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Gulliver is taking on the challenge of creating an unprecedented and innovative "place" with a 20,000 tsubo plot of land in the Kanto suburbs and a start-up company!

IDOM Corporation, operator of the well-known used car trading company Gulliver, will launch the "Gulliver Accelerator Program 2022" on October 24, 2022. With the theme of developing a new concept store that provides a new purchasing experience and creates the value of cars that add color to people's lives, the company has prepared 20,000 tsubo of land in the Kanto region and hopes to work with startups to create a new place. Specifically, what kind of concept is being envisioned? We interviewed Mr. Norio Miki, Team Leader of the Corporate Strategy Office of IDOM Co.

I want to digitize a leading used car trading company.

"Gulliver Accelerator Program 2022" orientation for startups on 10/27!

October 17, 2022

--What is IDOM's business and what are its strengths?

IDOM Corporation is a pioneer in used car purchasing with its "Gulliver" brandIt is. The company continues to grow in the area of used car sales,Developing business as a used car trading company with the mission of "Revolutionizing DistributionThe company is doing so.

The company boasts one of the nation's largest store network, with approximately 500 stores nationwide, and has developed a wide range of businesses including subscription services, leasing, and sharing, in addition to buying and selling in stores and on business trips.

Our strength is that we have the overwhelming number one consumer mindshare in the used car trade. We have approximately 420,000 store visits per year without going through advertising media, and our overwhelming brand power allows us to possess a top-class customer base in the industry.

--What were the issues that led to the implementation of the Accelerator Program this time?

The challenge is that buying and selling used cars is dependent on people (sales), so DX is not progressing. Although we released an application two years ago called Gulliver Auto, which gives an appraisal value in a non-personal manner,The overwhelming lack of digitization is a crisis.I had.

In addition, our medium- to long-term strategy is to open new large-scale retail stores, but it is difficult to have such large tracts of land in urban centers such as Tokyo and Kanagawa, so lost opportunities in the Kanto trade area were also an issue.

We want to create a place with startups on a 20,000 square meter plot of land.

--What is the theme of this year's AXELA?

The company has taken advantage of the fact that it is not possible to open large retail stores in urban centers,We would like to prepare 20,000 tsubo of land in the Kanto suburban area and work with startups to create a super-sized facility that provides new value beyond the buying and selling of cars.We think that this is a good idea.

This is not just an exhibition hall for cars, but we are thinking of a package that, for example, would include a campground where people can enjoy glamping with family and friends, or an arena where people can enjoy events and sports.

However, since we alone are limited in our ability to create a new place, we are looking for a wide range of ideas and technologies from startups. Since this is a project that we will be building from now on, we would be happy if we can work together to take on interesting challenges using the 20,000 tsubo space.

--What areas of startups are you looking for?

For example, at car showrooms, there are various possibilities such as obtaining necessary information such as car features through AR glasses, etc., and automated customer service.

We are aiming to sell 1,000 cars per month at this very large exhibition hall, but there is a limit to what we can do with more sales staff. Therefore,Creating a new stress-free purchasing experience that does not rely on people through the power of digitalWe would like to

I would like to create a place where anyone can come and enjoy the excitement of the show by digitally innovating the way cars are displayed, bought, and sold, so that people can imagine what they will be like after they purchase a car without human intervention.

In addition, at existing exhibition sites, if a car has not been touched by anyone for a month, we do not know the status of the car. A car that has not been ridden in the driver's seat, or there are no signs that customers have walked around the area, is evidence that there is no need in that area.

--Will startup ideas and technologies be utilized in the facility that will be attached to the exhibition hall?

Of course. Present,We are considering a large facility with an outdoor facility and a multi-purpose arena.Therefore, glamping and athletics combined with the latest technology may be realized. So, if you have any technology or ideas that you would like to cross with outdoor or sporting events, we would like to hear from you.

On the other hand, we also welcome ideas for "what if we had this kind of facility attached to it? We will keep taking in good ideas, and together we will come up with a place that people will want to visit even though it is a bit far away from the center.

Demonstration test in a 6,000 tsubo exhibition hall, aiming for implementation in a 20,000 tsubo place.

--What resources are available for startups to take advantage of?

We have a 20,000 square foot place, a website and call center with 55 million annual traffic, about 4,000 human resources, about 500 stores nationwide that are among the best in the industry, 600,000 annual appraisal data, auto loan credit scores, customer data, and much more.

However, the main focus of this issue isStartups that want to build a 20,000sq.m. place togetherWe are seeking

--What was the internal reaction to the Accelerator?

This time, the Accelerator isProposed by the PresidentIt is.Expect mobility, imagination, and passion from startups.The project was launched as a result of this project. The president and we both want to accelerate innovation and DX while actively denying ourselves, but we know that this is difficult to do on our own.

We don't have the answers in-house to bring innovation to the 20,000sq.m. place, so we are looking forward to various ideas from startups.

--you are quite flexible with your projects.

That is correct, and I am willing to change the concept depending on the ideas. We would like to incorporate a variety of ideas and have a concept and outline ready for implementation next April.

However, it takes two years to develop 20,000 tsubo of land, so once the concept has been finalized to some extent, we plan to start demonstration tests at a large exhibition hall of 6,000 tsubo that already exists.

Seeking participants for 2.5 billion yen big project!

--What is your message to startups considering applying?

Even though IDOM is a publicly listed company, we have a venture spirit. We are ready to move forward knee-deep together, and we would be happy to hear your ideas.

In fact, 10 years ago, we created a new exhibition hall, "WOW! TOWN," the first of its kind in the industry, based on the concept of a "theme park for car selection. What was novel was that cars were displayed separately according to their values, such as "family" and "outdoor.

It is a completely new initiative that allows you to choose a car that fits your lifestyle, and we currently have four stores in Niigata, Makuhari, Omiya, and Oita. Now, 10 years later, we would like to take on a more interesting initiative at a location of 20,000 tsubo.

For the startups, it will be a great achievement to have their technologies and ideas used in a 20,000 tsubo exhibition hall. The large exhibition hall of 6,000 tsubo (8,000 m2) where the demonstration test will be conducted has about 500 visitors per month, while the 20,000 tsubo (8,000 m2) location is expected to have 5,000 visitors per month, so it will be very rewarding.

Also this project is,Big project costing about 2.5 billion yenAnd we are not launching a small new business. We believe that start-ups are also challenging, so please join us in creating a 20,000-square-meter place that will provide completely new value never before seen. We look forward to receiving many applications.

name of companyIDOM Corporation (formerly Gulliver International Co., Ltd.)
establishmentOctober 12, 1994
LocationJP Tower 26F, 7-2 Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-7026, Japan
representativeYuusuke Hatori, President and Representative Director
Net sales (consolidated)380,564,350,000 yen (for the fiscal year ending February 28, 2021)
capital stock4,157 million yen (as of February 28, 2021)
Business OverviewPioneer in used car purchasing. Gulliver has grown to become a leading company in used car sales. The company operates approximately 500 stores throughout Japan, mainly under the Gulliver brand name. New car dealerships in Australia.
uniform resouce locatorhttps://221616.com/idom/
Mr. Norio Miki Team Leader, Corporate Strategy Office, IDOM, Inc.
In 1995, he joined an advertising agency in Yokohama. After gaining experience mainly in the field of magazine advertising, he joined IDOM Corporation (then Gulliver International Co., Ltd.) in 2004.
He has experience in overall marketing strategy as well as brand management, new channel development, MD, and alliances. Currently in charge of PMO for marketing, insurance/finance, product planning, e-commerce sites, CRM/LTV, new business development, etc.
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