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Interview] From Student Days to Now, Career focused on "Creating Businesses," and Becomes an Executive Officer at Creww

An interview with a Creww recruiter to convey the atmosphere of the company and its members was published on the business social networking site Wantedly.
Our interviewee this time is Katsuya Nakajima, who started his business as a student entrepreneur and became an executive officer at Creww this term while facing business and organizational challenges.
How has Creww changed over the past five and a half years and how has Mr. Nakajima himself changed? We also asked him about Creww's business and his colleagues.

Meeting with Creww and 5.5 years

-I would like to go back a little bit about your career before you met Creww... You started by starting your own business when you were a student. Did you not look for a job as a new graduate?

Nakajima:Yes, when I focused mainly on "making money" rather than on my ambitions, I decided that the fastest way to make money was to create my own company, so I decided to do it myself instead of getting a job. At the time, stock businesses for telecommunication services were popular, and I followed suit and became an agency. I did not create my own products or services from scratch,The experience of starting a company or business, and making something tangible into something tangible, where the trial and error results in tangible results, has led me to where I am today.I think again.

I did that for about three and a half years, but I was still young and chose to dissolve the company at that time. After that, I changed jobs to venture capital (hereinafter referred to as "VC"). At VC, I was mainly involved in supporting the growth of venture companies in the area of "money," but it was just at the time when the financial industry was in a state of distress due to the Lehman Shock. I was thinking about my future career when I heard that a listed HR company, which I had been using to support recruitment at VC, was recruiting for a new business start-up, and I decided to listen to what they had to say.

I had no interest in the human resources area,I would like to be involved in the zero startup process, or take on the challenge of setting up a business within an organization that has some management foundation, rather than in the form of a startup.I decided to take on the challenge.

At EN, I was involved in the launch of a new educational service for five and a half years. It was a fixed monthly training service for small and medium-sized ventures, a service that we knew we had to do, but there was no necessity to do it now.A business model that says let's figure something out before something happens.It is. It was a job of looking ahead and thinking about what needs to be done now regarding people and organizations. In fact, I feel that this work is very relevant to Creww today.

-Why did you start with "entrepreneurship" and then come to "money" and "people" and why was Creww?

Nakajima:At the time, I had no particular job change in mind, but when I received a scout, I casually went to talk to him.The key phrase that moved me was "a society that makes it easier for challengers to take on challenges.Things that have stuck with me throughout my experience became very clear.

The financial industry supports with money; the human resources industry supports with people. But,Only when there is a situation in which we can provide comprehensive support in terms of money, people, and information can we truly contribute to business growth.I thought it was a good idea.

For example, when I was working in sales in the human resources industry and listening to various management issues, I thought that if we were to make essential improvements, we should pour more money into that business to change its direction and course. However, when applied to our own services, we could only offer suggestions based on the human resource axis. Certainly, it would be wonderful to push forward in any one area, but I thought that if we could provide comprehensive solutions to the themes that the challengers were seeking, we could contribute to the business growth of that company in a single comprehensive manner.

It is a worldview that I would like to create in the future, whether or not I am able to do so now, after listening to you at Creww,I jumped into Creww because I thought it was an opportunity to create a service that would be absolutely necessary in the world of the future.

-And you have been with Creww for five and a half years now. Have there been any changes in the organization or in yourself?

Nakajima:The product line has changed from a program to a sub-subscription format, and the organization has grown in size with the addition of new employees. I personally have not undergone such major changes (laugh), but rather I have continued to take on the challenge of rebuilding an environment where I can maximize the value of what I can bring to the company in accordance with its growth phase, and where my strengths can be utilized and there is room for improvement even if my knowledge is limited. I have continued to take on the challenge of rebuilding an environment where my strengths can live on and where there is room for improvement.

I have been doing what I can do in sales, human resources, and other areas. This term, I became an executive officer of the Open Innovation Business, which is the core business of Creww, but in a positive sense, nothing has changed since I became an executive officer. In a positive sense, nothing has changed since I became an executive officer.I believe that people around me should judge me based on my actions and results, and I will just continue to challenge myself to see how far my intervention value can be demonstrated without changing.I think that is a good idea.

Thoughts on Creww's core business

-Open innovation business is the core business of Creww. Once again, what are the interesting and difficult aspects of Creww's business?

Nakajima:In the open innovation business, business companies, especially major corporations, are facing issues related to "business creation," such as the need to promote DX due to current trends and the desire to develop new businesses that utilize technology. However, when it is difficult for these businesses to make progress on their own, they can co-create with startups that are evolving at a rapid pace from a new perspective to produce results that satisfy both the business and the startup. Creww not only brings business companies and startups together, but also does not position itself as a consulting firm that outsources the mission of a business company's corporate planning office on behalf of the business company.To create a state of "co-creation and business creation" in our company using Creww's services, even if it takes two or three years.The focus is on


Business creation" is not created simply by the meeting of two companies, it is about how to make the meeting more concrete, how to materialize the seed of an idea and make it a reality. We are updating our services to realize this through our products (functions) and customer success (people).

When I see that the business companies that have used our services have not only solved their business problems, but have also had the secondary effect of revitalizing their organizations by seeing up close the speed and attitude of startups and stimulating the young talent within their companies.Gain a sense that you are contributing to the growth of the company in one fell swoopThe following is an example of a product that can be used in this way.

On the other hand, for the business companies, the sales at the entrance are interesting! On the other hand, we need to work together with them to solve problems that have never been solved before, and if not, what else can we do to solve the problem? If we don't do it, what else can we do to solve the problem?It is both interesting and difficult to ask what are the essential issues that the business company wants to solve and to show the possibilities when we do it.I think that is a good idea.

I think that both "business companies" and "start-ups" are customers, but what is your stance in dealing with customers on a daily basis?

Nakajima:We are onlyWe want to support "startups" (challengers).We are always looking for new ways to help our clients. However, "business companies" also use our services because they want to solve their business problems. Both of them are our customers, but we always think about whether or not it will be a negative experience for the "startups (challengers)".

On the business company side, there are few companies that think it is a good idea to continue as it is based on the changes in the world and industry trends, and they think it is a bad idea to continue as it is. However, they do not know what to do. On the other hand, if we are too 100% focused solely on the issues on the business company side, collaboration with startups will end up being like a subcontracting program. It is only a matter of.How can we set up a situation that is beneficial to both parties?This is another important aspect of the role.

Therefore, it is also important to consider who and what we are developing our services for, and we are onlyRemember, it's a platform.I believe that this is a good idea.

-What kind of sales strategy do you envision for the future?

Nakajima:Yes, we do. Of course, direct sales are part of our strategy, but we are also thinking about collaborative strategies with partner companies over the medium to long term. Above all, as mentioned earlier, we think in terms of "platform thinking," so rather than going deep into a single company,We want to create many success stories.We believe that we can achieve Creww's worldview as quickly as possible. In light of this, we believe that rather than selling directly and having our own staff, we believe that increasing the number of users by collaborating with a variety of partner companies will enable us to realize Creww's worldview as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, I think the key to the future will be how we can work together with our partners to create a situation in which they can put into practice not only the "how" of how to use our system, but also the mindset and stance of service management that is one of the reasons for Creww's popularity.

the lastFocus on creating a win-win-win situation for both the operating company and the startup.We will continue to focus on educating our partners on this point in our future collaborations.

Colleagues to work with

-I understand that you are planning to expand your organization this term as well. What kind of members would you like to work with?

Nakajima:In fact, the members now at Creww were involved in open innovation and startup support. (laugh). (laugh). Everyone is from different industries. Therefore, rather than past experience, it is more important to have a degree of empathy with the worldview that Creww has set forth, including the aforementioned mindset and stance.

To begin with, in most cases, business companies have vague issues. They do not know what to do. Our job is to make them manifest, and to support startups (challengers). It is also important to be able to honestly involve people while also considering both sides. It is also significant whether you are interested in fields such as startups and open innovation.Whether you can have the desire and passion to support the challenger.I think this is a very important point.

In a positive sense, it is impossible to predict what kind of collaborations will be born in the world as a result of our service. This is the kind of service we provide. That is why we can create any number of environments, both inside and outside the company, that we want to realize.I want you to keep outputting what you think you should do and what you want to challenge and make it happen.I believe that this is a good idea.

Creww Corporation is looking for people to work with!

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