advertisements will be displayed according to the child's grade, region, and gender. Additional subjects and courses can be added with a paid plan subscription, and without advertisements.


Sample collection for issue validation
UIUX design

We are looking for people like this

Those who want to take on the challenge of changing education around the world and breaking the cycle of poverty from Japan.
You have met good mentors and good books when you were a student and you like to study.
In terms of roles, you should have connections with educational institutions, experience with educational business companies, and experience in sales.
We would be happy to assist designers and engineers.

≫ Click here for the detailed member recruitment page.https://studio.creww.me/projects/10/

Let's do this together! Startup! -Gathering Friends in the Beginning - Vol. 1.

May 15, 2020
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