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Let's do it together! Startup! 〜Gathering Friends in the Beginning - Vol. 1

STARTUP STUDIO by Creww, an incubation program for individuals who can realize their businesses without leaving their day jobs, has held four rounds of pitches to introduce the projects of the selected teams. In the first round of pitches, founders with a passion for launching businesses gathered from six teams: Earmind, Boccars, Athlete Coach Matching Service, Monolab, Hiking Friends, and SAKE FAN.

STARTUP STUDIO by Creww is an incubation program for individuals who can realize their businesses "without leaving their day jobs".
In approximately six months, we aim to gather associates, develop the product, and verify the market, before transferring the product to an operating company.
Operating companies can reduce new business risk by committing resources to new "business saplings," and project teams can gain 0 to 1 experience and a contingency fee for the distribution of the transfer price.

Twenty-six projects were selected this year, and founders with a passion to launch their businesses gathered together. One of the most important elements in launching a project is "team formation. In order to gather team members, founders of selected teams pitched their ideas online for four days.

Table of Contents
interpoint (interword separation)Earmind
interpoint (interword separation)Boccars
interpoint (interword separation)Athlete Coach Matching Service
interpoint (interword separation)Monolab
interpoint (interword separation)Hiking Friends
interpoint (interword separation)SAKE FAN

Earmind】Earmind develops custom-made Bluetooth ear monitors with a wide range of design variations for a richer musical experience in everyday life! Development of custom-made Bluetooth ear monitors with a wide range of design variations

Founder : Rei Sato
I studied Japanese crafts at art college while working with diverse colors and materials as a marbling unit. Since graduation, I have been involved in fashion, tableware, and special makeup, respectively.

We are starting a business called "Earmaid" with the concept of "customized ear monitors that portray you.

Ear monitors, commonly called "ear monitors," are highly sound-isolating earphones made from ear molds taken for use by stage musicians, audio engineers, and other professionals. These are tools designed to monitor the sound on stage with character. Recently, however, non-professionals are also using them to listen to music better. In this article, we focus on non-professionals.

What do people look for in earphones for everyday use? While everyone is looking for different things in terms of sound, fit, design, price, manufacturer, etc., our research revealed that a common problem for both is that "design is limited. Earmind focused on "design and fit. We wanted earphones that were designed just for us, and that we could wear comfortably and justfit. This was our theme.

|Earmaid's Business

The current hearable market (earphones and ear monitors) has evolved tremendously in terms of sound quality. On the other hand, the design part of the market has not evolved, as there is not much interest in this area among those who are particular about sound quality. In addition, there are no companies that offer earphone services specializing in design like Earmind, and it is thought that the market does not exist in the first place, even if one looks into the market not only in Japan but also on a global scale.

Earmind has three main features
Customize your design freely
(2) Able to make a FIT shell using your own ear molds.
(3) Customize the sound quality to your liking.

The target audience is "people with a deep knowledge of culture and the arts.

We are looking for people like this

Acoustic equipment/electronics engineers: Technical assistance and advice for ear monitor sample production, etc.
Web designers and engineers: Those who are involved in the production of EC sites.
Monitors and Supporters

≫ Click here for the detailed member recruitment page.https://studio.creww.me/projects/7/

Boccars] Realization of a new product delivery service that utilizes local residents' flow lines (shopping, commuting, etc.)

Founder : Wataru Tome
After working on analysis projects as a data scientist at an analysis vendor, he joined a Japanese consulting firm, where he was involved in supporting the launch of new businesses, mainly in the public, manufacturing, and distribution sectors.

This project aims to solve issues related to local shopping and lifestyles by building a localized shopping and delivery platform that leverages the natural flow of people living in the community and provides a platform for consumers who are inconvenienced by shopping and retailers who want to promote digital transformation. By providing the platform to consumers who are inconvenienced by shopping and retailers who wish to promote digital transformation, we will improve the convenience of local lifestyles.
In rural areas, there are few delivery contractors and existing P2P services are difficult to deploy. By developing and providing a new P2P service that can be introduced anywhere in Japan without relying on delivery contractors, where retailers and residents cooperate, we aim to correct the service disparity between urban and rural areas.

|Social Issues to be solved

In rural areas, supermarkets are often far away from each other, making shopping time-consuming; DX (digital transformation) efforts lag behind supermarkets in urban areas; and there are few sharing economy services offered due to the lack of both consumers and carriers.

|Boccars Business

While there is a disadvantage of having fewer places to shop compared to urban areas, by taking advantage of the region's characteristic high rate of daily use of private vehicles, we hope to build a platform that links proxy delivery by local residents and retailers.

Realization of shopping service by local residents
 The high rate of private car ownership has enabled local residents to make deliveries on behalf of the company.

Realization of ordering food and daily necessities by application
 You can access the product catalog pages from your PC, smartphone, or tablet, and easily order products online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no enrollment fee.

Probability of delivery system through collaboration with retailers
 Retailers and local residents jointly take charge of picking, packing, and shopping for products, ensuring reliable product selection and delivery at low prices and safe, reliable quality.

We are looking for people like this

The team consists mainly of members who have been involved in regional development and digital transformation, but we are currently looking for people with the following skills
WEB Designer / Engineer

≫ Click here for the detailed member recruitment page.https://studio.creww.me/projects/9/

Athlete Coach Matching Service] Designing encounters that improve lives through sports.

Founder : Takaya Nakata
I played soccer from elementary school through high school and played football in college. I was the captain and coach of the football team. This is where I started to take a strong interest in team building and coaching. I look forward to working with you.

|We want to expand the possibilities of encounters in sports.

We want to create an environment where people can meet more people they are happy to have met through sports for their own lives. However, in the current sports world, competitors are often unable to choose their leaders due to regional, economic, and personal networking problems. I want to change that situation.

We will realize the world of athlete coaching as envisioned by creating an environment where athletes can find the right coach without being limited by location or economic factors. In order to realize this vision, we will design an environment where athletes who are underprivileged due to regional, networking, or financial reasons, such as athletes in sports with small populations or student sports teams in rural areas, can receive suitable coaching. We use technology to analyze the athlete's situation, select coaches accordingly, and provide a high level of service without regional, economic, or human networking disparities in coaching.

|Social Issues to be solved

Three limitations to meeting with a coach
No opportunities for socializing and meeting people (networking barriers)
Cannot meet face-to-face (regional barriers)
I can't meet them because I don't have the money.

| Athlete Coach Matching Service Business

We need an environment where people can find the right coach and receive sustained coaching in a way that does not cost money and is not limited by location. To achieve this, the Athlete Coach Matching Service will do the following three things

(1) Create a hub where athletes can find suitable coaches.
(2) Provide online guidance.
(iii) Athletes themselves do not pay, but coaches receive compensation.

By doing these things targeting youth amateur athletes, we improve the environment for athletes who are more limited in meeting other people. We will also create an experience where they will be glad to have met this person and to have played this sport.


In order to give shape to the above vision, we will consider specific strategies with our members. We will then conduct interviews and sales activities with athletes, coaches, and related organizations involved in the service. We will create necessary functions such as applications during the prototype production stage.

We are looking for people like this

Interested in the project?
Those who want to make the world of sports more interesting
Engineers, designers, people with sports experience and those who have been involved in sports.

≫ Click here for the detailed member recruitment page.https://studio.creww.me/projects/14/

MonoLabo: Making the Next Generation of Things

Founder : Ryosuke Shimatani

He works as a product designer in Shibuya. He creates a wide range of designs including speakers, backs, IoT devices, logos, etc. http://akito.design/

I would like to build a system for creating products that people really want. In this day and age, the number of things we use is limited, so we want to draw out the needs that users want and propose products that incorporate design.

In order to respond to the voice of "not satisfied with existing products," we team up with influencers who are knowledgeable in the product field, utilize SNS and crowdfunding, gather consumer needs, and incorporate them into our products to develop original products with a focus on "making manufacturing more enjoyable and more convenient". Our philosophy is "to make manufacturing more enjoyable and convenient.

|Social Issues to be solved

I'm too picky to buy things.

| Monolab's Business

In order to respond to the "I'm not satisfied with the current product," we will create a product that meets the needs of our audience by developing an original product by teaming up with someone who is knowledgeable about introducing that product and using YouTube and crowdfunding to connect with the purchaser.


YouTubers who are knowledgeable in the product field will ask their viewers for product requests. Monolab will then reflect the requests in the design and create a product that meets the viewer's needs. Viewers can comment on their requests and purchase original products that suit their needs while having fun and gaining information on trends and products. Monolabo is a service that allows viewers who are pursuing their ideals to create products that they are particular about through popular distributors. The service image is a flow of gathering needs for a single product, designing it, and selling it. This process is repeated to develop various products.

We are looking for people like this

Please feel free to contact us if you are good at managing social networking sites, if you are interested in designing products, if you are knowledgeable about design, etc., or if you are studying and want to create something new.

Design Engineer
・Familiarity with Twitter management. Interested in marketing.

≫ Click here for the detailed member recruitment page.https://studio.creww.me/projects/8/

Hiking Friends] Matching platform for people who want to go hiking and people who want to guide hiking.

Founder: Kyosuke Nakata
When I was working as a manager at a restaurant specializing in fried chicken, I noticed that when I went mountain climbing on my days off, the fried chicken I prepared the next day tasted so much better, that I began to climb mountains by myself to maintain a balance of taste and mentality.

This is the Japanese spirit, the satisfaction that comes from making others happy!
As the number of adults who are becoming less connected to others and more self-centered is increasing, we would like to encourage people to take another look at the power that Mother Nature can give us. We want to provide a place where people can feel the joy of contributing to others by feeling nature, relieving stress, and sharing the sense of accomplishment of completing a walk with their friends.

|Social Issues to be solved

〜People who can show you around.
No place to express wisdom and experience of hiking
There is no place to monetize. There is no place to do so.

~ People who want to go hiking ~.
No information on hiking. It is time-consuming to collect information.
I am worried about getting injured when hiking alone.

| Hiking Friends Business

This is a matching site for people who want to enjoy hiking (hikers) and people who want to guide people on various hiking trails (leaders). More people will be able to interact with others, their hobbies will become their jobs, and their hearts will be filled with contentment. The flow of people and money from urban areas to rural areas will revitalize Japan as a whole. By connecting Japan to the rest of the world, the Japanese spirit of compassion that transcends national borders will spread throughout the world. This is a site where we can create such a world based on hiking.

We are looking for people like this


≫ Click here for the detailed member recruitment page.https://studio.creww.me/projects/6/

SAKE on the world's tables. An information platform that conveys the charm of sake and creates SAKE FANs around the world.

Founder : Masaomi Horino
Worked for a mobile telecommunications carrier in Japan, creating new business for overseas markets. Passionate about raising two daughters and sake.

We want to put sake on tables around the world.
Why is wine sold in supermarkets all over the world but sake is not? This question led us to plan this project with the aim of spreading the appeal of "Japanese Sake" to the rest of the world. SAKE' and make it more familiar to people around the world. We aim to create a website where all SAKE products that are popular overseas can be purchased online by providing information such as reviews and rankings of SAKE products, information on marriages with cuisine from around the world, and so on. We will also offer a variety of related activities such as Japanese food and sake brewery experiences so that visitors to Japan will become hooked on the allure of SAKE.

|Social Issues to be solved

~Foreigners interested in Japanese Sake
Insufficient product information: Cannot read the menu. Differences unclear.
Carrying anxiety: Heavy. Might break if it is too big.
Lack of experience information: I want to visit a sake brewery, but I don't know how to make a reservation.
Lack of opportunities to purchase: Limited stores and websites for overseas purchases.

|SAKE FAN's Business

We aim to create a site where all the SAKE and recommended marriage foods you are interested in can be purchased online. We will also offer a variety of related activities such as Japanese food and sake brewery experiences to get people hooked on the allure of SAKE as a result of their trip to Japan.
Information on Sake and Sake Reviews
Souvenir purchase and delivery
Trial Reservations


We are currently conducting a user survey targeting foreigners who like to drink. Based on the survey results, we plan to brush up our hypothesis and business model and develop a prototype version of the service.

We are looking for people like this

 Able to execute web service (prototype) development.

 Ability to execute UX design for prototype services and user surveys.

 Those who have foreign acquaintances or friends who like to drink alcohol, regardless of whether they live in Japan or overseas, and who can help us spread information by conducting surveys and following up on SNS for foreigners.

≫ Click here for the detailed member recruitment page.https://studio.creww.me/projects/25/

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