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Osaka Gas and Daigas Group go beyond conventional matching of technologies and services through open innovation to create new value through co-creation with partners.

AUBA*2, an open innovation*1 platform operated by eiicon company, together with Osaka Gas and Daigas Group, has launched a new program "OPEN INNOVATION 1.5 PROJECT (OPEN INNOVATION 1.5 PROJECT), a new program to further deepen and solve problems. Based on Osaka Gas' wealth of customer contact and lifestyle infrastructure data, the program has begun recruiting co-creation partners to create businesses for new markets.

Started activities in 2009! About Osaka Gas and Daigas Group Open Innovation

Osaka Gas is an energy and service company celebrating 115 years in business. The company has expanded its business into various areas that enrich the lives of its customers, aiming to be an energy and service company that continues to be the preferred choice of customers throughout the ages.

In the course of developing a wide range of business activities, we have been working on open innovation, recognizing that the recent changes in the environment (energy deregulation, shrinking domestic market due to population decline) and technological progress (acceleration of digital transformation through IoT, data utilization, etc.) are opportunities to transform our services. We are working on open innovation.

In 2009, the company began its open innovation activities. Utilizing internal and external networks, the company has developed a scheme to integrate its own needs with external technologies to speed up technology development, improve the performance of developed products, and increase the efficiency of investment in technology development, producing a variety of results over the past 11 years.

In 2018, the Innovation Division was created to take on the challenge of creating new value beyond the conventional framework.

Major open innovation achievements to date (co-creation partners)

Cloud service "ekul toilet" (Bakan Co., Ltd.) that shows real-time toilet congestion status

Providing the "Sumamoru Rental Plan," an electricity rate plan that comes with the "bitlock LITE" smart lock (Japan Management Center Corporation, CD Energy Direct Corporation, and Bitkey Corporation)

AI judgment in underground excavation" and "AI detection of product defects in factories" are examples of our efforts to improve the efficiency of our various operations, as well as to raise the level of security and the sophistication of our services (HACARUS Co., Ltd.).

Open Innovation in the Osaka Gas and Daigas Group


Further deepening the open innovation that we have been engaged in for the past 11 years to solve problems. Overview of Osaka Gas, Daigas Group, and AUBA's "OPEN INNOVATION 1.5 PROJECT," which aims to create new businesses through co-creation by combining a wealth of customer contact points, lifestyle infrastructure data, and other assets.

Osaka Gas and Daigas Group,
"We go beyond traditional matching of technologies and services (1.0) to create new value through co-creation with partners (1.5)."
The initiative, which was launched in earnest in order to'TheThe "OPEN INNOVATION 1.5 PROJECT.
The company intends to expand new business possibilities by leveraging Osaka Gas' various services, abundant customer contact points, lifestyle infrastructure data, and other assets.
Osaka Gas and Daigas Group are waiting for applications from partner companies that are willing to take on the challenge of creating new value from the consumer's perspective.

Application Theme

~ Aiming to create new businesses through co-creation by combining the Daigas Group's rich customer contact points, lifestyle infrastructure data, and other assets.

The following four themes have been established. We are looking for co-creation partners to create businesses for new markets.

(1) Services that provide optimal food experiences with greater convenience and safety

Aiming to provide optimal dining experiences for diversified families, such as the increasing number of dual-earner and single-person households.
Creation of simplified cooking processes for busy working households, and optimal and safe food services for single-person households and the elderly, whose nutritional needs are often unbalanced.

<Example of co-creation ideas
New meal delivery and housekeeping services that reduce the time and effort of shopping and cooking
The food service that can provide personalized nutrition for a healthy lifestyle.

<Synergies of the Daigas Group
Cooking schools, gourmet magazines, Kansai Culinary Association, etc. Know-how and customer contacts

<Corporate Image of Co-Creation
Companies that provide services that reduce the hassle of shopping (home delivery, housekeeping, etc.), personalized food, etc.

(2) Health services utilizing consumer and health measurement data

Osaka Gas will create new services to solve the health needs and issues faced by consumers by utilizing the services it provides to support their daily lives and the exercise history data from its fitness clubs.

<Example of co-creation ideas
A new service that crosses all lifestyle services with the customer contact points that support the lifestyle of Osaka Gas.
Personalized service for health maintenance by utilizing exercise history data

<Synergies of the Daigas Group
One-stop service center "Osaka Gas Service Shop", Cooking school "Osaka Gas Cooking School", Fitness club "Co-Spa", Nursing home "Active Life", Security service "Osaka Gas Security Service", etc.

<Corporate Image of Co-Creation
Companies that provide health care services that can collect daily life data, or that hold the output of such services, etc.

(3) Improving operational efficiency by utilizing points of contact in the service chain

Improvement of operational efficiency through digitization of Osaka Gas maintenance services. Also, develop new business such as household IT help services that are not limited to gas appliances by utilizing our staff.

<Example of co-creation ideas
Improved efficiency of maintenance work itself through remote maintenance and predictive failure detection using AI
Development of new maintenance services for homes that are not limited to gas appliances, such as setting up Wi-Fi, TVs, IoT devices, etc.

<Synergies of the Daigas Group
Know-how and customer contacts of the Osaka Gas service chain, etc., which has approximately 200 locations in the Kansai area

<Corporate Image of Co-Creation
Companies that provide technical support for daily life and IoT services using data, etc.

(4) Development of services for infrastructure projects utilizing information and technology on underground structures

Aiming to create a new underground business by utilizing information on the location and attributes of underground buried objects acquired during the installation of gas pipes.

<Example of co-creation ideas
Search, analysis, database, and mapping of the location and attribute information of underground buried objects.
Establish a system to collectively manage information on damage to buildings, houses, etc., using seismographs.

<Synergies of the Daigas Group
Underground information and management know-how, construction information, aerial photographs and coordinate information, disaster information and seismographs, and other data

<Corporate Image of Co-Creation
Companies that can visualize their information (data collection technology, IoT devices, etc.) and transform it into products, etc.

Resources Osaka Gas and Daigas Group can provide

(1) Providing a wealth of customer contacts and fields
Along with the energy business, the company provides solutions for daily life and business through its core businesses of material solutions, information solutions, and urban development, as well as various businesses such as the "Osaka Gas Cooking School," the "Co-spa" fitness club, the "Active Life" nursing home, and the "Osaka Gas Security Service" and other businesses, the company provides solutions for daily life and business. The company also provides community-based services that respond quickly and meticulously to customer needs through its Osaka Gas Service Chain, which has approximately 200 locations in the Kansai area.

(2) Utilization of Big Data
Energy Use History
Management of inspection, maintenance, etc.
Exercise History
Underground facilities, construction information
Provision and utilization of disaster information and data from seismographs, etc.

(3) Technology seeds
Underground pipe inspection (self-propelled pipe inspection robot), cooking (smart stove), bathroom (mist sauna), etc.

(lessening the significance or value of the previous word) the likes of

Osaka Gas, Daigas Group x AUBA "OPEN INNOVATION 1.5 PROJECT" Application Page


Outline of Osaka Gas Co.

name of companyOsaka Gas Co.
Location4-1-2 Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
capital stock132,166,660,000 yen
representativeTakehiro Honjo, President and Representative Director
Business Overview(Daigas Group):
Domestic Energy & Gas Production, supply and sales of city gas, sales of gas appliances, gas piping installation, LNG sales, LPG sales, industrial gas sales
Domestic Energy and Electricity Generation and Sales of Electricity
Development and investment in natural gas and petroleum, energy supply, and leasing of LNG tankers
Life & Business Solutions Development and leasing of real estate, information processing services, and sales of fine materials and carbon materials products
uniform resouce locatorhttps://www.osakagas.co.jp/

About the open innovation platform "AUBA "*2

AUBA" is a business matching platform that allows users to find open innovation partners under the theme of "Valuable encounters create the future.
Companies can register a variety of information on "AUBA," including company information, mission, and resources necessary for business growth. AUBA is a place where companies can communicate this information and connect with each other.

About "TOMORUBA," a "business activation media" for business people who create businesses

TOMORUBA is operated by eiicon company. From startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and major companies in all industries throughout Japan to local governments and universities, TOMORUBA distributes a variety of information on financing, funding, and joint research, as well as know-how on how to create a business.

About eiicon company

The eiicon company provides support to all companies that take on the challenge of "open innovation" to accelerate their efforts.
1) "AUBA": An open innovation platform to openly disclose the company's needs and seeds, and to meet and connect with business partner companies.
(2) "TOMORUBA": "Media to revitalize business" for businesspersons who create business.
3) "event": Creating realistic opportunities to meet with business partners
4) "Sourcing Support": Expert consultants support open innovation challenges
With these four axes, the company provides services to help "open innovation," a new business creation method, take root in Japan.

Outline of the eiicon company

name of companyeiicon company
Location1-15-5 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
representativeAyuko Nakamura
Business OverviewOperation of the open innovation platform AUBA,
Event planning and support services, sourcing services, etc.
uniform resouce locatorhttps://eiicon.net/about/corporate/index.html

■Operating Company

name of companyPersonnel Innovation Co.
Location1-15-5 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
representativeHirotoshi Takahashi, President and Representative Director
Business OverviewNew business creation and open innovation promotion,
Business planning and management of group companies and related operations
uniform resouce locatorhttps://persol-innovation.co.jp/

*1: Open innovation
2003 (U.S.) Henry W. Chesbrough proposed an innovation methodology that "creates innovative new value by combining internal corporate and external media and technologies. It is a method that argues that companies should not only rely on internal resources, but also actively incorporate collaboration with external parties.

On July 11, 2020, the open innovation platform eiicon rebranded to "AUBA" and the business activation media eiicon lab to "TOMORUBA".

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