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Call for Applications! Spatial ID x Startup Idea] Challenge to Digital Twin Social Implementation

Digital twins reproduce the real world in cyberspace and enable all kinds of simulations. And now, scattered digital twin constructions are being connected in the real world with physical bodies. The day may soon come when we will live with a gigantic platform called "Mira-World. Dynamic Map Infrastructure Corporation, which has the absolute technology to duplicate the real world in digital space, has high-precision 3D data of "cm" level, and its products, which are key elements in automated mobility, are already deployed globally. The accelerator program, which is a key project of the Digital Agency, is now being held. The program is calling for co-creation proposals utilizing "spatial ID" to create use cases that combine both real and cyber space. What is "spatial ID"? A highly novel product is about to be born from the innovative ideas of startups and the "3D spatial information infrastructure" that will become a necessity for digital innovation. We interviewed Mr. Yoji Mochizuki, Manager of Business Development Section 2, Division 2 and PMO of the Spatial ID Project, Dynamic Map Infrastructure Co.

Replicate the real world in digital space! High-precision 3D data on a dynamic map basis

ーTell us about your business and vision.

Dynamic Map Infrastructure, Inc. provides "High-precision 3D map dataThe service is designed to provide accurate location information to self-driving cars and other autonomous mobility devices. This service converts the real world into high-precision 3D data and replicates it in digital space, making it possible to provide accurate location information to self-driving cars and other autonomous mobility devices.

For example, in 2019, the provision of "high-precision 3D map data" was adopted by Nissan Motor Company through Zenrin for the world's first intelligent highway driving, contributing to the realization of advanced driver assistance systems.

Our services are not limited to the automotive industry, but also have a wide range of applications that contribute to an efficient, safe, and secure digital society in a variety of scenes, including the drone industry, where it is necessary to capture images in 3D, national and local government disaster prevention measures, social infrastructure development, the construction of meta-verse, and the realization of smart cities. It is said to have a wide range of applications that contribute to an efficient, safe, and secure digital society.

Our goal is to build a digital twin and develop various services based on it.Creating unprecedented services that benefit society by leveraging the foundation of the digital twin.We feel that this is what we are going to do.

Q: What are your company's strengths and challenges?

First, in terms of product strength, our "high-precision 3D map data" is the key to safety in automated driving,Absolute accuracy of "cm" class required for autonomous movementThe company has already launched in Japan and North America, and plans to expand to Europe and other regions in the future. It is already available in Japan and North America, with plans to expand to Europe and other regions.We are creating products with technology from Japan that can be deployed globally.I think that is one major strength of the company.

Next, our company-based strengths include a mapping company, a surveying company, a general electronics manufacturer, and an automobile manufacturer,Established as an "all-Japan organization" bringing together a diverse group of Japan's top companiesThe main reason for this is that the

Our members are quite unique, and I feel that the ability to create products by combining the knowledge of people from many different fields, including people on loan from diverse shareholders, will be a very important strength as we add more applications in the future.

Conversely, the challenge will be the need to secure a base office and global human resources to accelerate global expansion in the future. In addition, I believe that the depth of human resources who can proactively propose innovations, such as those working for start-ups, will also become important in the future.

Q. Could you tell us about the background of your open innovation efforts across industries by holding the Accelerator Program?

In 2021, we are pleased to host our first accelerator program using Creww Growth, Creww's open innovation support service.

Originally, our company's president had always said, "Not only with automobile companies,We want to take an innovative approach.The Accelerator Program was also inspired by the desire of the participants to "make a difference" in the world.
In line with this desire, in the past year or two, we have also seen an increase in initiatives related to collaboration with startups sponsored by local governments.

In 2019, we were selected as a development promoter to "support startup companies" and "seek people to support them" in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government under the "5G Technology Utilization Development Promotion Project" sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

This fiscal year, the Digital Agency was contracted to conduct a research study on the construction of a digital twin with the Digital Agency as the ordering party. The Digital Agency is also working on the development of digital infrastructure to enable the operation of advanced autonomous mobility using self-driving cars and drones in the future.

Our company and NTT Data's consortium will study the "digital twin" that will be built to promote the development of digital infrastructure, and will examine the necessary specifications and maintenance methods while conducting demonstrations in specific use cases, divided into aboveground and underground.

Movement and transportation support for indoor spaces (left); image of advanced underground infrastructure management using spatial ID (right)

This research is also expected to develop use cases that large companies may not come up with, which is why we have decided to hold an acceleration program.

Next-generation services based on spatial ID and 3D spatial information infrastructure promoted by the entire country

Q: What is your company's vision for the "Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025," which will be implemented through the Accelerator Program as well?

The Action Plan for the 2025 Osaka-Kansai Expo includesNext-generation entertainment services utilizing the digital twinThe theme of "The World's Most Beautiful Place" is included in the report.

Through the digitization of spatial information and the development of a mechanism for the distribution of spatial information (spatial ID, 3D spatial information infrastructure, etc.), a digital twin will be constructed to enable the creation of next-generation entertainment such as "Expo/visiting Osaka and Kansai as a remote avatar," "concerts and live performances using XR and games using projected characters," and "fully unmanned services using delivery robots, security robots, drones, etc. Next-generation entertainment such as concerts and live performances using XR, games using projected characters, etc., and fully unmanned services using delivery robots, security robots, drones, etc., will be developed,Aiming to create use cases that combine both real and cyber spaceThe following is a summary of the results.

Thus, "spatial IDs" are expected to be used in various fields, including entertainment services.

Our company too,By hosting an accelerator program, we hope to create new uses for "spatial ID" technology and applications with the potential for commercialization in the future.We think that this is a good idea.

We will solicit a wide range of proposals that only a startup can make, and aim to co-create new use cases for digital twins related to 3D spatial information.

Possibilities of "Spatial ID" to be explored through the Accelerator Program

Q. Could you tell us again about the "spatial ID" that is supposed to be utilized in the accelerator program?

Let me explain "spatial ID" using the underground world as an example... Underground is lined with pipes such as water pipes, communication pipes, gas pipes, and power cables, which are buried as the foundation of our daily lives.
Each will need to be renovated as it ages, but each will also need to confront the other with the status of the buried materials before the actual construction work is undertaken.

Therefore, everyone wants to share underground data. On the other hand, however, underground data is highly confidential, so each company is very careful about handling it.

So there,Spatial IDs are useful to locate 3D voxels with multi-level size selection and unique IDs.The voxel is then used as a reference. By linking "attribute information" such as what pipes are in a voxel and how many pipes are in a voxel, it is possible to cross-reference each other across industries.

Q: Do you mean a system that shows the positioning of what is where in the 3D space?

Conceptual diagram of spatial ID (left) and 3D spatial information infrastructure system (right)

Yes, it is.Theoretical location identification and actual linking and sharing of various data/metadata using spatial IDs as indexesI think the major role is that it is possible to do so.

Do you have any actual examples of services that utilize "spatial ID"?

In fact, the concept of a 3D grid similar to "spatial ID" itself has been around for a long time, and related validations have been conducted by the OGC, which promotes the standardization of geospatial information. The closest field to implementation may be drones.

In this context, we expect that our "spatial ID" can be used underground, above ground, and in the future for automated driving.

Q. When "spatial IDs" are linked to drones, in what situations will they be used?

In the case of drones, the information on objects of concern would be power lines, pylons, trees, etc. However, the information available on GoogleMap is limited. For example, "information on barriers that should not be passed through" in buildings is currently organized by each operator in a disparate manner.

Also, statistical data such as air and ground risk could be tied to voxels to help set up routes.

It's a world like a platform where three-dimensional information is integrated.

Yes, I feel it would be very beneficial if visualizing information in three dimensions would make it possible, even if it is not possible when viewed in two dimensions.

The Digital Agency and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry also have great expectations! The Power of Startup Ideas

Q. What are the benefits of participating in the program?

The previous Accelerator Program, which was completed in-house, aimed to create new businesses using "high-precision 3D map data. In the current program, the ordering party isNew advantage of being a "pivotal project" that is also the Digital Agency and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.I think it is a great idea. We hope you will find it chic and apply.

With the cooperation of experts from industry, academia, and government, the program will also lead to the development of startups.We are preparing for the next step.

Q: Are there any areas that your company is targeting in promoting open innovation?

We will not narrow down the area, but will recruit quite broadly.In addition to the various types of spatial information we maintain, the resources we can provide include a vector tile system that can be used to link many types of spatial data with spatial IDs.For more information, please see the application guidelines.

What kind of startups would you like to see enter the competition?

We would like to invite a wide range of applicants, including startups and students, to apply for the "Spatial ID" program,We expect them to plan and propose free ideas that large companies cannot come up with, right up to the point where they can be converted into services.The Company has been working on this project for the past three years!

What is the future of digital society as envisioned by the dynamic map infrastructure?

Q: Could you tell us about the social issues your company is trying to solve and how you intend to develop in the future?

Japan, in particular, has a variety of 2-D and 3-D data, yet it is not currently shared.Through this program, we would like to resolve issues such as data providers' production not flowing to servicers.I believe that this is a good idea.

Also, there is a current situation where important data and applications are monopolized by some platformers, so the Japanese standard,We want to create an open system so that data can be passed on to those who need it.The root of this idea is the desire to "make the world a better place.

We hope that this initiative will serve as a catalyst for reaching such a goal as quickly as possible.

ー- Finally, do you have a message for startups?

Although there are a few examples overseas of concepts such as spatial ID, which defines 3D space by index, this standard itself is new, so it is important to work together with the promoter to create use case proposals. We would like to offer our full support, so we would like to invite applicants from all walks of life who enjoy such communication and who have a spirit of challenge!

name of companyDynamic Map Infrastructure Co.
EstablishmentJune 13, 2016
Location6F Chikasan Building, 4-1-21 Nihonbashi-Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022, Japan
representativeShuichi Yoshimura, President and CEO
Business OverviewProviding high-precision 3D data for a variety of industries, including automated driving and ADAS
uniform resouce locatorhttps://www.dynamic-maps.co.jp/index.html
Mr. Yoji Mochizuki Manager, Business Development Section 2, Business Division 2 and PMO, Spatial ID Project, Dynamic Map Infrastructure Co.
Engaged in new project development and business investment in the areas of chemical plants and transportation infrastructure at a general trading company. Later, engaged in management consulting work such as strategy development in the energy and materials fields at a U.S. consulting firm.
In the dynamic map infrastructure, he is in charge of planning and developing services utilizing spatial information including high-precision 3D map data maintained by the company, as well as developing incubation programs in collaboration with startups. In the research and study project on the construction of a digital twin, he supported project management as a PMO.
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