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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Report on "Lion x TRINUS Product Development Project Briefing for Designers

An accelerator program where major companies and startup entrepreneurs team up to create new businesses. Creww Corporation, which supports collaboration between the two, has announced a new program.
The participating companies are Lion Corporation, a leading manufacturer of soaps, detergents, and pharmaceuticals, and TRINUS Corporation, which operates an open platform for creating new value through Japanese technology and design.
This is a new product development project in which the public is invited to submit concepts and designs for the use of two technologies currently owned by Lion. Prior to the start of the project, a briefing for designers on the project, "Lion x TRINUS Product Development Project Briefing for Designers," was held in Tokyo (at docks). In this issue, we will report on the enthusiastic briefing at docks.

Aim of the initiative (Mr. Fujiyama, Business Development Department, Lion Corporation)

Mr. Fujiyama, Business Development Department, Lion Corporation, took the stage and spoke about the aims, background, and expectations of this initiative, as well as his management vision.

'Toward 2030, a Leading Company in Next-Generation Health Care.'
This is the management vision that we have set forth this year. Specifically, the first is to "create new customer experience value through health, comfort, cleanliness, and hygiene," and the second is to "redesign daily habits to be more casual, fun, and positive. Based on these two principles, the company hopes to realize the mental and physical health of each and every individual. Under this management vision, our aim is to make life better with this project," said Fujiyama. We would like to make our products better by utilizing your diverse ideas. Today, I would like you to feel the thoughts of our researchers as well as the (product) technology. And I hope you will come up with many ideas.

He expressed his expectations for the assembled designers.

About this Project

TRINUS representative and Mr. Sato, the person in charge of this project, then took the stage. He explained the structure of the project and the selection process.

200,000 yen in prize money at the stage of adoption as a basic concept
200,000 yen for participation in subsequent development projects
If the product goes through test sales and then to general sales, a sales royalty of up to 0.51 TP3T will be paid.
* Royalties are capped at 3 million yen per year for 5 years (total 15 million yen).
* Payments based on sales amount
* Even if adopted, there is no promise that the product will subsequently move to general sale.

He concluded, "We look forward to your ambitious entries.

Detailed Explanation of Technology (1) Water on Skin? Hard-to-peel and inconspicuous patch technology

From here on, the presentation part will focus on Lion's proprietary technologies, which are the basis of this project. Mr. Yamashita of Lion Beauty Care Institute explained the details of the patch technology. Patch products, such as "Chill Pita" and "Rest Time," are products that are applied directly to the skin to produce a variety of effects. He mentioned three technological advantages that Lion has: "PAC-55 with high water content and high adhesion," "thin and transparent support," and "development of intra-oral affixes.

⇒ Potential applications of the technology
(1) Combination of effects, shapes, etc.
(2) Resolve physical problems
(iii) Replace one with another.

Detailed explanation of technology②Ingredients remain on the skin even after rinsing with water. Ingredient adsorption technology

Next, Mr. Suzuki of Lion Beauty Care Institute explained about "ingredient adsorption technology," which is mainly applied to body soap. Mr. Suzuki said, "Most of the criteria for consumers to choose a body soap are 'moisturizing effects. However, he said, the reality is that most products are washed away during rinsing. In response to this situation, Lion spent about three years developing "adsorption moisturizing technology" that leaves moisturizing ingredients on the skin even after rinsing. The product "hadakara" was created by utilizing this technology.

⇒ Potential applications of the technology
(1) Considering from the effect
(2) Thinking from the scene
(iii) Replace one with another.

question and answer session

Bic Camera's accelerator program ranks plans from A to C according to their attractiveness and feasibility. The main purpose of the meet-up is to confirm the items that both companies should consider in the future in order to bring the project to the highest A ranking.

As the two technologies and related products were explained, the designers asked numerous questions and engaged in a lively exchange. The following is an example of the Q&A session.

Q.Can the oral patch be timed to dissolve away?
A.We don't expect it to "melt away."
  It can be peeled off in the mouth and then swallowed.

Q.How fine can the cooling time be set for the cooling gel?
A.It can be set finely by the amount of water in the formulation. At the current level of technology, it can be set up to a max. of 10 hours.

Q.Is the oral patch tasteless and odorless, or can it be flavored or scented?
A. It is a little difficult to say that the product is odorless, but the taste can be adjusted.

Q.Does the effectiveness of cooling gels such as Chill Pita vary depending on conditions of use such as outside temperature?
A. There is no difference in effectiveness depending on the outside air temperature, but cooling time may be reduced under high temperatures.

(Component adsorption)
Q.Can moisturizing ingredients be made without water?
A. Basically, water is required.

Q.Is this recruitment only for "Hadakara"?
A. We do not have any restrictions. The website says "shampoo is excluded,
 This does not apply to groundbreaking ideas.

Q.Are there any restrictions on the loss of components over time after the complex?
A. On the part of the skin where you are wearing clothes, it may come off due to rubbing against the clothes. Other skin areas will turn over to new skin every day, so the adsorbed components will decrease with time.

Q. Does the moisturizing effect vary depending on the part of the body?
A. There is a part of speculation, but it is conceivable that it changes with skin and hair.

Q.Is there any problem if the technology (ingredients) of the complex gets into my mouth?
A. Depending on the ingredients, it is possible to make a complex in the mouth.

Comments from participants

After the event, one of the participating designers and a participant who had finished his presentation commented, "It is rare to have an explanation session like the one held today at a regular competition, so it is easier to understand what they are looking for when you actually show them the products and explain them. Another commented, "I was able to actually hold the products in my hands and experience them, so I was able to get a better image of what the company is looking for. I am not particular about cosmetics or beauty (laugh), so I was able to learn about these products. However, the theme this time is very broad. It may be difficult in some areas, but I think it will be worth thinking about! I think it will be worth thinking about!

Project Details

For more information on the project and to apply, please visit the URL below.

Water on Skin? Hard-to-peel and inconspicuous patch technology

Ingredients remain on the skin even after rinsing with water. Ingredient adsorption technology

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