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Seino HD x Farm Ship] Challenge to Next-Generation Agriculture|From production to delivery

In 2017, Seino Holdings, the No. 1 BtoB logistics company, implemented the SEINO Accelerator 2017 accelerator program through Creww Collaboration (now Creww Growth), an open innovation support service provided by Creww. The program sought innovative ideas and technologies from startups with the aim of creating businesses that are not bound by existing services. Ltd., a startup that develops sustainable agri-systems with the world's best agricultural engineering technology, leveraging the Seino Group's diverse business domains, strong customer base, and other assets. In this article, we spoke with Mr. Tokuto Kato, General Manager of Open Innovation Promotion Office, Seino Holdings, and Mr. Masahiro Matsuyama, Plant Manager, KOTO no Ha fresh farm, about the details of that collaboration, which launched a multi-functional plant factory business in the Chukyo region, and the cooperation between the two companies to date.

Want to make effective use of their assets in areas other than logistics

What social issues did Seino want to solve through the collaboration and what issues did the company face?

Kato:Our company was founded in 2016 byopen innovationWe have set up a department as a promotion office. With the guidance of Creww, we were the first in the industry to start working on open innovation.Accelerator ProgramThe event was held at the

Therefore, of course, the business was created from the viewpoint of social issues.Can we make more effective use of the land, buildings, and other assets we own in areas other than logistics?I had the feeling that "I am not the only one who can do this.

As we proceeded with the accelerator program, we felt that the storyline was a good fit with the firmship, and at the same time, the firmship was very sympathetic to our business,cooperative industryThe first time we reached this point, we were able to

In this cooperative effort to address social issues,Creating employment opportunities for people with disabilitiespoint, and the logistics player's side creates the "cargo" (plants), making the act of collecting the cargo from the farmers unnecessary, thereby increasing the efficiency of logistics,We are able to contribute to carbon neutrality for green logistics.I believe that this is a good idea.

Collaboration with Farmship to Create the Future of Sustainable Agriculture|Taking on the Plant Factory Business as a Producer in the Making

Matsuyama:Kotonoha Fresh Farm," which was commercialized in collaboration with Farm Ship, is a plant farm with the mission of "stably producing safe and secure vegetables and delivering vegetables to the place where people eat" in a society where the number of agricultural businesses is decreasing and the population is aging, and where agriculture is affected by abnormal weather conditions. By newly developing the factory business,Stable cultivation regardless of weather conditions and planned production and provision of products without wasteThe company is doing so.

The path to launching the project - the story of hardship and business growth

Matsuyama:First, we are committed to new business.We had no expertise in agriculture whatsoever.The project was to be a "one-stop-shop" for all the members of the project. Therefore, the core members of the project needed the opportunity to acquire solid know-how about cultivation and production for six months before launching the plant.

In addition to the consulting part, several experienced "factory start-up professionals" from the firmship became members of the team and provided solid support for the factory start-up,In-house production in about a year.I think it was very significant that we were able to

It was also very difficult for us to develop sales partners on our own, so we borrowed the network of Farm Ship, which has a nationwide market, and secured a certain amount of sales partners in advance so that we could link our business to sales before we started.

We continue to work closely with both companies, and our business alliance is currently underway, with us "just raising the production rate and producing more vegetables" and Farmship "securing sales outlets for us for sales".

Hold firm weekly "production and sales meetingsBy doing so, we discuss from both "production" and "sales" perspectives, confirming each other's demand for the month ahead and operating the business in a planned and waste-free manner.

Awareness brought to logistics companies by the challenge of manufacturing business

There is a system that allows vegetables prepared for shipment on the second floor to be loaded directly onto delivery vehicles below by elevator.

What are the growth opportunities brought about by open innovation?

Matsuyama:The manufacturing and selling of products itself was something that Tokai Seino Unyu had never experienced before,The creation of a new business of "making things and offering them to customers.is still a very big deal for us.

How to determine the number of hours produced per hour, and the process of quantifying the number of man-hours of workers to increase productivity.I can now work from a "manufacturing perspective."The following is a list of the most common problems with the

At first, it was difficult to grasp the flow of a single vegetable from harvest to delivery to the customer. We focused on how to increase productivity in the one-month process from sowing the seeds to harvesting the vegetables, but it was very difficult to manage the work of the part-time workers.

We received some hints from the farmship, but in the end we standardized each process and instructed our part-timers so that anyone can do it in the same amount of time.

It was very meaningful for us to gain the experience of working toward the annual labor production target, which was clearly stated in figures, and to get closer to the number we were aiming for ourselves.

In addition, in terms of "selling vegetables," we had no previous experience in this business, but Farm Ship set up a base in Nagoya near Tokai Seino Unyu's base, and we were able to have two sales representatives stay at the base.

I was able to learn a great deal about "sales" as I was able to accompany them on actual sales trips to secure sales outlets and learn how to sell vegetables one by one in detail.

Today, we are able to conduct our own sales activities and have secured sales partners, albeit only a few companies.

Kato:It is difficult to convey the joy and difficulty of manufacturing without experience.

Drivers also learn about the importance of products and their handling through daily conversations with customers, and in this respect, it is a great opportunity for a logistics company to provide a one-stop service for a manufacturing business,In terms of "the importance of understanding the feelings of our customers and transporting their goods," we have been able to experience this probably more than words can say, and it has led to our growth as an organization.I think it may be.

I feel it was a good growth opportunity that was not visible in sales.

What were your impressions of the plant factory business, which also looks like an island, when you implemented the accelerator program in 2017?

Kato:Since we started this department with the idea of creating a new business by utilizing our assets, we had already had some information about hydroponic cultivation in the world.

However, without the experience and know-how of our company, we were not sure if we had a concrete image of what we wanted. After all, after receiving various proposals from Farm Ship, the resolution became clearer, and we thought, "This would be interesting as an actual example.

I have a dream.

What are your dreams and future challenges?

Matsuyama:First of all, I want to make this plant the best in Japan. My goal is to make it the best in Japan, not in terms of scale, but in terms of making it a solid and profitable plant factory business.

Kato:It may be very personal, but as an anchor, I always have the themes of "environment" and "education" in my mind.

I myself love social business, and I am involved in a variety of social activities, so now that I am working in this department, I would like to leverage the company's functions in a positive way to contribute to green logistics and the SDGs. I hope to contribute to green logistics and the SDGs.

We are also considering creating educational opportunities for children with various social issues around the world, though not limited to small children. We would like to materialize such activities in the future.

Office nameKotonoha Fresh Farm
Location304-912 Nishiyama, Shimoishi-cho, Toki-shi, Gifu
Business Company NameTokai Seino Transportation Co.
Cultivation MethodHydroponic cultivation utilizing LED lighting
cultivated itemsFrilled lettuce, green leaf, oak lettuce, sunchu, etc.
Mr. Tokuto Kato General Manager, Open Innovation Promotion Office, Seino Holdings Inc.
In 1998, he joined Seino Transport Co. After working as a sales specialist in the Tokyo metropolitan area for 7 years, he gained extensive field experience in introducing the U.S. management system to the Seino Group management level and providing hands-on support for business improvement. In 2016, he established the newly established Open Innovation Promotion Office, where he is engaged in incubation for the purpose of value creation through the utilization of the company's assets.
The company aims to solve social issues through co-creation beyond the framework of existing businesses, such as the establishment of Japan's first fund specializing in logistics (CVC/Logistics Innovation Fund), the construction of "new smart (drone) logistics" with the cooperation of basic local governments, and "agricultural and welfare cooperation projects. The company aims to solve social issues through co-creation that transcends the boundaries of existing businesses.
Mr. Masahiro Matsuyama KOTO no Ha fresh farm Factory manager
Joined Tokai Seino Unyu Co., Ltd. in 1989; after 3 years of experience in logistics field, worked in facility and equipment maintenance management as a specialist for 21 years, then after 5 years of field experience in logistics base, participated in launching a new business in 2018, and in 2019, Agri-Culture Division, Plant name: Kotonoha Fresh Farm Appointed as Plant Manager.
By utilizing the resources of the Seino Group, including its diverse business domains and strong customer base, we will develop innovative and novel new businesses and create synergies by integrating the combined functions of production and logistics, "manufacturing" and "delivery," and contribute to local communities and work toward the achievement of the SDGs.
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She has been working as a freelance writer at PORT by Creww since 2020.
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