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What is open innovation with startups that has the potential to develop the local economy?

The business environment surrounding local regions is changing due to changes in industrial structure and population decline. In such an environment, innovation by local companies is essential to develop the local economy and sustain the region.
In this issue, we will introduce "open innovation," which is an effective way for local companies to innovate.
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Changes in the Environment Surrounding Local Economies
Development of small and midsize companies is essential to revitalize the local economy.
Open innovation in collaboration with startups
Find startups that will work together to develop the local economy by utilizing the Open Innovation Platform.

Changes in the Environment Surrounding Local Economies

First, let us explain the changes in the environment surrounding the local economy.

Industry is declining in many areas.

Since 2000, the IT and globalization of industry has greatly changed the business environment in local regions. The impact of the overseas relocation of manufacturing industries has been particularly large in local cities that depend on manufacturing as their main industry, and the overseas relocation of factories has led to a negative spiral of industrial decline and population decline. Due to this,Capital investment is increasingly concentrated in urban areas, making it difficult to build new businesses in rural areasThe current situation is as follows.

Declining industry is spurring population decline.

When industries are lost, there are no more employment opportunities, and the population, especially young people, will migrate out to urban areas. Most regions in Japan are facing a declining population, but without places to work, people will not be able to live there.

Particularly in rural areas, there are few places to work for people with higher education, so young people who leave their hometowns to go to college are unable to return. This is because the percentage of young people going on to college has been increasing in recent years,It will be difficult to stop population decline if we cannot provide an employment environment that attracts young people who have left their hometowns to return.I am sure it will be.

Development of small and midsize companies is essential to revitalize the local economy

This is followed by an explanation of the key points needed to revitalize the local economy in rural areas, where population decline is the most significant challenge.

Innovate and respond to changing times.

What is most needed in the regions,Fostering industries that respond to the changing timesThe first step is to do the following. Many companies, especially those in rural areas, have lagged behind in ICT and continue to do business under inefficient conditions. This is where innovation comes in,Transforming the business model and changing the corporate structure to be more responsive to changeIt is important to

Increase "earning power" and spread it throughout the region

Productivity in Japan is low by global standards, especially among regional companies that have not yet adopted ICT technology. However, this situation can be viewed in reverse,Local companies still have room to grow.That is to say.

If we can review our business model and create a more efficient business environment, we will increase our "earning power.The same is true for the region as a whole. In addition, if a single model case can be created in a region, the know-how and scheme can be spread throughout the region, increasing the earning power of the entire region.

Open innovation increases success rates.

Open innovation" will be an effective way for local companies to change their business models to match the trends of the times.Open innovation is a collaboration between local companies and venture companies, called start-ups, to create new businesses and services by leveraging their respective strengths.This is how to do it.

Through open innovation,Introduce unprecedented ideas and technologies to your companyThis will increase the success rate of your company's business and productivity.

Open innovation in collaboration with startups

Collaboration with startups is essential for the growth of local companies and the development of the local economy. Therefore, we will introduce how to promote "open innovation," in which local companies collaborate with start-ups.

External collaboration is essential for innovation

It can be difficult to innovate and create innovative products and services on your own. The reason for this is that in order to innovate, it is necessary to collaborate with outside companies and organizations to restructure or develop new businesses and products from unprecedented perspectives.

Discover strengths and areas for improvement that you are not aware of through external collaborationand improve them to make products and services even better. Open innovation is an effective way to achieve this.

How to find startups to collaborate with for open innovation

When promoting open innovation, we need to find startups to collaborate with.Work with startups that have the technology and know-how to help you innovate your business modelIt is desirable to work with startups, but without experience, it may be difficult to find a partner to work with and to partner with them on appropriate terms.

Creww" is one of the largest open innovation platforms in Japan, and has a track record of collaboration with local companies.

An effective way for local companies to meet startups efficiently is to use theOpen Innovation PlatformThe use of "Open Innovation Platforms". What is an open innovation platform?A mechanism for companies looking for open innovation partnerships and startups with various technologies and ideas to meetIt is. If you are new to open innovation, the first step would be to use an open innovation platform.

Open Innovation PlatformCreww" is one of the largest platforms in Japanand the number of startups using the service is large, and the matching know-how and support system are excellent. First of all, we would like to introduce the "CrewwIt is also a good idea to register with the "Mere Old Man" and tell him or her about your company's situation and what kind of partner you would like to be matched with.

Find startups that will work together to develop the local economy by using the Open Innovation Platform.

The growth of local businesses is essential to developing the local economy.For local companies to grow, they must collaborate with startups through open innovation and build new businesses by incorporating technologies and know-how that have never existed before.is important.

For this purpose, it is a good idea to use an open innovation platform to efficiently find a partner for collaboration. As one of the largest open innovation platforms in Japan, "creww" is also actively engaged in matching local companies, and has a proven track record.

If you are interested in open innovation, we recommend that you first contact us for a consultation.

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