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Join Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare and create new value in the "healthcare" field.

Fit for You. Under the corporate slogan "Your partner in creating healthy lifestyles," Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare offers a number of over-the-counter drug brands that are familiar to people's daily lives, including the painkiller "Loxonin," the cold remedy "Lulu," and the scratch medicine "Makiron. Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare also offers a variety of other products, including the "Minon" skincare brand for sensitive skin and oral care products. In order to contribute to a wider range of healthcare and lifestyle improvement, the company decided to implement an accelerator program to seek ideas and technologies that could not be conceived by a pharmaceutical company alone. Specifically, what kind of startups are you looking forward to collaborating with? We spoke with Ken Matsuo of the company's Corporate Planning Department and Ami Furuichi of the Product Planning Office.

We want to address not only overt symptoms, but also unwellness and health maintenance

--Please tell us about the mission and business of Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare.

pine cone Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare has launched "Fit for You. We are a healthcare company with the corporate slogan "To be your partner in creating healthy lifestyles.

Customers themselves select and purchase the products at pharmacies, drugstores, and mail-order stores.Expanding our business with a focus on over-the-counter drugs, while also expanding our skin care and oral care product lineupsThe company is doing so.

The company also has a "2030 Vision.To contribute to the development of a sustainable society by supporting quality of life in the age of 100 years and creating new value through original products and information.To achieve the goal of "to be the best in the world," we are also promoting efforts to address unmet medical conditions and lifestyle improvement.

--What were some of the challenges you faced in implementing the accelerator program?

pine cone We have offered many brands to the market. However, in a society where technology is rapidly evolving and the external environment is changing rapidly, simply providing goods in the same way as before is not enough to provide value to the market,The challenge is that we cannot close the gap against the vision as it is.came out.

While it is necessary to deal with individual manifestations of symptoms, for example, "my back hurts" or "I have mouth ulcers," it is also essential to create a lifestyle in which one does not feel discomfort, from the perspective of preserving and promoting health and disease.

This requires the provision of appropriate products, solutions, and services to meet the needs of each diverse lifestyle, from the young to the elderly, but it is difficult to meet the individual needs of sei-katsu-sha with only our existing resources.

Therefore, it is important to use an externalCreating new value by multiplying ideas and technologiesIn order to achieve this, we have decided to promote open innovation and introduce an accelerator program. This will support Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare toward 2030.I want to acquire a new business pillar.We think that this is a good idea.

Top management endorsed the project. Promoted as a company-wide project.

(Reverse pitching)

--What are your expectations for open innovation with startups?

pine cone There are limits to what we can do on our own and what we can conceive from our existing businesses. Perhaps we may be unconsciously keeping a lid on our free thinking.

So,By meeting startups who have strengths in different fields with their ideas and technologies, we can co-create businesses that we could not have conceived of on our own.I would be happy if we could. This is the first time for us to engage in open innovation (*1), so we are still in a state of exploration, but we feel great expectations.
(*1) Open innovation: A mechanism to co-create innovative businesses and services by collaborating with external parties, rather than relying solely on one's own management resources and technologies.

--Is this the first time you have co-created with another company?

old market There have been several cases where we have introduced and marketed other companies' products, but this is the first time we have attempted co-creation by recruiting startups.

--How has the response been from within the company to your first initiative?

pine cone The response has been very positive, and when we raised the banner of creating a company-wide project team to work on open innovation, many members have joined us with high motivation. The top management, in particular, has been very welcoming and supportive.

This project was participated in not only by business development staff, but also by members from R&D, product planning, and IT departments,Cross-Company InitiativesI am very happy that I was able to start as a

It would be ideal if we could borrow the ideas and power of startups with digital capabilities to solve internal issues such as DX of operations as well as new business development through co-creation with startups.

Call for ideas and technologies related to "health care

--What are some of the themes you are particularly interested in tackling this time around?

pine cone The theme is not narrowed down in detail,We want to take a broad view of the consumer healthcare area and work on it.We believe that this is a good idea. This is because there are a wide range of issues related to lifestyle improvement and pre-symptomatic diseases that are required in the age of 100 years of life, including issues related to seniors, for example.

For healthy people,Providing solutions to maintain good healthto do so, as well as to improve their lifestyle and exercise habits,Offered as a package that combines products and servicesWe believe that it is necessary to do so, and we would like to discuss our services with startups that have such ideas and technologies.

Personally, I am interested in the area of health tech where social needs are high, such as sleep tech and femtec. As for projects, we are looking for ideas and solutions within the larger framework of "consumer health care.

--does it matter if it is for an individual or a company?

pine cone Of course, it can be for individuals or for companies. It has recently received a lot of attention.Solutions that can promote "health managementWe would also like to collaborate with startups and others who have

old market The reason we do not limit our themes is that there are so many issues that need to be solved, even in one femtec project, for example. We are currently working on FemTech in another project within the company, and the problems specific to women vary widely, depending on age, individual characteristics, and so on.

The same thing should happen with SleepTech, solutions to the problems of the elderly, health maintenance and unwellness. So,Meet startups with ideas and technologies in a wide range of areas, and find out what specific issues they can solve and what services and value they can create.I would be happy to discuss the following with you.

To live a long and healthy life in the age of 100 years

--What resources are available for startups to utilize?

pine cone We are a pharmaceutical company with drug discovery as our backbone,Foundation for formulation technology, basic research, ingredient exploration and safety evaluation.The Daiichi Sankyo Group has a strong R&D base. In addition to this R&D infrastructure, the Daiichi Sankyo Group's original ingredients, sales channels in pharmacies, drugstores, and mail-order sales, and relationships with consumers can also be utilized.

We also have many long-selling brands and the "trust" that comes from meeting customers' expectations over a long period of time.We hope you will also take advantage of the brand power and trust that we have built up over the years through our sincere approach to manufacturing and sales.I believe that this is a good idea.

--What social issues do you hope to solve in the future by implementing the Accelerator Program?

pine cone Themes that will become even more important in the future areHow to live a long and healthy life in the "100-year life periodWe believe that it is a matter of whether or not What is needed to maintain good health is to improve one's lifestyle and develop habits such as daily exercise, but it is not easy to continue.

That's why,Solutions that make behaviors that contribute to health an established part of lifestyle and a system that can be an approach to prevention of unwellness and disease.We would like to co-create and provide value to the world together with startups.

--Finally, do you have a message for startups considering applying?

pine cone With the Corona disaster, I believe that society as a whole is becoming more aware of the need to protect and deal with one's own health. In response to thisThere is tremendous room for self-care services and solutions to contributeI am sure that we will be able to help people maintain a healthy life expectancy and improve the quality of their daily lives by making this happen.

We are proud to say that our enthusiasm for the Accelerator Program is higher than any other. We are looking forward to working with startups who share our vision and the society we want to create, and who want to work together with us,Co-creating businesses that benefit societyI would like to do that.

It is not a mere commissioning/contracting relationship,Mutual growth potential in the long run.We sincerely hope that we will be able to meet startups who can draw a picture like this and create a business together.

old market This is the first time for us to participate in an accelerator program. We are in an unprecedented "clean slate,Every idea and technique has potential.We are looking forward to working with you. Therefore, if you feel that we can collaborate in any way, we would be very happy to receive your application.

Join us in working on something exciting and new. We look forward to hearing from you.

name of companyDaiichi Sankyo Healthcare Co.
EstablishmentDecember 16, 2005
Location14-10, Nihonbashi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8234, Japan
representativeKatsuhiko Yoshida, President and Representative Director
Business OverviewManufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, foods, drinking water, etc.
uniform resouce locatorhttps://www.daiichisankyo-hc.co.jp/
Mr. Ken Matsuo Business Development Leader, Planning Group, Corporate Planning Department, Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare Co.
After about 10 years of research and development in the skincare area, he has been in charge of business development since 2019. He is involved in all aspects of business development, including the development of new businesses, alliances with other companies, and M&A. When promoting projects, he is conscious of the scientific perspective and strives to work enthusiastically on them. His hobbies are sauna and motorcycles.
Ms. Ami Furuichi Product Planning Office, Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare Co.
After joining the company as a sales representative, he spent four years analyzing customer feedback and SNS feedback as a VOC manager in the CS Promotion Department.
In 2021, she will be involved in the planning of new brands and concepts, mainly skincare products, at the current department. Her hobby is traveling abroad.
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