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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Okawa City x Playnext Labs x DMM.com] Student benefit applications can now be processed via official LINE account!

DMM.com, LLC, in collaboration with Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture and Playnext Labs, will launch a demonstration experiment of the "Smart Public Lab e-Application" on January 18, 2023, as part of the "Smart Public Lab" service for local governments. As the first step of the demonstration experiment, we will start accepting applications for the Temporary Benefits for University Students.

Applications for student benefits can now be processed through the local government's official LINE account!

As the first step in the "Smart Public Lab e-Application" demonstration experiment, applications for the Temporary Benefits for Supporting University Students and Others will be accepted. Until now, applications for this benefit have only been accepted by mail, and a copy of the student ID card, etc., had to be enclosed with the application. The introduction of the "Smart Public Lab e-Application" is expected to benefit not only the applicant by making it easier to submit the necessary documents with photographs, but also the staff by improving their workflow by accepting applications in data format instead of paper format.
In the future, we plan to expand the service to include various procedures such as application for issuance of a copy of resident registration certificate and seal registration certificate.

What is the new "Smart Public Lab e-Application" service to enhance resident satisfaction?

The "Smart Public Lab e-Application" is a service that PlayNext Labs is developing as part of its "Smart Public Lab" service for local governments, which allows users to complete procedures that previously required a trip to the local government office, simply by using their official LINE account.
This demonstration experiment will verify the improved convenience for citizens and improved operational efficiency for municipal employees through the introduction of the service.

Features of "Smart Public Lab e-Application

1. Procedures at the municipal office can be completed on line!
Procedures that previously required a trip to the municipal office, such as the issuance of a copy of the resident registration certificate and seal registration certificate, can now be done quickly and easily through the official LINE account of the local government. Since the service uses LINE, which is familiar to consumers, residents can easily use the "Smart Public Lab e-Application" without spending time on preparation.

2. Identification and electronic signatures are also available on line.
Since public personal authentication such as identity verification and electronic signature can be performed on LINE, there is no need for a dedicated device or a dedicated application. After holding up the LINE to the My Number Card and reading it, identification can be quickly performed and various procedures can be smoothly carried out. The rate of issuance of My Number Cards is on the rise nationwide, and together with the high penetration rate of LINE, this function is a convenience that many residents will find useful.
LINE Pay Public Personal Authentication Service provided by LINE Pay Inc. is used for public personal authentication on LINE.

3. Support for online payment
Payment of fees, such as delivery fees and shipping charges, can be settled on the spot. Various payment methods, such as credit cards and electronic money, are also supported to meet a wide range of user needs.

4. Acquired international standard ISMS
The system, which has acquired the international standard information security management system ISMS, further strengthens the operational system to defend against threats such as information leaks, unauthorized access, and data falsification, enabling safe and secure use of the system.

Background of Implementation

In October 2021, DMM concluded an agreement regarding the "Regional Activation Entrepreneurship Program*" promoted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and dispatched one of its employees to Okawa City.
Since FY2021, we have been working with Okawa City on the "Digital Transformation Acceleration Project," aiming to solve local issues and improve citizen services in the digital age through step-by-step digital implementation.
So far, as the first phase of measures, the communication application "LINE" and an online application service for administrative procedures have been introduced to Okawa City to promote the digitalization of administrative services and internal administrative operations.

▼ Announcement on the conclusion of the agreement on the "Regional Revitalization Entrepreneurship Program".

Announced the launch of a joint project to promote ▼DX

About Okawa City

Okawa City is located in the southwestern part of Fukuoka Prefecture and has a population of about 33,000. Located where the Chikugo River flows into the Ariake Sea, the city flourished as a key shipping center where shipbuilders and craftsmen lived and worked, and today, as a major furniture production center, the city sends out many pieces of furniture throughout Japan.

The city is also blessed with delicious foods such as rice, strawberries, asparagus, and other agricultural products grown in the vast Chikushi Plain, fresh seafood from the Chikugo River and Ariake Sea, and high-quality seaweed nurtured by a tidal range of up to 6 meters.


About Playnex Labs

Founded in 2016. With a vision of "building the future with technology and diversity," the company has been involved in a variety of services such as smartphone games, HR TECH services, and chatbot system development, and in recent years has focused on providing GovTech services that connect government and citizens.

We aim to become a "Digital Transformation Creation Company" that supports society and clients with the latest technology by pursuing the growth of our own services, leveraging the development capabilities of our global engineering team, whose members come from 17 different countries.


About DMM Regional Development

DMM will enter the regional development business as "DMM Regional Development" in 2019, with the mission of "creating sustainable businesses that contribute to local communities as a business creation company" and providing business plans that utilize the know-how, specialized human resources, and networks that we have cultivated through the more than 60 businesses we have developed to meet the challenges of each region. We provide business plans that meet the needs of each region.
DMM Regional Development is creating a variety of businesses in all areas.
If you have an issue with any of the keywords below, please contact us.

Furusato tax payment # tourism/inbound # immigration/resettlement # related population # work location # promotion/branding # utilization of vacant houses and closed schools # education # human resource development/job support # urban development # smart city 1TP # community building #AR/VR # digital art #DX # online events # industry promotion/employment creation # entrepreneurship/start-up support # incubation/acceleration # 3D printer/manufacturing # Agriculture and forestry #Food and health #Firefighting and emergency #Disaster prevention #Sports and e-sports


【【Inquiries from Municipalities]
Limited Liability Company DMM.com Regional Development Division
TEL: 03-5797-7882 (contact hours: weekdays 11:00-18:00)
E-MAIL: chihou-sousei@dmm.com
DMM Local Development:https://sousei.dmm.com/

About DMM.com, LLC

DMM.com, a comprehensive service site boasting 39.14 million members*, has developed more than 60 services since its establishment in 1998, including video distribution, FX, English conversation, games, 3D printing, and more.
We have entered the aquarium business in Okinawa, managed a soccer club in Belgium, and more.

Since 2018, we have also been strengthening our support for young entrepreneurs, investing through "DMM VENTURES" and actively pursuing M&A opportunities. We will continue to take on the challenge of new businesses while continuing to change and evolve in line with our corporate message, "A future that everyone wants to see. We will continue to challenge new businesses, repeating change and evolution in line with our corporate message, "A future that everyone wants to see.
*As of February 2022

name of companyLimited Liability Company DMM.com
EstablishmentNovember 17, 1999
LocationSumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower 24F, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
representativeKeiji Kameyama
Business Overviewhttps://dmm-corp.com/business/
uniform resouce locatorCorporate website:https://dmm-corp.com/
Press Kit:https://dmm-corp.com/presskit/
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