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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Cutting-edge technologies for 5G utilization gathered! GO BEYOND DIMENSIONS TOKYO" Product Experience Event Held

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "5G Technology Development Promotion Project," the "GO BEYOND DIMENSIONS TOKYO" accelerator program, which promotes the implementation and commercialization of 5G innovations in the city, held a "GO BEYOND DIMENSIONS TOKYO" product experience event on Wednesday, February 22, 2022 to report on the results of demonstration experiments being conducted since April 2022. The "GO BEYOND DIMENSIONS TOKYO" product experience event was held on February 22 (Wed.) to report on the results of the demonstration experiment and to allow participants to experience the products!

."Background of "GO BEYOND DIMENSIONS TOKYO" Product Trial Session

In order to contribute to the realization of "Tokyo's version of Society 5.0 'Smart Tokyo'," the program's mission is to build and strengthen an innovation ecosystem through co-creation with startups, major companies, government, universities, and research institutions by implementing innovations that integrate the real and digital worlds into society. The mission of the company is to

By building a strong innovation ecosystem, we accelerate support for startups' growth, and conduct business development and demonstration activities to establish businesses/services that satisfy both "unique use of 5G technology" and "friendly implementation in the city".
About two years have passed since the start of this program, and the products of each startup have been taking shape through demonstration experiments using 5G.

The first half of the day consisted of presentations by the five selected startups on the results of their demonstration experiments and products under development, followed by a hands-on experience of each startup's product in the second half of the day. In the second half, visitors had the opportunity to experience the Tokyo of the future through cutting-edge technology utilizing 5G.

Outline of initiatives of selected start-up companies

Selected Startups Project Details

LOMBY Corporation:https://lomby.jp/

<Tomoharu Uchiyama, Representative Director
A remotely operated automated delivery robot, LOMBY*, is being developed to supply labor for the last-mile transportation domain. The robot is a hybrid robot that can be remotely operated outdoors from inside or outside the country, and can run autonomously indoors.

▼ Project "Autonomous Robot Delivery Service Using Advanced Remote Operation/Monitoring/Control
◎Cooperative urban implementation partners: JR East Urban Development Corporation, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Mitsubishi Estate Co.

We aim to commercialize an efficient last-mile delivery service that transcends human labor and physical constraints, utilizing completely non-personal delivery by LOMBY, an automated delivery robot operated remotely in a 5G environment.
*¹: Automated delivery robot LOMBY https://lomby.jp/

▼ Presentation content on the day of the trial meeting

In the presentation part, we reported on the outdoor 5G remote-controlled delivery robot at Tokiwa-bashi Tower and the indoor autonomous driving experiment of moving multiple floors using elevators, which was conducted in collaboration with Mitsubishi Estate Co.
At the product experience session, participants actually had a chance to operate a remote-controlled delivery robot.

Site Sensing Corporation:https://site-sensing.com/

Takashi Hirabayashi, Representative Director
"Location information business" based on autonomous navigation (PDR), a positioning technology for moving objects (people, vehicles, drones, etc.) in non-GPS environments, and "3D modeling business" to create 3D digital models from captured images.

▼Project "Fusion of 5G and Autonomous Navigation to Track People and Understand Local Conditions in Real Time in Non-GPS Environments" (Japanese only)
◎Cooperation Street Implementation Partner: Tokyo Metropolitan University

(1) With the aim of providing a real-time disaster situation monitoring service that will be useful for rapid initial disaster mitigation, we will verify autonomous drone flight in an indoor environment, verify the distribution of images taken by a camera mounted on a drone, and provide an example of new value creation using the images taken.
(2) The goal is to elucidate the actual flow lines of visitors and shoppers in real space, which have not been measured as accurately as in cyberspace.

▼ Presentation content on the day of the trial meeting

In the presentation part, "Demonstration Plan for Real-Time Human Tracking Service Indoors and Underground by Fusion of 5G Network and Autonomous Navigation" and "Demonstration Plan for Field Inspection and Reconnaissance Service by Automatic Drone Flight and Photography Based on the Same Fusion" were presented, aiming to realize human tracking and real-time understanding of local conditions under non-GPS environment by fusing 5G and autonomous navigation systems. The plan is based on the same fusion of 5G networks and autonomous navigation systems.

At the product trial event, visitors experienced human motion tracking using autonomous navigation (PDR), saw a drone display, and watched a video of the demonstration experiment.

Synastasia Inc:https://synesthesias.jp/

<Representative Director: Akihiro Aritoshi
Development of entertainment services in self-driving cars, and VR/AR content production platform for viewing high-precision 3D maps on smartphones.

▼ Project "State-of-the-art XR Experience Service for Virtual and On-site Experience of the Cityscape through Thin Clienting"
We aim to enhance the value of customer experience through augmented reality experiences using state-of-the-art XR technology.
By developing thin clients that take full advantage of high-speed, high-capacity, low-latency 5G communication technology and cloud rendering technology, we aim to reduce the burden caused by devices on customers and improve comfort, while also strengthening flexibility and optimizing the cost structure for content delivery.

We will take on the challenge of implementing technology and service platforms for the diffusion of XR services by providing services for municipalities and developers using WalkVision, a cloud AR service that allows users to view cityscapes both virtually and onsite.

▼ Presentation content on the day of the trial meeting

In the presentation part, the demonstration experiment plan and actual experimental video of "WalkVision," a cloud AR service that enables municipalities and developers to check cityscapes using cloud rendering, both virtually and on site, were presented.

The product experience session provided an opportunity to see the equipment used in the demonstration experiment and the screen image that switches between VR and AR in conjunction with location information to get a feel for the actual service experience.

Spatial Pleasure Corporation (formerly Placy Corporation):https://spatial-pleasure.xyz/

Soma Suzuki, Representative Director
Development and analysis of various indices necessary for urban optimization, and development and provision of map applications that allow users to find places with "sensitivity" through music.

▼Project "Visualizing sensitivity, re-creating relationships between people and places, and analyzing services to nurture communities and circulation where quality co-creation is born.
◎Cooperation Street Implementation Partners: Shimizu Corporation, Mitsubishi Estate Co.

By utilizing sensitivity data and visualizing the "sensitivity" of the city and offices from macro and micro perspectives, this program aims to re-create the relationship between people and places, nurture communities and circulation where quality co-creation is born, and create and improve "real city attractions" and office "gathering values" that are required in the new normal era. We aim to create and improve "real city attractions" and the "value of gathering" in offices.

Contents of the presentation on the day of the event

In the presentation part, we reported on the company's name change from Placy Inc. to Spatial Pleasure Inc. in order to focus on the urban analysis service business, as well as the progress of the demonstration experiment currently being conducted jointly with Shimizu Corporation to "create added value for offices that only real offices can offer, The presentation also included a progress report on a demonstration experiment being conducted jointly with Shimizu Corporation to visualize and analyze the sensitivities of office workers and revitalize the community.

The product experience was provided by an environmental music playback demo experience aimed at activating the community space in the office.

GATARI Corporation:https://gatari.co.jp/

Shunichi Takeshita, Representative Director
Development of the mixed reality (MR) platform "Auris" and production of MR content

▼ Project "Individualized Optimal Experience Value High Quality Service by Placing "Private" AR Spatial Data on Public Spaces in the City".
◎Cooperation Street Implementation Partner: Mitsubishi Estate Co.

Using technologies such as 5G's high speed, high capacity, and low latency, and the MR platform "Auris" that connects the real and digital worlds by utilizing the facility's digital twin, we aim to realize interactive and real-time co-experience in places where large numbers of people are passing by.

In cooperation with Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. an MR sound experience event was held at the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, where visitors could experience a completely new way to enjoy the museum by fusing the real and digital worlds, while following the world view of the artwork.

In the future, we will take on the challenge of providing optimal information to each user through mixed reality in various locations, such as in the city, public and commercial facilities, and exhibition and event venues, to improve the value and convenience of real experiences, and to create a technology and service platform that can also be adapted to barrier-free environments.

Contents of the presentation on the day of the event

In the presentation part, GATARI presented the results of the "Participatory Voice Story at Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum "Powered by oto rea", an audio content that allows visitors to experience a new way to enjoy the exhibition, conducted from December 9 (Friday) to December 23 (Friday), 2022, utilizing the "Auris" mixed reality platform provided by GATARI. The results of the experiment, "Participatory Voice Story at the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Art Museum: The Vallotton Exhibition" powered by oto rea, was announced today.

The product experience session included an interactive sound experience tailored to each person who experienced it using Auris.
Past demonstration experiment press release:https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000012.000099287.html

Outline of the Accelerator Program

Implementation period: November 10, 2021 (Wednesday) to the end of March 2024 (planned)
Special Site:https://5g-beyond-dimensions.tokyo/

Outline of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "5G Technology Development Promotion Project

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has launched the "Tokyo 5G Boosters Project" as a mechanism to promote the creation of innovations and the establishment of new businesses using 5G technology that will contribute to new daily life by startup companies.

Development promoters selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to support startup companies will collaborate with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and telecommunications carriers to provide financial and technical support for the development and commercialization of services related to 5G technology, etc. for selected startup companies, The goal is to realize a contactless society and Society 5.0 by providing financial and technical support for the development and commercialization of services related to 5G technology, as well as network support, such as matching support, to selected startups.

About ReGACY Innovation Group

name of companyReGACY Innovation Group K.K.
EstablishmentFebruary 2, 2022
Location2-7-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
representativeKoichi Naruse, President and Representative Director
Business OverviewInnovation consulting (innovation strategy, organization, human resources)
Incubation (new business development, venture creation from large companies)
Open innovation (program management, joint development, alliance support)
Financial services (venture investment, CVC, M&A, JV establishment, etc.)
Private equity (spin-out venture investment and development)
uniform resouce locatorhttps://regacy-innovation.com/

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