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Call for Entries】Sankei Building x Startup Co-Creation Program 2023|Creating New Services and Bringing More of Them Inside Each and Every One of Us

The Sankei Building Co., Ltd. which is in charge of urban development business as a member of the Fuji Sankei Group, will hold an accelerator program. The Sankei Building Co., Ltd. is a member of the Fuji Sankei Group and an urban development company. The Sankei Building Co.

What is the background of the co-creation program?

The Sankei Building is a real estate developer that undertakes urban development projects as a member of the Fuji Sankei Group.
Through this program, the Sankei Building hopes to work with startup companies to further grow existing businesses, to embody what urbanites work, live, and enjoy, and to create added value in line with the Sankei Building's corporate message, "More inside each and every person. We hope to create added value for the Sankei Building's corporate message of "More inside each and every one of us.

Outline of "The Sankei Building x Startups Co-Creation Program 2023

▶︎ Application deadline: Sunday, December 10, 2023, 24:00
▶︎ Target companies: all domestic and international startups. Any industry.
▶︎ Participation fee: Free
▶︎ Sponsored by The Sankei Building Co.

What we want to achieve with the Co-Creation Program

1. to provide a rich and diverse work and lifestyle that makes every day enjoyable / Co-creation of added value

Sankei Building is diversifying its business operations from office to condominiums, hotels, and various other businesses.
We are looking for ideas that can create added value by leveraging the resources of these businesses and updating the business models that Sankei Building has been working on.

For example,
Office workers can work "more comfortably" in the office.
The condominiums where tenants can live "more comfortably and safely".
Hotels where hotel guests want to have a more exciting experience.
We would like to create added value through ideas that lead to Sankei Building's corporate message, "More inside each and every person. We will work together with startups to provide a work and lifestyle that makes every day more enjoyable.

2. creation of new business created by media and real estate - more exciting business

Sankei Building has been engaged in various developments as a media-related real estate developer for the Fuji Sankei Group, which includes Fuji Television Network, Inc. In the future, we intend to take on the challenge of creating synergies within the group companies, not only in the area of real estate development.
We are looking for business ideas that link real estate with the Group companies' resources in the areas of television, newspapers, radio, publishing, film, music, and content production, sales, and distribution.
We are looking forward to receiving flexible ideas and proposals from startups that are "Media x Real Estate x Exciting".

3. improving operational efficiency through the use of technology

Real estate development work ranges from preliminary surveys for site and property acquisition to building construction, leasing, and sales.
As soaring construction and labor costs and delays in construction schedules are in the news, schedule management and control of construction projects and early risk recognition are social issues that the real estate and construction industries must address.
The following examples are business issues that we believe have the potential to improve operational efficiency through the use of technology. We would like to work with startups to promote initiatives to increase the productivity of real estate development operations.

Knowledge Management
Elimination of the division of real estate development operations (business planning, land acquisition, product planning, business promotion, quality confirmation, facility operation, leasing, and sales). In addition, industry practice is to accumulate information on a paper basis, which hinders the training of human resources and the sharing of information.

Speed up and optimize operations during the initial building planning phase.
In the short time available to acquire a site, it is necessary to confirm building plans. This tool improves the efficiency of the confirmation process by providing immediate information on legal conditions, etc., and enables the verification of many patterns.

[Assumption of construction costs with a high degree of accuracy
Since information is limited in the early stages of building planning, assuming highly accurate building costs is one of the hurdles in the process, and we would like to make highly accurate building cost assumptions at an early stage.

[Reading architectural drawings].
Architectural drawings are vast in quantity and information. It takes a lot of time to check that the necessary information is reflected in the drawings. This tool makes it possible to check drawings quickly and reliably.

[Tools/means by which we can recognize misconceptions].
During post-completion inspections of buildings, misunderstandings between the client and the builder are sometimes found. To prevent misunderstandings on both sides, we would like to reduce rework by converting 2D drawings to 3D, conducting virtual inspections using VR before construction, and taking other measures.

Early Visualization of Underground Risks
Is there a way to identify risks such as underground obstructions early and with a simple response?

Early identification of potential tenants
In order to stabilize the business, we would like to shorten the time required to conclude contracts by achieving an early approach to potential office tenants and prospective tenants of rental condominiums.

Approaches to land and building information that cannot be reached
As seen in the recent problem of vacant houses and buildings, it is expected that there will be cases in the future where information on vacant land and buildings will not reach the market. Means to approach information on land/buildings that are outside the market.

4. proposal of product planning and initiatives utilizing DeepData

We are looking forward to receiving innovative ideas that will lead to the exploration of urban sustainability, the improvement of living environments, and the realization of new work styles and lifestyles by utilizing "DeepData" from the offices, apartments, senior facilities, hotels, and aquariums operated by the Sankei Building.

What is the DeepData that may be obtained?
Movement and placement data within the facility
Activity data
Environmental data (air quality, lighting, sound, etc.)
Infrastructure data (telecommunications, electricity usage, water, etc.)
Digital Device Usage Data
Social and Communication Data
Biometric data (heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, etc.)
Health and wellness data
Meal data
Audio and video data
Service Usage Data
Emotional data
(lessening the significance or value of the previous word) the likes of
*These are just a few examples of what may be available as information in the future.

Management resources (resources) of The Sankei Building Co., Ltd. that can be utilized by startups

Fuji Sankei Group, Japan's largest media conglomerate with a wide range of businesses

The Fuji Sankei Group, of which the Sankei Building is a part, is Japan's largest media conglomerate, comprising 77 companies, 4 corporations, 3 museums, and approximately 13,000 employees.
The Fuji Sankei Group is engaged in a wide range of businesses, including television, newspapers, radio, publishing, movies, music, production, sales and distribution of content, general mail-order sales, and cultural activities in urban development, tourism, and museums.

Offices mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area

The company focuses on leasing office buildings it owns in Tokyo and Osaka, and in recent years has focused on mid-size office development. We also operate retail facilities and conference facilities.

Flagship Tokyo Sankei Building (Otemachi, Tokyo) and Breeze Tower (Umeda, Osaka)
Mid-size office series "S-GATE" and "S-GATE FIT" (Tokyo and Fukuoka)
Event space in Tokyo and Osaka office buildings, commercial facility "Breeze Breeze

Development and operation results as of Aug. 2023] *Including joint venture properties and properties under development.
24 office buildings, approx. 370,000 m2
(Number of properties held: 14 in Tokyo, 3 in Osaka, 7 in Sapporo, Fukuoka, etc.)

LEFOND's series of condominiums and residences for rent, with "people" at the center

We have developed the "LEFOND" brand series of condominiums for sale and the "LEFOND PROGRES" brand of rental residences, which provide living spaces that support the happiness of people living in the city, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. We are also actively engaged in product planning, taking into consideration the specifications of facilities that make living easy.

Development and operation results as of Aug. 2023] *Including joint venture properties, properties under development, and properties that have been sold.
Condominiums: 81 buildings/7,400 units (delivered as of 2023/8)
Residences for lease: 28 buildings/2,500 units (number of buildings owned and occupied for lease as of August 2023)

interpoint (interword separation)Diverse business development to meet the needs of the times - hotel resort business, logistics facility development business, and senior business

We develop and operate a wide variety of hotels and resort facilities throughout Japan with the aim of stimulating tourism demand and contributing to regional economic revitalization by rediscovering beautiful Japan.

We have launched the "SANKEILOGI" brand of logistics facilities in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Kansai region, aiming to create facilities where employees can work comfortably and with consideration for the environment and local communities.

We practice "independence-supporting nursing care" and support senior living with safe and comfortable spaces and full range of care services.

Development and operation results as of Aug. 2023】※Including joint venture properties, properties under development, and properties that have been sold.
Number of hotels developed and managed: 39 buildings/5,700 rooms
Number of logistics facilities developed: 15 buildings / total floor area of approx. 330,000 m2
Development of senior facilities: 11 buildings/870 rooms

Enthusiasm for the Program

We would like to work with startups so that their flexible and new ideas and approaches will lead to updating existing businesses and creating new businesses.
We look forward to receiving many proposals!

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