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Hamaru Strategy × JVC KENWOOD] Creating a world where people can get into the entertainment and otaku industry without worrying.

Hamaru Strategy Inc. is a start-up company that plans and proposes business plans that will stick in the entertainment and otaku industry. The founders are Kazuyuki Shimizu, who has more than 10 years of experience in the toy and hobby industry, and Tsukine Dojo, who combines the qualitative analysis, dedicated sensibility, and high planning ability of an active "otaku. The two have a two-person cell that is highly attractive in interviews, and they have been selected for four open innovation programs in the past six months. In this report, we interviewed them about the trajectory of co-creation with JVC KENWOOD Corporation that led them to commercialization and the long-awaited product.

An edgy proposal to deliver to the entertainment and geek industry.

Q. What is your vision for Hamaru Strategy?

dojo (hall used for martial arts training)We have a vision of "a world where people can get hooked without worrying about it,Planning a new business specializing in the entertainment and otaku industryWe are a company that has been working on this project for a long time. We hope to cover the sad background for fans, such as flames and products that just use IP appropriately, with our interesting projects.

The company was founded with Shimizu, but both were involved in open innovation projects at its predecessor, Foomore Inc. an accelerator program held in 2019.Also apply for "JVC KENWOOD Accelerator 2019"After becoming independent, he took over the projects at that time.

Q. What are Hamaru Strategy's strengths and challenges that other companies do not have?

dojo (hall used for martial arts training): Our strength is ourTwo Mansell must be alive.It is. Shimizu has strength in "Entertainment x Manufacturing". As a "professional geek" in the geek industry, I am good at qualitatively observing and analyzing and presenting ideas.The combination of each other's know-how is Hamaru Strategy's strength.I think it is.

The challenge is that since our business is consulting and planning for new businesses, it inevitably takes three to four years before we can talk about the results.Difficulty in sales due to lack of track recordHowever, we are now in our fourth fiscal year since the company's establishment, and this is how we have achieved our first results.

Open Innovation., ,Challenge to co-create with non-entertainment industry

ーPlease tell us the background of your participation in the accelerator program "JVC KENWOOD Accelerator 2019".

dojo (hall used for martial arts training): Our predecessor company, Fumoa, was a creative venture company that focused on creating new businesses. Since that time, the two of us had been dedicated to participating in accelerator programs and open innovation, so we applied for JVC Kenwood's JVC Kenwood Accelerator 2019 as well.

ーーWhat do you expect from collaboration with business companies based on your own experience?

dojo (hall used for martial arts training):Open Innovation," "Accelerator Programs," and "Co-Creation" are indispensable elements for the creation of new businesses.I believe that it is a good idea. We are still using the Accelerator Program as an appropriate vehicle to create new businesses in the entertainment and otaku industry.

What resources of the company do you find attractive?

dojo (hall used for martial arts training)I am attracted to companies that have technologies and products such as: web services, consumer electronics, and games.The fact that "things" appear is the easiest to understand.It is a very important part of the business. It is rewarding in that it is directly in the hands of the consumer and has a significant impact on their thrust and lifestyle.

ーー Is the product launched this time the same as the one proposed in the "JVC KENWOOD Accelerator 2019"?

dojo (hall used for martial arts training): Although it is a continuation of the ground, it is a change from the original product.
At the time, we were not planning to create a new product, but were proposing a promotional product that would take advantage of Fumoa's resources, and as we continued to brush up with JVC Kenwood, a new product was created.

What are the advantages of participating in the program?

dojo (hall used for martial arts training): The person in charge of JVC Kenwood was interested in our proposal even though he was not in charge of audio, and he had his own work to do,Commercialization of co-creation ideasThe most important thing is that he connected us to the

-Whether or not our thoughts and feelings are aligned. Do you think "empathy" is important for co-creation?

dojo (hall used for martial arts training)I have previously done a scoring exercise to try to identify the factors that led to the adoption of a case in the course of an open innovation challenge. The result,Compatibility with the person in charge" is a very important factor.It was a good fit with Hamaru Strategy and with ourselves,Whether or not they are open to new business is also important.I feel that this is a good thing.

Please tell us about the "barriers" to collaboration that you experienced in the process of creating the product.

dojo (hall used for martial arts training)First of all, as with other companies, the fact that the product was an entertainment product that was easily influenced by Corona was a "barrier," but we also experienced two other major difficulties.

For one,Struggled to develop a better understanding of geeksWhat we did. Especially among employees in their 40s and 50s, for example, there was a tendency for the image of the traditionally dressed geek, with a checked shirt in, to remain as it was in the past.

Secondly,Facing the structure of a large company unfamiliar with new business development.I know that you are very busy. Those of you who are in charge of new business while doing the work of existing business are very busy. Therefore, I felt that it was difficult to achieve results for new business in one year. With the system not fully in place, I think it must have been difficult for both parties.

Q: What was the secret to overcoming this "wall"?

dojo (hall used for martial arts training): Actually, including the board members,Tours to Ikebukuro, a sacred place for female otaku, were conducted for key employees.We did. We took them to Animate, where they could see firsthand female customers who might not at first glance appear to be otaku, and we tried to give them a detailed explanation of otaku culture while actually experiencing it.

As with the Ikebukuro tour, we had to overcome the second issue by convincing each and every one of the participants, so it took some time for internal coordination.
Every time the organization or upper management changed, we had to start from scratch again to explain the process, so the loss was six months, then a year, and so many months had passed.

clear (pure) water: When starting something new, it is very difficult to truly understand a new customer. The speed to commercialization is faster for business companies, but on the other hand, it is natural that the understanding of otaku is slower.The secret of how we got to this point is that we have been careful and detailed in our explanations while adapting to their pace.I think that is a good idea.

What do you need to do to collaborate with a major company that has a completely different sense of speed and culture?

dojo (hall used for martial arts training):It is surprisingly important to understand people's feelingsI think it is because the data is not all there. Since data is not everything, we should ask questions such as, "Why did the division think that way?It is also important to think backwards from the feelings of the other partyto the

clear (pure) waterWe are the onesOne key point is the division of roles within the company.I believe that the The dojo is in a position close to the customer, so it is important to represent the customer's voice. I think it is important for us to combine our strengths without overdoing it, for example, by utilizing my experience in the entertainment business.

This approach applies directly to the promotion of the project. We look at the customer, analyze them, and steadily communicate their needs, while respecting and leaving the audio creation to them. I believe this is the key to successful collaboration.

JVC KENWOOD x Hamaru Strategy
Serious audio to enjoy the "voice

Please tell us about the product you have launched.

dojo (hall used for martial arts training): We are pleased to announce the launch of the first product of our project called "EX-DUB1", which we call the "Guessing Voice Audio Project". We call it commonly known as DUB1. What kind of product is it?Audio to better hear the voice of the voice actorIt is.

◆Let's seriously try to create audio that will "please voice-over fans" with a high level of enthusiasm!

dojo (hall used for martial arts training)Audio: An audio system is a combination of speakers and an amplifier. Those who enjoy jazz and other music at home are already familiar with this equipment, but it may be unfamiliar to those in their 20s. We are a certain number of such younger generation,Attention voice-over fans who care about voice and sound.I did.

◆Products that focus on the way the "voice" is heard, which sets them apart from others.

dojo (hall used for martial arts training)However, it is not enough for audio equipment to be able to hear the sound. We are here to reproduce the charm of a voice actor's real voice,Focus on "sound creation" to match the content of the voice actorsI was very pleased with the results.
In order to allow the "voice of your guess," including sound field expression, to be enjoyed to the fullest at home, 10 modes have been added that can be selected at the time of use, assuming the ideal sound for voice actor fans in each situation.

◆Initial response was favorable!

dojo (hall used for martial arts training)Thanks to the success of the first sales, some customers purchased the product from the first day of pre-order sales. We are very grateful for the positive feedback we have received. We will start full-scale sales in November,Implementation of additional functionsWe are also planning to expand. We hope you will look forward to it.

A USB flash drive dedicated to "Myoshi-voice audio" that lets you enjoy the "voice" of popular voice actor Kenichi Suzumura to the fullest! USB memory stick to enjoy the "voice" of popular voice actor Kenichi Suzumura to the fullest!

September 27, 2023

Future of Hamaru Strategy

Please tell us about your future prospects.

dojo (hall used for martial arts training): Our major goal is to create a good world by weeding out the miscellaneous collaborative products that do not read the minds of the nerds.

The IP industry has attracted attention since "Blade of the Oni no Kage" and terms such as "guess life" and "otaku life" have become major, but at the same time, it is a fact that the current situation is such that not enough time can be allocated to planning and measures due to the shortage of manpower.

Hamaru Strategy is such an issue,Covered by an interesting project.We would like to support the company by providing the following services.

clear (pure) waterI would like to create products that will make adults happy and say, "That's what I wanted," because toys for adults are so strong in Japan.

We hope to continue to actively collaborate with each other in a collaborative style, and to realize the future we have talked about for the dojo, while leveraging our strengths.

dojo (hall used for martial arts training)If you are a company that would like to incorporate entertainment into your business but do not know where to start, we would like to hear from you!

name of companyHamaru Strategy Co.
EstablishmentYear 2020
Location6-4-5 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0001, Japan
representativeKazuyuki Shimizu
Business OverviewNew business creation and strategic consulting business utilizing expertise in the entertainment industry. In addition to our strength in the entertainment and otaku industries, we also support new business creation for non-entertainment companies.
uniform resouce locatorhttp://www.hamaru.co.jp
Mr. Kazuyuki Shimizu Chief ENTAME Officer, Representative Director, Hamaru Strategy Co.
(After gaining a wide range of experience in design, planning, promotion, launching directly managed stores, participating in events, and quality control at BANDAI and BANDAI SPIRITS Co.
After working in new businesses with a focus on open innovation, he founded Hamaru Strategy in 2020. He has strength in the field of otaku x manufacturing.
Mr. Tsukine Dojo Chief OTAKU Officer, Director, Hamaru Strategy Co.
After working on the planning of a live-streaming application at a business-related IT venture, he worked on open innovation with Shimizu at Fumoa Inc. With his high planning and presentation skills, he was selected for four projects in six months.
At the age of 25, he founded Hamaru Strategy and has been involved in co-creation projects with large companies and consulting in the content industry as a professional geek. His strengths lie in qualitative analysis and verbalization.
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