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Startup aims to create "eco-bags" that are not "ego-bags". Launch of new business "Loopach

Amid concerns about the waste of eco-bags (short-cycle consumption and discarded inventory by consumers) due to the introduction of plastic bag fees, "Loopach" is an eco-bag system that uses IC chip-loaded bags and an app, and will be a new platform to visualize the small daily accumulation of non-use of plastic bags. MILKBOTTLE SHAKERS is seeking supporting companies for the launch in spring 2021, and will take on the challenge with a partnership model that is both for-profit and non-profit.

MILKBOTTLE SHAKERS, Inc. (Headquartered in Minoh, Osaka; CEO: Yasuyuki Kita), a startup company established in 2019 that provides branding and marketing consulting, solutions, and design to major apparel companies and general incorporated associations with a focus on sustainability, will launch its first venture, the patent-pending Loopach, (CEO: Yasuyuki Kita), a start-up company established in 2019 that provides consulting, solutions, and design for marketing and consulting services, will launch its first in-house venture, the patent-pending Loopach. The product is scheduled to be launched in the spring of 2021.
The company has worked with and consulted with many companies, primarily apparel companies, and has proposed a variety of measures to address corporate issues and social values.
However, we believe that the sustainability of the apparel business and the resolution of social issues in the coming era will require a new platform for co-creation between companies and society as a whole, which led us to develop our first in-house venture business, "Loopach".

Concerned about waste of eco-bags due to overproduction by companies = "ego-bags".

With the introduction of plastic bag fees, companies are accelerating mass production of eco-bags and sales promotions with the SDGs, but we are implementing the project that was in our conception since 2018 due to concerns that this could lead to waste (short cycle consumption and discarded inventory by consumers) of eco-bags due to saturation.
*The company intends to work with other partner corporations to examine in detail the environmental impact and put it into practice.

What is Loopach?

The brand name is a coined word that combines "Loop," meaning a ring used repeatedly and the sum of expansion through collaboration and co-creation, "Pack," meaning luggage and packaging, and "Tech," meaning technological value through technology.

Web special teaser site

The company plans to launch this business with a patent-pending business structure based on the belief that value can be created as a platform only when for-profit and non-profit businesses are linked.

Loopach consists of three major components.

  1. Loopach Original Bags
  2. Loopach Applications
  3. Service name tags available for the Loopach system

Web special teaser site

( 1 ) Original Loopach bag

Loopach plans to sell original bags that can be read by IC chips with repeated consideration for the environment. The company plans to pursue a sustainable eco-bag system by constantly verifying and improving its products and reflecting the opinions of its customers.
The first three models will be a convenience store type, a standard tote bag type, and a cold bag type for supermarkets. They are also washable. More information will be released in the near future, and can be obtained from the official Web teaser site.

( 2 ) Loopach Applications

With a smartphone application (user side) and a bag-reading reader terminal or app (store side), Loopach (bag) allows users to visualize the small daily accumulations of not using plastic bags. The information on the bag is linked to the app, providing an experience of attachment to and nurturing of My Loopach (my bag), like a partner or pet.
The goal is to design the system in such a way that users' ecological actions in their daily lives can be activated toward a goal with the feel of a nurturing game or role-playing game.

It is also expected that merchants will be able to choose between two options: installing inexpensive, small, simple readers or installing the application on existing devices (smartphones and tablets) at the store side. In addition to enabling inexpensive initial installation, Loopach merchants will also be able to raise positive value awareness among consumers by making them more aware of their merchants.
Currently, we are looking for companies that are willing to take on the challenge with us from the first phase as partners. You can contact them through the official web teaser site.

( 3 ) Service name tags for which the Loopach system is available

It is a service name tag with an IC chip. It is a physical medium that links the product and the system, and it functions by being linked to the product. The Loopach system can be used not only with Loopach original bags, but also by installing the service name tag on the products of partner companies. The goal is to collaborate with companies that are willing to be partners in the first phase of the project. The name tags are washable.

Loopach Business Objectives

Loopach is a normal part of everyday life."
= Culturization

In order to promote culturalization, the company believes that it is effective as a commercialization strategy to achieve mutual benefit through the participation and collaboration of diverse entities, transcending the boundaries of for-profit and non-profit principles, organizations, corporations, and individuals. The company plans to establish a non-profit organization with partner companies to ensure mutual benefit through the formation of a commons, aiming to make a social impact through the spread of the Loopach system.

User Experience Flow

Value to aim for

Create a world-class model from Japan by visualizing new partnership-based businesses and creating funds, and 25 by 2030.%The company hopes to achieve the above plastic bag reduction targets in a sustainable manner.

By handling Loopach original bags and installing the system, we aim to create a system that will increase the brand value of each company and improve their loyalty, while at the same time helping to improve the performance of each partner company.

Not short-cycle consumption type use,1He would like to propose the importance of taking good care of one individual for a long time,
The company intends to encourage people to carry plastic bags in a positive way by designing a system that they can become attached to and a value that goes beyond the option of paying for plastic bags.

Stylish "No Plastic Bags"! = "Loopach.

The issue of discarded clothing is currently a major challenge for the entire world.

Kita, the company's president, has spent his career in the apparel industry.

The sustainability of fashion, which has traditionally generated admiration, is being questioned. We believe that in the future, not only luxury items but also daily necessities that are rooted in people's lives should be new products based on sustainable design. These are not just physical products that use eco-friendly materials, but also products that have added value in conjunction with business structure, philosophy, and sometimes technology. Loopach would not be possible without the support of many partners. It would be a high hurdle for companies that already produce and sell eco-friendly bags to shift their values and way of thinking, collaborate with us, and introduce us to their business. Although this is a dream-like challenge for a small venture company, we believe that there will be cool companies that understand the value and potential of this project and will not stop at empathy, but will take action. We would like to work together with such companies not only in business, but also in the social use of the funds generated through our business."

He says.

In order to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, which is an important part of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) goal 12, "Responsibility to Produce, Responsibility to Use," the company plans to conduct quantitative surveys of eco-bags based on data in the future, and to create various jobs in Japan as the business develops. In the future, the company plans to conduct data-based quantitative research on eco-bags and to create a variety of jobs in Japan as the business develops.

MILKBOTTLE SHAKERS is currently looking for companies that are willing to take on the challenge (implementation) with us from the first phase as partners.


cooperative industry

Goat Inc.

The development of Loopach was made possible through the business support and partnership of Goat Inc.
The company will be responsible for product production and wholesaling.

Company Information

name of companyMILKBOTTLE SHAKERS Co.
EstablishmentJune 12, 2019
Room 202, Branneige Mukogaoka, 3-5-30 Mukogaoka, Toyonaka City, Osaka, Japan
TEL : 070-2262-9220
Company Location
1-8-20 Kayano, Mino-shi, Osaka 562-0014 Japan
*Mailed items should be addressed to Headoffice
representativeRepresentative Director Yasuyuki Kita
Business OverviewPlanning, research and consulting services related to corporate branding and marketing
Marketing-related design planning, production and sales of products (logo design, websites, etc.)
Planning and planning of sales promotion events such as various events, exhibitions, and campaigns
Import, export, and sales of textile products for clothing, down men's wear, women's wear, children's wear, underwear, and personal effects
Planning, design, manufacture, sales and consulting of interior goods and sundries, furniture, textile products and apparel
ABS (Applied Business Shakers)
Development of in-house venture business that crosses Division 1 and Division 2 areas

Division 2
Planning, research, operation, commissioning, and management consulting related to social welfare services
Consulting and advisory services related to the SDGs
uniform resouce locatorhttps://milkbottle-shakers.com/

Loopach official website / SNS page ▼

Web special teaser site



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