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MUFG×ILS] "ILS2022," Asia's Largest Open Innovation Event, to be Held in Tokyo|15 cutting-edge startups, including winners of the accompanying support program, to speak at the event

The 9th Innovation Leaders Summit, Asia's largest open innovation festival, will be held as a hybrid event from Monday, February 7 to Thursday, February 10 @ Online and from Wednesday, February 16 to Friday, February 18 @ Toranomon Hills. The online pitch by 15 startups supported by the Growth Industry Support Office of Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ will be held from 13:00-14:20 on Wednesday, February 9. Leading companies in such noteworthy fields as decarbonization, robotics, and IoT will take the stage one after another.

MUFG Startup Pitch Speakers

Kazushu Rakusai | President, Nota Co.
Director and General Manager of the President's Office, Zinzibu Corporation
Honoka Kihaya / Representative Director, Tregem Biopharma K.K.
Kiyoshi Umeda | Representative Director, Solaris, Inc.
Yuji Kamiya | Representative Director and CEO, Biomass Resin Holdings, Inc.
Koji Matsuo | Representative Director, Ritika Co.
Junya Hirose | Director, Aeronext Co.
Mr. Taro Nakajima | President and Representative Director, ROXX Corporation
Mr. Yukio Sonoda | Representative Director, GiftPad Co.
Masahiro Kanno | General Manager, Business Development Office, Microwave Chemical Co.
Minoru Furukawa | CEO, Space Power Technologies, Inc.
Naoya Kato / President, Enecoat Technologies, Inc.
Tatsuya Fujishima | Executive Officer, CSO, Data Grid, Inc.
Junichi Furumoto | Representative Director, Metroweather, Inc.
Shigeo Koto | Representative Director, Enisia Corporation

For more information, click here:
1 copy:https://app.ils.tokyo/summit/programs?c=pickup1&c2=19
2 copies:https://app.ils.tokyo/summit/programs?c=pickup1&c2=20

Outline of the 9th Innovation Leaders Summit

Online Event: 2/7(Mon)-2/10(Thu) @ ILS online matching platform
real event2/16 (Wed) - 2/18 (Fri) @ Toranomon Hills
Hosted by:Innovation Leaders Summit Executive Committee (SEOU Kai/Project Nippon)
simultaneous holding (e.g. of two or more events, e.g. festival)NEDO Dream Pitch/Venture Show, JFC Venture Pitch
Supported by:Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (tentative) / New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) / Japan Finance Corporation / Embassy of Australia / Embassy of Finland / Garage+

Pre-order benefits
First 3,000 applicants will receive "ILS2022 Top 100 Startup List" *Only for major companies, VCs and investors

Provides a list of the top 100 most popular startups (company name, URL, and participation program) from among 758 startups recommended by 130 major domestic and international organizations participating in ILS Power Matching 2022. The list enables you to contact popular companies listed on the list at online events and real events for effective participation in events.

◎Please click here for advance reservation Official website:https://ils.tokyo/event_2022/

Pre-order bonus: "ILS2022 TOP 100 Startup List"

How to enjoy ILS2022

Contact and access to state-of-the-art technology
Next Unicorn, 77 promising startups selected by 130 major domestic and international organizations including VC, NEDO, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan Finance Corporation, and MUFG, will exhibit their latest technologies and products at pitches and exhibition booths

Learn about and contact the strategies of the leading companies ahead of you.
40 major companies (reverse pitch and matching booths combined) will be presenting their collaboration strategies, focus areas, and collaboration projects with startups at the reverse pitch and matching booths with startups.

Learn the latest investment trends
Keynote speeches and talk sessions by 9 leading venture capital firms on the latest investment trends in manufacturing x Silicon Valley, M&A, carve-outs, materials and chemical trends, etc.

Resolve critical management issues
Keynote speeches and seminars on opportunities for collaboration with startups in ESG and decarbonization areas, how to start a CVC and how to start open innovation

Learning from the world's leading countries
Tech trends from leading institutions in Israel, Finland, Australia, and Taiwan, key lessons learned for leveraging the ecosystems in each country, and co-creation and investment opportunities for industry DXing and decarbonization

Featured Programs

◆Startup Pitch (online)

8 Next Unicorn Startups to speak at the event


14 startups with innovative technology on stage


26 deep tech startups to speak at the event


7 Startups from Innovation Leading Country Make Offers to Major Companies


<15 next unicorn companies (certified by METI) to speak at the event.


13 Selected Leading Taiwanese Accelerators Make Offers to Major Companies


◆Startup exhibition booth (Toranomon Hills)

ARCH and CIC Special Booths: 8 Startups Exhibit


NEDO/J-Startup Exhibition 27 startups exhibited


◆Large Company Reverse Pitch (online)

25 companies including Panasonic, Asahi Kasei, and AstraZeneca announced their collaboration strategies, focus areas, and collaboration projects.


◆Large Company Matching Booth (Toranomon Hills)

17 companies including TV Tokyo, Seven-Eleven, Ito En, etc. exhibited matching booths with startups


Keynote Speeches and Seminars (online)

interpoint (interword separation)Embassy of Finland
Finland, Land of Innovation, Leading the World in Industrial Digitization and Decarbonization, Introducing the Innovation Ecosystem

interpoint (interword separation)EY Innovation Conference

Toward the establishment of a society where ESG and economic efficiency are compatible
Form a global startup ecosystem and aim for the global market.
The Israeli Ecosystem - A Roadmap for Realizing Innovation
Ask a Venture Capitalist! Opportunities to collaborate with startups in the decarbonization space
Open innovation with startups using CVC
Ask a General Trading Company! Opportunities to collaborate with startups in the decarbonization space
How to start a CVC

interpoint (interword separation)Australian Embassy, Tokyo

Australia's Innovation Ecosystem: Opportunities for Collaboration

interpoint (interword separation)Garage + (Garage +) Taiwan's leading accelerator

Investing in Taiwan to open up global markets

What is the ILS Innovation Leaders Summit?

Launched in 2014 with the goal of creating global innovation by matching the assets of major companies with the ideas and technologies of startups. More than 14,000 people participated in the last edition. The main "Power Matching" is a new business and collaboration matching program involving more than 500 promising startups and 100 major companies recommended by the ILS Advisory Board of about 130 organizations, including major domestic and foreign VCs, government agencies, and foreign organizations. In the previous edition, 2,720 business meetings were held and 1002 collaborative projects were created from them. The program has already provided a dramatic growth opportunity for both major companies and startups, with M&A, capital and business alliances, and joint research already actively underway.

ILS Power Matching 2022 participating companies: 110 companies (134 departments)

TO / Aisin / Aggrex / AstraZeneca / Analog Devices / Intec / Optage / Omron / Kikkoman / Glory / Samsung Japan Research Institute / Suntory MONOZUKURI Expert / Seiko Holdings Corporation / Tiger Polymer / DENKA / Toyota Motor Corporation Nikon Corporation / Fujimi Incorporated / Brother Industries / VECTOR / MinebeaMitsumi / Uniadex / Lion / Ricoh / Ryosan / Asahi Kasei / Yaskawa Electric / Ando & Hazama / Yokogawa Electric / Kao Corporation / Kansai Electric Power Company / Furukawa Electric / Hanwa Kogyo / Mitsui Chemicals / Mitsui Metal Mining / Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance / Mitsui Fudosan / Mitsubishi Materials / Mitsubishi Estate / Sanyo Trading / Shiseido / Sumitomo Forestry / Mitsui O.S.K. Lines / Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals / Mori Building / Ishihara Sangyo / Maeda Corporation / Dai Nippon Printing / Takenaka Corporation / Teijin / Tokai Rika / Tokyu / Tokyo Ohka Kogyo / Tokio Marine Holdings / Tokyo Tatemono / Tokyo Seimitsu / Toshiba TEC / Tohoku Electric Power Company / Towa Pharmaceuticals / Toppan Printing / Nissan Chemical / Nihon Unisys / Nippon Kayaku / Nippon Seiki / Nihon Tokushu Toryo / Hitachi High-Tech / Yachiyo Engineering / Suzuyo / Suzuyo Trading / Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation / TEL Venture Capital / Dai-ichi Life Insurance / Panasonic Corporation Connected Solutions Company / Toda Corporation / ITOCHU Corporation Techno Solutions / EXIO Group / Toyo Seikan Group Holdings / JR West Japan Innovations / O.G. / Panasonic Corporation / Nittetsu Solutions
/ Panasonic System Solutions Japan / Gunze / Shin-Etsu Chemical / Shimadzu Corporation / Nankai Electric Railway / JCOM / Kawamura Electric Industry / Japan Post / Kansai Mirai Financial Group / Taisei Corporation / AJS / CCC Marketing Group / Emellience Partners / JX Metals / JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation KH Neochem / LG Japan Lab / NSD

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Ando Hazama x Cube Earth] Innovating the world's urban OS with patented technology from Japan and the U.S.

Creww Growth Case Study Interview】Ando Hazama has selected Cube Earth, a startup company offering a "smart disaster prevention system" to local governments through the "Ando Hazama New Business Co-Creation Program 2022," an accelerator program for fiscal year 2022, utilizing Cube Earth, a geographic information system platform patented in the United States and Japan. Cube Earth, a startup company that provides municipalities with a "smart disaster prevention system" using the geographic information system platform "Cube Earth" patented in the U.S. and Japan, was selected for the Ando Hazama New Business Co-Creation Program 2022. The startup is developing next-generation social infrastructure infrastructure such as disaster prevention systems, smart cities, drones, and digital twin systems as part of the DX approach to municipal crisis management. What specific initiatives are they pursuing? We interviewed Hiroyuki Horii, Deputy General Manager of the Innovation Department, Corporate Strategy Division, Ando Hazama, Shigehiko Amo, Chairman of Cube Earth, and Zenshi Takeda, President and Representative Director.

Sanki Kogyo × Startups] Become a company that continues to be chosen|New Steps in Co-Creation with Startups

Sanki Kogyo Corporation, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2025, has set its sights on becoming a company that will "continue to be chosen" in accordance with its vision for 2050, and is working to strengthen its core businesses and enhance the Sanki brand. One of our new initiatives is to strengthen our core business and improve the Sankiki brand. Therefore, as one of the new initiatives, we are challenging the "SANKI Open Innovation Program 2023". We interviewed Mr. Hiroyuki Sasaki, Facility Systems Business Department, Mr. Tadashi Ishiwata, Corporate Planning Department, Corporate Planning Office, and Mr. Naoya Tokuda, Corporate Planning Department, who are challenging the accelerator program for the first time, about their frank thoughts from their respective standpoints.

Ando Hazama × Air Digital × Kuki City] Tackling the challenge of extending healthy life expectancy through digital sports!

Ando Hazama, a general construction company that promotes the creation of new businesses through open innovation, has selected Air Digital Inc. Air Digital, Inc., a company involved in the development of digital sports space and the operation of digital sports fields, was selected for the program. Subsequently, Ando Hazama, Air Digital, and Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture, signed a collaboration agreement and are now working together on "Sports 60 & Smart," one of the largest digital sports clubs in Japan, which is located in the "Ario Washinomiya" shopping mall facility in Kuki City. What specific initiatives are being undertaken? We interviewed Tsubasa Sakakibara, Manager of the Innovation Department of Ando Hazama's Corporate Strategy Division, Sobaku Maeda, Representative Director of Air Digital, and Takeshi Kanazawa, a member of the Sports Promotion Section of the Health and Sports Department of the Kuki City Office.

Startup Recruitment] Caring for Community Health|Future Aisei Pharmacy with Roots in the Community through New Business

Aisei Pharmacy has more than 400 dispensing pharmacies nationwide. As the company will soon celebrate its 40th anniversary, we are challenging the accelerator program in search of the next pillar of our business! Aiming to become a pharmacy that is needed by local residents, the company will explore the possibility of creating new businesses. In this interview, we spoke with Hiroyuki Hori, General Manager of the Business Planning Department of Aisei Pharmacy Inc. about why Aisei Pharmacy is now taking on the challenge of open innovation with startups.
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