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Collaboration between disaster prevention app "Kokodayo" and insurance management app "Our Insurance" | Collaboration to realize peace of mind for families and loved ones!

ZENETECH, which provides "Kokodayo," a disaster location information sharing application that automatically notifies the whereabouts of family members and loved ones in the event of a disaster using its patented technology, and iChain, an InsurTech company that develops family insurance management applications such as "Uchino Insurance" have collaborated!
We aim to build a platform for watching over families to achieve security and safety.

Purpose and Background of Collaboration

In recent years, people have become exposed to various risks, including the growing impact of natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons. ZENETEC's "Kokodayo" not only detects disasters immediately, but also allows users to know the location of their family members and loved ones in the event of a disaster and contact them. As of January 2023, "Kokodayo" has been downloaded a total of 1 million times.

On the other hand, iChain believes that even though many people in Japan have insurance, they do not receive the full benefits of insurance because the claims process is complicated and tedious, or they are unaware of the need to file a claim in the first place or forget to do so, even if they suffer some kind of damage in the event of a disaster. This is because they are unaware that they need to file a claim in the first place or forget to do so.
iChain has developed "Our Insurance" as an insurance management application that allows centralized management of insurance for such matters and is always at hand, a service that is close to policyholders and their families.

We believe that "Kokodayo," which provides "knowing" when something happens, such as a disaster, and "Our Insurance," which provides "protection" in case something happens during a disaster, can complement each other to build a platform to realize safety and security for families and loved ones, as well as collaboration between the applications, In addition to the collaboration between the two apps, the two companies have also decided to collaborate on the development and provision of services that leverage the knowledge of both companies.

Details of this initiative

The "Kokodayo" disaster location information sharing application and the "Our Insurance" insurance management application are linked to each other, making it easier for users of each application to notice and use the services.

Future Movements

In addition to closer collaboration between the "Kokodayo" and "Our Insurance" services, ZENETEC, with its knowledge of "knowing" when something happens, such as a disaster, and iChain, with its knowledge of "protecting" when something happens, are considering developing new services to protect families and loved ones by leveraging their mutual knowledge. The two companies are considering the development of new services to protect families and loved ones by leveraging each other's knowledge. We are considering joint development with insurance companies of insurance for evacuation, rescue, search, and other expenses in the event of a disaster, as well as development of supplementary services for such insurance.

About "Cocodayo

(URL) https://www.cocodayo.jp/)
ZENETEC's "Cocodayo" is a disaster prevention application that automatically notifies the whereabouts of family members and loved ones in the event of a disaster, based on the company's patented technology(*).

Cocodayo" automatically notifies users of their most recent location before communication becomes difficult. As a result of continuous efforts to improve usability since its release, cumulative downloads have now surpassed 1 million (as of January 2023), and the App Store and Google Play store versions have maintained an astonishing 98% usage retention rate. In addition, the app continues to maintain a high ranking on NTT DOCOMO's monthly content service "Sugotoku Content," ranking in the top two in the app ranking.
In 2018, the program received a field award from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in the Heterogeneous (Inno)vation Program Generation Award category.

(*)Transmission of location and safety information triggered by an alarm in the event of a disaster is made possible by ZENETEC's patented technology.

Main features of "Cocodayo

Linked to Earthquake Early Warning System, it notifies and shares the location of family members earlier than any other system. This supports safety confirmation.
Triggered by an Earthquake Early Warning of intensity 5 or lower, the system automatically and instantly notifies group members of their location immediately prior to the occurrence of a disaster and shares their location information. If a family member is located in the vicinity of the epicenter, the background of the earthquake information will turn red. The icon of the corresponding family member will be circled in red.

Push notification of heavy rain danger levels equivalent to Level 3 or higher, alerting group members of the danger.The following is a list of the most common problems with the
When the heavy rain danger level announced by the Japan Meteorological Agency for the location of pre-registered group members and any registered points rises to "Warning Level 3 or higher," you will be notified by push notification, and you can share whether you have confirmed it or not on the group's dedicated chat board. You can also share whether you have confirmed it or not on the group's dedicated chat board." The system supports safety confirmation, as well as reminding people to watch over their families and loved ones, and to evacuate as soon as possible.

The nearest evacuation centers are listed in order of proximity to your current location, so you can quickly find the nearest one.
The app can list evacuation centers in order of proximity to your current location. Even when disaster strikes in an unfamiliar area, it is possible to navigate to an evacuation center in conjunction with the map application. You can also easily post the name and address of the evacuation center and the map URL on the chat board to help confirm your safety. Nationwide evacuation center information is based on the latest data provided by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Weather information for up to five registered locations can be received at any time.
You can receive real-time earthquake early warnings from the Japan Meteorological Agency, weather warnings for heavy rain, floods, landslides, heavy snow, and wind storms, as well as weather forecasts for your current location and registered locations. Weather information is updated at 0:00, 6:00, 12:00, and 18:00 Japan time, and once a day, today's weather is notified, but notification can be turned on/off and notification time can be set. Registered locations are also used to display seismic intensity when an earthquake occurs.

It can also function as an application to watch over children and the elderly.
Settings can be changed for each member to display their location even during normal times, making it possible to use it as a watch-over application and location information sharing application for children and the elderly.

Notifies information on suspicious persons within a 3 km radius.
It can also be used as a crime prevention application by notifying users of the occurrence of suspicious persons within a 3 km radius of them or their family members.

What is "our insurance"?

(URL) https://www.ichain.co.jp/lp/uchi_no_hoken.html)
iChain's insurance management application "Our Insurance" is an OEM of iChain Insurance Wallet, which the company has been providing as its own service since May 2018 and was released in December 2021. The company is working with several insurance companies to promote the service with the aim of creating an insurance procedure platform that allows policyholders to directly perform insurance-related procedures in a one-stop shop.

If you have "our insurance" at hand, you can say, "If something happens, don't worry. If you are in trouble, just open "Our Insurance" and you will be safe. In order to provide such peace of mind, "Our Insurance" provides connections with family members, insurance companies, and insurance agents.

In recent years, insurance users have been exposed to various risks, such as the growing impact of natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons. As a service that is always at hand to prepare for such matters, "Our Insurance" aims to be a service that is close to insurance users.

To this end, in addition to a function that allows you and your family to centrally manage your insurance information and share it with each other, we are studying ways to make the process paperless and one-stop, as an insurance procedure platform that can digitally complete the process from policy management to maintenance and payment claims after insurance enrollment.

About ZENETEC Corporation

name of companyZenetech Corporation
EstablishmentJuly 1, 1985
LocationShinjuku Island Tower 25F, 6-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1325, Japan (Head Office)
representativeKenji Ueno, President and Representative Director
Business OverviewDigital solution business that provides systems by integrating hardware and software, sales of 3D CAD/CAM system "Mastercam" and digital twin technology with 3D simulation software "FlexSim" at its core to support productivity improvement at manufacturing sites Engineering Solutions business, and Kokodayo business, which develops and sells the "Kokodayo" disaster location information sharing application.
uniform resouce locatorhttps://www.genetec.co.jp/

About iChain, Inc.

iChain is an InsurTech startup that leverages cutting-edge technology to bring innovation to the insurance industry. For individuals, iChain provides "iChain Insurance Wallet" so that they can manage their insurance policies on their smart phones, which have been paper-based until now. For insurance companies, we offer iChainBase, a SaaS-type policy management system. By linking "iChainBase" and "iChain Insurance Wallet", it will be possible to seamlessly connect insurance companies and policyholders.

name of companyiChain Corporation
EstablishmentApril 1, 2016
Location2F SENQ Kasumigasekicho 2-5-3 Nagatacho GRiD, Nittochi Building, 1-4-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
representativeRepresentative Director Masanori Goto
uniform resouce locatorhttps://www.ichain.co.jp/
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