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Friday, December 8, 2023

If you win, MOV and Kokuyo will support you for a year! Seed Stage Limited Startup Pitch Event "Doryu MOV" Calling for Speakers!

Creative Lounge MOV, a members-only work lounge operated by KOKUYO, will hold a seed stage-only startup pitch event, "Noboryu MOV. Prior to the event, speakers will be invited from Monday, January 10 to Wednesday, February 16, 2010. The final judging will be open to the public as a special program of "Hataraku Otona no Bunka Matsuri MOV-shi 2022" to be held on February 23, 2022 (Wednesday, national holiday).

The "Doryu MOV" is a pitch event limited to the seed stage. It will be held as part of the startup support efforts by the co-working space Creative Lounge MOV, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this April, with a view to the next 10 years. The judging panel will consist of MOV members and five judges from Kokuyo Co. Speakers will be solicited from outside the company. The winner will be provided with office support for one year, as well as a variety of other support to realize their business and encourage them to launch within a year.

Also behind the holding of this event is the trend of "Movu no Tora" (not Money Tora), which has been held twice before. In particular, the last event was the first time Kokuyo Co., Ltd. widely solicited business partners to solve social issues together, and eight challengers took the stage at the pitch event with the aim of obtaining support from investors. Not only did they win investment from Mr. Minoru Moriya and Mr. Hidetoshi Takano, who participated as judges, but more than half of them have led to collaborations to date, making this an excellent opportunity for business creation. The "Toryu-movu" is a gateway to success for future challengers of the "Tiger of Movu".

An example:
The first robot contest project by the FAB community "CO-SAKU TANI" and Kokuyo employee volunteers!
Co-sponsored VIVITA ROBOCON with CO-SAKU TANI 2021 FINAL - THE CAMPUS Special Mission

Fertility and fertility treatment support for corporate employees using LINE
Began offering the "Fami-One" pregnancy concierge benefit program to Kokuyo & Partners, Inc.

Collaboration with HIGH FIVE SALAD, Japan's first restaurant specializing in power salads
Spinach grown by Heartland Corporation, a Kokuyo Group company, provided for a limited time only product.

Collaboration with "VALTJAPAN," a specialized order and supply platform for people with employment difficulties
Various projects underway, including jointly adopted Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare project, demonstration experiment plan at Kokuyo office, and consideration of collaboration with special-purpose subsidiary K Heart

Winner's benefits

(1) Office Support
→The open lounge at the co-working space Creative Lounge MOV, where members of various industries, generations, careers, and nationalities gather, can be used as an office for one year. Businesses grow significantly in a place where highly specialized knowledge and ideas are shared and a loose community and collaboration is created.

(2) Practical support
→Creative Lounge MOV provides "Nekonote Help Desk" service to support members' work. The service provides 300,000 yen worth of tickets that can be used to select the necessary work from a wide range of items, from back-office work such as professional work to simple and creative work.

(iii) Mentoring support
→Mentoring support will be provided by Minoru Moriya, a professional in new business creation, and Hidetoshi Takano, an angel human capitalist, for one session each. This is the time to make the most of it! Please make use of it as a trump card when you need it. Both of them are also judges of "Noborimove".

Public relations support
→Creative Lounge MOV's owned media, "MOV channel," provides information about the work of its members. Articles are created and posted here.

The judges are investors and people in charge of new businesses, and in addition to the above, there is great potential for investment and collaboration. For details, please refer to the Call for Speakers page below.

Application Guidelines

Themes and areas:
Although not specifically limited, see below for application criteria.

Application Criteria:
✔︎If you have the determination to make it in a year, no matter what!
✔︎ at any age! Minds are in the midst of adolescence (actual age is not required).
✔︎ even in the idea stage! You can apply if you are in the seed stage.
✔︎ because it's coworking! You must also enjoy utilizing the MOV community.

Quotas for participation in the final judging:
5 groups (tentative)

Conditions of participation:
Final judging will be held offline at Shibuya Hikarie on February 23, 2012.
Presentation time will be 5 minutes. The format is open-ended.
The project must be in the seed stage. Pre-launch and prototype stages are eligible. Ideas alone are welcome. Whether or not a company has been established is not required.
Presentation materials for the day of the presentation must be submitted in PDF format. Updates can be made until the day before the presentation after passing the first round.

Entry Method:
Please apply from the "Call for Speakers" page.

Application Period:
Friday, January 14 - Friday, February 11, 2022

Primary screening:
After the selection on or after February 12 (Sat.), successful applicants will be contacted.
Final review:
Final selection will be made on February 23 (Wed., holiday) at "Noborimove" open to the public.

Outline of the event

Aiming to launch in one year at a co-working MOV operated by Kokuyo!
Seed Stage Limited Pitch Event "Climbing Dragon Moves".
Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2022 (national holiday)
Time: 12:00-13:30
Place: Shibuya Hikarie 8F Creative Lounge MOV Open Lounge
Admission: Free
MOV City Special Sitehttps://mov-ichi.com

Participant Profile

<Professional in new business creation
Minoru Moriya, Representative of Minoru Moriya's Office

In 1992, he joined MISUMI and engaged in new business development. 2002, he founded MOUT, a company specializing in new businesses, with Mr. Taguchi, the founder of MISUMI, and launched and sold several businesses. 2010, he established Minoru Moriya Office. In 2010, he established his own firm, Minoru Moriya Office, where he works as a new business entrepreneur. After participating in the launch of LUXUR and Carepro and serving as vice president, he has served on the boards of Caddy, Sitatel, Galapagos, Mirai Creative Organization, JCC, Japan Agriculture, Sound Fun, Seibee, Freelance Association, Minnano Code, Homeward Hospital, Hakuhodo, JAXA, JR East Startup, and others, He has served as an expert member of the Cabinet Office and an economic advisor to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, and led Btix and LUXUR to IPOs two months in a row in 2018. His recent books are "Entrepreneurship is 10% of Will" (Kodansha) and "DX Startup Revolution" (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing).

<Angel Human Capitalist and YouTuber
Mr. Hidetoshi Takano, Representative Director, Key Players Co.

He joined Intelligence, Ltd. as a new graduate. He then joined Key Players Inc.https://keyplayers.jp/) as a human resource agent and executed more than 55 outside directors, advisors and angel investments in Japan, Silicon Valley and Bangladesh. 1.1 million career counseling and interview preparation. As Manager, managed and trained a team of career consultants. As a recruiter in the Human Resources Department, interviewed hundreds of students and professionals. He has given more than 200 lectures at schools and student organizations. Currently also active as a human capitalist and YouTuber.

<The young fifth generation who will create the next 100 years of KOKUYO
Hidekuni Kuroda, President and Representative Director, KOKUYO CO.

Joined KOKUYO CO., LTD. in April 2001, and after working in corporate sales of furniture business, general manager of corporate planning, and representative, became president and representative director in 2003. 2021 February, announced the long-term vision and renewed the corporate philosophy. He is committed to achieving sustainable growth by capturing changing customer needs and creating a series of new experiences of working and learning.

Yosuke Miura 

Director, Innovation Center, Corporate Planning Division. After graduating from university, he joined a major independent SIer. After working as a system engineer in software planning and development and system construction for various industries, he joined the R&D division of Kokuyo Co. From April 2019, he has been in charge of formulating Kokuyo's long-term vision in the Corporate Planning Department, while keeping an eye on the future and changes in society. In January 2021, he is creating and exploring new business opportunities at the newly established Innovation Center.

Creative Lounge MOV|Yoko Ota

She has been a staff member of Creative Lounge MOV since its opening in 2012, and became the manager in 2014. With the slogan "Everyone is different," she is always looking for ways to create a workplace where everyone can enjoy working and to connect people in an analog way, as MOV does not have a matching system, She also serves as editor-in-chief of MOV Channel, an on-demand media started in 2017, which aims to widely disseminate the work and lifestyles of MOV members.

<Parallel Entrepreneurs Making Fun Work
Mr. Hirokazu Senda, Representative Director, natowa Co.

Founded the web magazine "SAKIDORI", achieving 12 million monthly users and 2 billion yen in total monthly circulation; sold all shares to Bic Camera in 2017. Currently, he is a DX in the bridal industry, including "Weddingday," a wedding web invitation service. In addition to managing several companies such as "JUNO," a bagel specialty store in Jiyugaoka, he also makes angel investments based on his own experience. In Sangenjaya, where he lives, he runs the co-working space "Sangenjaya WORK" and a grocery store "Sangenjaya Farm". As a "greengrocer engineer," he likes to make "fun" work with people with whom he has relationships.

What is "MOV City"?

This is an event unlike any other in the coworking space, held mainly by MOV members who are users of Creative Lounge MOV, a coworking space on the 8th floor of Shibuya Hikarie. Held annually since 2014.

About Creative Lounge MOV

KOKUYO is a members-only work lounge operated by Kokuyo Co. Since its opening in April 2012, the lounge has brought together people from different industries, generations, careers, and nationalities to share highly specialized knowledge and ideas and create a relaxed community.
This spring marks the 10th anniversary of MOV, and as the name "MOV" implies, it is a place where individuals continue to connect with each other and generate energy to take on new challenges, as the concept of transmitting a new "Movement" from Shibuya. It is a place that continues to create connections between individuals and the energy to take on new challenges.

Location: Shibuya Hikarie 8F 8/ (Hachi), 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan
Attn: OTA Atsuko 
Operation : Kokuyo Co.
WEB :https://www.shibuyamov.com/

name of companyKokuyo Corporation
EstablishmentOctober 1905
Location6-1-1 Ohimazato Minami, Higashinari-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 537-8686
representativeHidekuni Kuroda
Business OverviewManufacturing, purchasing, and sales of stationery; manufacturing, purchasing, and sales of office furniture; space design and consultation, etc.
uniform resouce locatorKokuyo (kokuyo.co.jp)

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