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Tips】What is the secret of human resources to be selected for the incubation program?

This page summarizes what the secretariat looks for as qualities in founders and teams responsible for promoting projects in general incubation programs (programs that support individuals and venture companies that start new businesses), and what kind of criteria were used to select founders for the Startup Studio hosted by Creww. The following is a summary of the criteria used to select founders for the Startup Studio.

What are the three basic skills required for founders?

The axis of human attractiveness, which is often obscured by abstract terms such as basic skills and potential.STARTUP STUDIO by CrewwI have tried to verbalize the three major categories of power.

Founder means: a founder/founders. Here, business idea originator.

【【Three elements of basic skills required for founders]

  • (1) Responsibility
  • (2) Ability to break out of the status quo
  • (iii) Engulfing force

There are various perspectives, such as the perspective as a secretariat that provides support and accompaniment, the perspective when creating a project together as members, and the perspective as stakeholders involved in the project, but each of these perspectives has one thing in common.Can I go into business with this person?"To gain trust by dispelling doubts thatis the first step in the business.

I dare to say that it is impossible to gain the trust of customers, that is, to establish a business, if you cannot gain the trust of even your colleagues.

As much as we think about the scale of our business.It is important to gain the trust of your peers and others.It is. This section will provide a deeper look into the three elements mentioned above as we have realized them through past program activities.

(1) Responsibility - Determination to finish the job to the end

First, at a minimum.Are you really ready to finish the project we are talking about? "Do you really have the responsibility to finish the project, even though there are a lot of hardships involved?"These are points such as

As is often the case, for example, when planning a project, a person may happily come up with various ideas, but when it comes time to seriously realize the service, he or she may hesitate and not make a move... There are many such scenes. When that happens, you can see the determination, responsibility, and seriousness of the person, but as a founder, you absolutely have to do it.

The responsibilities that arise from the initial start-up of the project areAccountability to peers and responsibility as an executorThe project is a project that is not a project. After the mid-term of the project, we expect to hear more and more about simple partnerships and the like, so we will be required to take responsibility for the execution of such support.

To make ideas not just a dream but a serious reality,Set KPIs/KGIs working backward from the goalThe responsibility for starting a business is to be able to visualize whether or not an action plan has been formed and is ready to be put into action.

The following is a quote from the founders

."Initially, I did not understand the essential meaning of user interviews. Now, the need for user interviews is slowly working like a body blow. Conversations with users have been a great asset in the creation of our products."

I thought that if I launched a product, users would come. But we're not getting any users at all. We're narrowing down our next move from 19 options."

It's hard to convey in text, but I was happy and sad, and I was also very happy to sleep.I kept thinking about my business so hard that my brain was juiced up, and I was trying to make the next move to verify it.I am talking about the ability to take responsibility. That's how important responsibility is.

(2) Ability to break out of the status quo ~Absorption and candor

In moving the business forward,Are you sure this is the way to do it?"and review the current situation to find better ways of doing things, or barriers that need to be overcome that are hindering the progress of the business will keep coming up.

At such times, it is not good to be bound by past successes or to be so drawn to them that you do not compare and consider the means available to you, and instead say, "This is the only way! It is not a good idea to narrow it down to a single answer.

To avoid bias in thinking,Gather information and other inputs on a regular basis to have more options when the time comes.absorbing powerand opinions from those around you.obedientListening to thePivot as soon as you think it's the optimal solution.It is important to do so.


To attract & develop talent = money."I am bound by the stereotype that....

It's hard to move forward with excuses for not being able to do so...

If the situation is different, the best means at that time will be different, and if A doesn't work, think of B.There is absolutely a way."and break through the status quo.

Don't give me reasons why you can't do something! Think of a way to do it!"

It's a saying. It comes down to this (laughs).

What is important is to be able to compare and consider what is the most optimal solution for the current phase, make decisions and verifications at a very high speed, and then return to the point where you can say, "This was not good, this was good.

In doing so, remember to prepare a decision that was based on factual data and numerical values, not on feeling or thought.

(3) Involvement - Discard the "one person does it all" mentality.

Finally, what is important is the overwhelmingInvolvement."It is.
After all, in order to advance a business, it is necessary to involve a variety of people in order to move forward.

In the area of new business development, growth does not necessarily mean just being able to do what you cannot do. Particularly necessary skills areInvolve those who can.The person who can go through the process is by far the stronger of the two.

If you try to do it all yourself, it will take a tremendous amount of time, so it is important to keep looking for someone who can do it.

And President Mitsumoto of Bank, Inc.Experimental Thinking."The following is from a book by

There is only so much you can do on your own. I know that if I start doing things on my own, I will end up halfway through. So I make the decision, "I won't do it myself," and let everyone else handle it. Then you can concentrate on what you are best at. By the way, I can't even program. (The basic rule is to leave what you can't do to others.

There are various types of involvement skills. There are various types of involvement, such as managing a team well by using involvement methods that match your own character and characteristics, or asking for help from the supporters around you. Do you rely on them or pull them along?Involvement skills that suit youTry to extend the

The Startup Studio Program is a great learning experience, as each team has very different characteristics in the following ways to get involved (see below).

  • We have a strong group of individuals.Let's go for it."type
  • I'm surrounded by reassuring friends.Good luck everyone."type
  • A wealth of knowledge and expertiseI'll take care of it."type

To develop the ability to engageMake connections on a regular basis and build relationships with people who can help you.This is important.

Adoption Criteria for STARTUP STUDIO by Creww

In Creww's Startup Studio, based on the above factors, in the Founder's mindset,[Execution and basic skills].We have established several criteria, including the following. The following is an excerpt from the criteria for adoption, which are designed to make it easier for applicants to be selected if they have a clear image of these points.

[Execution Capability].
*The ability to execute and promote projects
● Milestones and action plans for the project are designed
Have KPI/KGI criteria or have an image of planning backward from EXIT
A clear sense of purpose for the project and why you are doing it.
Have an idea of the problems that may arise in the promotion of the project and are prepared to solve them

[Basic Skills].
*Basic business skills
Experience working in a hard environment and in situations that require hard commitment
Management skills above a certain level and the ability to involve others

● Ability to operate the project to some extent even on weekdays.
● The draft of the service is described in a logical, 5W1H, and easy-to-understand manner
●Punctuality, possession of materials, asking the right questions, understanding of STARTUP STUDIO, etc. (about 2% of the total elements, lol)


We mentioned that it is important to gather information and input on a regular basis and to have a wide range of options, but there is one more very important thing.Experience."to do so.

For example, people who have run a full marathon of 42.195 km and people who have not run a full marathon have different pre-run preparations, problems that may occur along the way, pace distribution, etc... The mindset is completely different depending on whether you have experience or not.

No matter how much input you have, if you don't actually "take action" and output, it will end up as self-fulfillment, not whether you succeeded the first time,Once you've had the experience, it's a great asset.The first is the

At STARTUP STUDIO by Creww, we are committed to providing theIndividuals who take on the challenge can have the "experience" of business realization without taking on any risk.In addition, more horizontal connections as various projects are carried out at the same time can increase the number of overwhelming options.

  • Those who aim to start their own business
  • Those who want to work on new projects in the company.
  • Those who want to challenge startups outside of the company while keeping their day job.

Let's work together to give shape to our ideas, realize our thoughts, and make society a better place!

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Text by: Remi Terada/STARTUP STUDIO by Creww management
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