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Tuesday, November 28, 2023


The 6th edition of ROCKET PITCH NIGHT, one of the largest pitch events in Japan, co-hosted by CIC Tokyo and Venture Café Tokyo, will be held on March 2, 2023 (Thursday) with further evolution!
Details of the event, including the speakers who will be taking on the 3-minute pitch challenge, have now been released. The event will feature well-known and established entrepreneurs, investors, and startup supporters, and Creww's COO will be one of the commentators!
The event will be a hybrid of on-site and online participation. Find friends who can change the world at ROCKET PITCH NIGHT FESTIVAL 2023.


Whether you are just beginning your journey as an entrepreneur (entrepreneur, startup, in-house new business person, NPO, etc...) or you have already started your journey, you need to involve many people to make your journey better: prospective investors, co-founders, employees, etc... (or perhaps that is the heart of entrepreneurship), employees, and many others (or perhaps that is the heart of entrepreneurial activity).

With that in mind, at Rocket Pitch Night;
Based on a 3-minute pitch format for speakers, we will provide an opportunity for you to take your business idea to the world, get others involved, or simply take the first step toward starting your own business. On the day of the event, you will have the opportunity to get feedback and comments from experienced commentators and audience members. This is sure to give a boost to your activities! At the same time, we will provide the audience with the opportunity to meet new ideas and talents that could change the world.

It takes more than one person to change the world. Let's find friends who can change the world at Venture Café Tokyo.

Event Summary

Date & Time: Thursday, March 2, 2023 3:00 - 9:30 pm JST
Location: Toranomon Hills Forum 4F, hybrid format (on-site participation & online viewing)
 *This event will be delivered from the local venue (online participation URL will be provided separately via Peatix message).
Co-sponsored by Venture Café Tokyo, CIC Tokyo, Mori Buliding

Schedule for the day

Doors open at 2:30pm
3:00pm - 3:30pm Enjoy the ROCKET PITCH NIGHT FESTIVAL 2023

[Stage A (local venue)] *Online streaming from the site will be available.

3:00pm ~ 4:45pm Lifestyle Art & Design
Panda Vision Inc.
 = Project to create a new apparel brand and indie IP for Chinese Lolita fans
Shukream Team
 = Coffeechat, an anonymous career consultation matching platform
One smile foundation / PORTBACK Corporation
 = ButsumonGO (Butsumon Go) will change the world! A game to capture the "smiles" of Buddhist statues in temples all over Japan in photos to make tourism, donations, and temples more sustainable.
Sacrown Japan Co.
 = Improved productivity for all Japanese cultural businesses! Centralized Management Platform "WAiWAiJAPAN
Funverth Pvt. Ltd.
 = web3 x Statistics (divination) based dating application
 = CALENDAR, a daily online fitness program focused on habituation
I have to do this.
 = You don't want to be fashionable, but you don't want to be tacky! Why don't you let a fashionable person decide what you want to wear tomorrow?
Drafting of any kind, Inc.
 = A platform that visualizes the world's enthusiasm for sports and entertainment through data and guides users to the content they should be watching "right now".
Drone Sports & Music Cloud Corporation (DoSpoMu)
 = Let's take drone aerial photos of our own sports music scene like a selfie and upload them to social networking sites!
PICORE Corporation
 = Create a visual experience that no one has ever seen before
 = Improving the quality of life for seniors by Enabling any standard TV to become a simple-to-use senior hub.
4:50pm ~ 6:05pm IT/ AI/ IoT/ AR & VR
Prairie Card
 = Digital business cards that can be simply held up to a smartphone will enrich all encounters.
 = Xaris, an AI writing support tool that enables anyone to write high-quality text.
Slash Fintech
 = We aim to contribute to industrial development in each market by improving the efficiency of the payment market through the use of smart contracts and by developing the infrastructure ahead of the full-scale launch of Web3 business.
 = METAMONS is a Web3 lifestyle game designed with the Metaverse of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) digital creatures and physical activity for IOS and Android devices. devices.
ProfinanSS Inc.
 = Introduction of Vividir, a management DX product for realizing dynamic management that accelerates business growth
Powder Keg Technologies, LLC
 = MUSHIKAGO, an automated security measure inspection tool using AI-based cyber attacks
Rond Corporation
 = Web service that visualizes and analyzes organizational conditions and effectively creates synergy among employees.
 = "Digital ID" will ensure that no one is left behind in real or online life.
 = Innovative AI tool development through game design, simulation and crowdsourcing
 = Relationship AI assistant app for couples
PropTexx Inc.
 = Generative AI, data analytics, and actionable, real-time business intelligence for the real estate industry.
6:25pm ~ 7:35pm Social & Education
team La Paz / Fujitsu Limited
 = Connecting children around the world and fostering the ability to appreciate diversity through cross-cultural conversations to create a society where all people respect each other.
NeiPia LLC
 = Projects that support exploratory activities in local communities to contribute to society.
 = We aim to create a society where everyone, regardless of disability, can shine while making the most of their "individuality" and solve social problems while having fun through "entertainment x welfare"!
Luz Montessori
 = Support project to make parenting fun using Montessori education received by the founder of Decacorn of the World.
Open Up
 = Make the world a place where people with illnesses and disabilities can be Open
Souhito Co.
 = Silvernia, a theme park for seniors that proposes a hopeful third-life lifestyle
Tomatalk Corporation
 = An application that automates interactions within a local community by automatically matching lunches.
 = EventBeep is a next-generation virtual community, empowering young people every step of the way through the ever-changing world of education and work. Spanning 150+ countries we offer a new way to discover earning & learning opportunities by forming invaluable connections.
 = Wristband + Tags technology to assist visually impaired people in finding misplaced items and navigating inside their homes, public places and outdoors.
 = it is a service for international students in japan that helps them collect information regarding Japanese unversities in general
7:40pm ~ 8:45pm Technology
 = Solving the problem of parts procurement in the event of equipment failure in the manufacturing industry by connecting companies horizontally through a platform.
Tokyo Dynamics
 = High-speed work robot with deformable arm, gliding, and self-healing capabilities
Tokyo Institute of Technology Aqua Lab
 = Underwater robotics for cyber and physical education for the digital native generation
Nippon Tokushu Toryo Co.
 = Detects motion sickness and enables comfortable travel to the destination - Non-contact motion sickness detection sensor SickCan
 = Development and mass production of mobility vehicles to realize a society where anyone can go anywhere at any time.
Student Guild, LLC
 = The IoT field will further expand with overwhelming power-saving design and AI-based analysis technology.
PLEN Robotics Inc.
 = Our AI assistant solves the problem of mental disorder check at an early stage with voice recognition technology while providing attendance management
ZESST by Almatech
 = ZESST are hydrofoil fast vessels with the lowest total cost of ownership of the ZESST are hydrofoil fast vessels with the lowest total cost of ownership of the market.
JAOPS (Japan Operations)
 = The newspace and unmanned vehicles´s races are running much faster than the Flight Control Tools and Human Resources. JAOPS was born to satisfy that JAOPS was born to satisfy that increasing demand.
 = We Change the Way a Robot Looks at You!
Turing Chain
 = Turing Chain's SaaS product, Turing Certs, helps schools, governments, companies, to issue E-certificates on the blockchain.

[Stage B (local venue)] *Online streaming from the site will be available.

3:00pm ~ 4:45pm Medical/Healthcare
 = Online pharmacy that allows allergy patients to be independent
 = Development of a platform service that solves & connects the issues of those fighting illnesses, their families, and medical professionals.
NURSY Corporation
 = DX support for nurse recruitment (including direct recruiting)
 = Development of a device to help detect and improve TCH (tooth contact habit), which can also cause teeth to break.
asai corporation
 = "reanne" detects abnormal menstruation using image analysis AI
 = First of its kind in Japan! MENOME, a gender-neutral menopause support service
Archilus, Inc.
 = Business for dose management, distribution management, and anti-counterfeiting using invisible tags that can read tablet information with a smartphone
 = AI avatars talk with the elderly to combine their personal desires and issues and solve them through awareness.
PITTAN Corporation
 = Condition tracking by sweat amino acid analysis
SaveExpats Inc.
 = From expat to local (Local). -Two-drop fingertip mail-in testing service to save the undesirables...
 = Olo is an AI-powered wellbeing assistant that helps you instantly reduce anxiety, fatigue, and stress with immersive sound journeys, biofeedback, and somatic learning.
4:50pm ~ 6:05pm Agriculture & Food
LacuS Corporation
 = Creating a new "normal" diet for the elderly with complete nutritional meals for seniors
Lirem Corporation
 = "Tabesil," a service that allows users to use restaurants for a monthly fee and restaurants to attract customers by only providing food.
FoodFul, Inc.
 = "Childish," an online service for confiding in experts about baby and toddler food problems.
 = First miso soup-type complete nutritional food in the world to bring innovation to preventive medicine around the world
 = Creating a sustainable, self-sustaining society by shining more light on crops from East Africa's green bounty.
 = Using a 350MYear old technology developed by insects, we bring back circularity in local food systems by converting biowaste into animal feed.
Yuta Fukumoto
 = Sales site specializing in coffee
 = At BettaF!sh we turn zero-input seaweed from Europe into a commodity for the food. Our first product, BettaF!sh TU-NAH is made from seaweed, looks like tuna, tastes like tuna and is affordable to everyone with a positive impact on the oceans.
 = We are using innovative foo-tech solutions, WINE-UP POWDER and CIRCULARWINE SERVICE, to address global wine overproduction, environmental impact of winemaking and growing demand for alcohol-free options by turning wine and wine waste into healthy foods, drinks and reducing waste through real-time winemaking and growing demand for alcohol-free options by turning wine and wine waste into healthy foods, drinks and reducing waste through real-time digital system and transforming it into valuable products for Food & Beverages companies.
 = Newcomers in farming face several challenges: accessing farmland, bearing a high initial investment, and acquiring knowledge.
Yasaimon helps them succeed.
6:25pm ~ 7:35pm Environment & Energy
Forest Revitalization Industries, Inc.
 = Connecting diverse people involved in the forest through NFT creates a new value cycle that transcends time and space.
Birdy Fuel Cells LLC
 = Leveling of intermittent renewables through discontinuous cost reduction of large scale power storage systems
REMARE Corporation
 = Optimization of ocean plastic and waste plastic recycling
eMoBi Inc.
 = Small three-wheel EV sharing service
 = "Turning waste into resources, upcycling into daily life" with Plant as a service
aiESG, Inc.
 = World's first AI service that enables comprehensive ESG assessment of products and services, tracing back the entire supply chain.
Sustainergy, Inc.
 = Solving energy shortage, food shortage, and soil degradation problems at the same time! Cineko Solar Robotics
amu corporation
 = [Making waste fishing nets a resource for the future] Fishing gear, which accounts for 44% of marine plastic waste, is upcycled into fiber.
 = ANNEA is a SaaS platform making renewable energies more cost efficient, reducing OPEX by 50% and increasing energy production by 15%.
SustainaSeed Inc.
 = To expand sustainability, we support the solution holders through an online platform that provides business matching and market place.
7:40pm ~ 8:45pm Lifestyle Art & Design
 = "Jibungurumi," a communication plush toy that connects people to each other
Kotonaru Co.
 = New Normal interns connecting with possibilities all over Japan
Emyu Corporation
 = We will realize a pet barrier-free society by providing a service to share information about pets.
 = A music playlist for the whole city. Experiential music SNS to share music that fits the location in AR space.
 = "A coordination application that can be touched and felt through the use of 3D graphics.
 = Revival of the "kagai" (gatherings). We want to create a third place for communication in line with today's lifestyle.
Lean and Games Inc.
 = New "mental health care" created by games
loco y tonto
 = Media that share pet-related information with owners (pet owners) in a fun and entertaining way.
Unwind Inc.
 = Original Sex Life Finder x EC
Drive Japan Inc.
 = Japan Road Trip Itinerary Search for foreign tourists.
Japan Craftsmen's Copyright Association, Inc.
 = We provide services to license intellectual property rights (copyrights) held by traditional craft production areas throughout Japan to business companies.

About Venture Café Tokyo and Thursday Gathering

Venture Café Tokyo's mission is "Connecting innovators to make things happen. Thursday Gathering is Venture Café Tokyo's flagship event, held every Thursday from 4pm-9pm. We aim to achieve this mission by providing a place where a diverse group of people can come together for educational sessions and a safe and comfortable networking space.

Form of the event

The Thursday Gathering on March 2 will be a hybrid of on-site and online sessions. Sessions will be held on-site, but will also be available online. For on-site participation, please see details at the bottom of this section (registration on this event page).

Local Participation

Venture Café Tokyo still strongly believes in the power of CONNECT, the encounter created by a real place, under the mission of "Connecting Innovators to Make Things Happen".

With appropriate security measures in place, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the weekly Thursday Gathering onsite at CIC Tokyo (advance registration required). You can not only watch the sessions (*1) but also enjoy networking with the participants, speakers, VCT staff & ambassadors.

If you wish to participate on-site, please apply for a "local participation / offline" ticket. Please check the safety guidelines before participating in the event. Please enjoy the real-life encounters and state-of-the-art facilities onsite (*2).

Address: Toranomon Hills Mori Tower 4F, 1-23-23 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

*1 Whether the session will be held onsite or fully online depends on the availability of the speakers. If the session is fully online, it will be available for public viewing onsite.
*2 Please note that the event may be held entirely online at short notice, depending on the situation at Corona. Any change in the format will be announced on our website and Peatix.

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