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Horo Sei Open Innovation Project|Creating new value with "skill" and "passion

Horo Sei Corporation, a manufacturing (steel) and construction company that has been in business for over 60 years since its establishment, is hosting an accelerator program. Startups are invited to create new business models, services, and new technologies that transcend industrial and regional boundaries, as well as new value creation that leads to solutions to social issues. The deadline for applications is November 26.

What is the background of the co-creation program?

We have been involved in the manufacturing (steel) and construction industries for over 60 years since our establishment in 1961. The environment surrounding our company has been changing dramatically, and new challenges have become necessary. We would like to create new business models, services, new technologies, and new values that will lead to solutions to social issues with startups in a way that transcends the boundaries of industry and region.

Outline of "Horo Sei Open Innovation Project

▶︎ Application deadline: Sunday, November 26, 2023, 23:00
▶︎ Target companies: all domestic and international startups. Any industry.
▶︎ Participation fee: Free
▶︎ Organized by Horo Sei Co.

What we want to achieve with the Co-Creation Program

1. to further improve productivity in the manufacturing and construction industries

In response to the challenges faced by many manufacturing and construction industries (human resource shortages, improving retention rates, passing on skills, and improving the work environment), we intend to work to improve productivity and create a comfortable work environment by promoting DX and automation.

◆DXing of analog operations
 ⇒Development of applications for viewing and managing various tasks at construction sites using tablets, etc.; development of a system for automating document scanning, converting multiple paper documents into data at once using OCR, and storing the data in the cloud, etc.; automatic shift list creation, workflow automation, and accident information hazard mapping (warning) applications, etc. Development of applications to automatically create shift lists, automate workflow, and develop hazard mapping (alerting) applications for accident information.

◆Innovations with AI technology
 ⇒Development of health management applications (collection and feedback of various biometric information using heat stroke, facial color, wearable devices, etc.) Automation through image and video recognition (automatic checking of inspection sheets), streamlining production work using generated AI (creation of materials, images, pop ads, etc.), quality control, etc.

◆Optimization of actions and safety
 ⇒Safety assurance using AI and image recognition technology (prohibited acts, human error warnings), development of assistive suits, etc.

◆Promoting education at manufacturing and construction sites
 ⇒Skill transfer, education using video technology, construction of VR learning environment for on-the-job training, etc.

◆Improve employee IT literacy
 ⇒Establish educational means, provide support system and educational environment, measures to increase motivation for IT, etc.

Keywords: DX, OCR, cloud, AI, health check, heat stroke prevention, wearable device, video technology (image recognition, video recognition, etc.), generative AI, quality control, assist suit, education, IT literacy, OJT

2. new challenges utilizing the technology and experience accumulated in the manufacturing and construction industries

We would like to challenge new business development and innovation that will lead to the future, transcending the boundaries of industry, by utilizing the technology and experience we have cultivated in the manufacturing (steel) and construction industries for over 60 years.

◆New business development utilizing manufacturing know-how
 ⇒ Can manufacturing technology, welding technology, machining technology, furnace construction technology, etc.

◆Machinization and automation
 ⇒Development of fully automated welding equipment (e.g., development of remote-controlled "robot arm" automated welding machines), development of automation of heavy machinery, development of IoT technology, development of automated inventory control, development of automated office procedures, development of mechanization in agriculture, forestry, and fishery, etc.

◆Drone development and utilization
 ⇒Development of technologies for impact inspection, nondestructive inspection, inspection, and visualization (gas, water quality, electricity, sound, etc.) of inaccessible places such as high places,
  Work monitoring operations, deployment in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries (land surface survey, pest control, harvest prediction by image recognition), etc.

◆Efficient equipment monitoring and maintenance
 ⇒Equipment maintenance, quality control, construction site maintenance, response to aging equipment, automation of fire monitoring, etc.

◆Utilization of tie-up technology
 ⇒Use of temperature-responsive aqueous solutions (co-creation of practical methods), etc.
  Reference URL:. https://onl.la/YMtKgUd

Keywords: new business utilizing know-how, mechanization and automation, IoT, DX, drones, equipment maintenance and monitoring, quality control, expansion into agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, temperature-responsive water solution

3. develop regional and inter-industry ecosystems that transcend boundaries

We aim to develop businesses that transcend barriers by utilizing the skills and technologies that our company has cultivated in other industries and regions. We also hope to develop a system for exchanging and sharing information to improve our own technical capabilities.

◆Collaboration with other industries
 ⇒Development of a system for matching, personnel exchange, and information exchange between regions and industries utilizing the company's own skills and technologies (development of a system that can be used not only by the company itself but also by a wide range of other companies)

◆Overseas transactions
 ⇒Development of systems for exporting and deploying the company's skills and technologies overseas
 ⇒Development of a system to import skills and technologies from overseas in order to enhance our own technical capabilities

Keywords: ecosystem development, foreign trade

4. accelerate our contribution to society as a company

We have been actively involved in social contribution and volunteer activities throughout our corporate activities, and have always attached great importance to our connection with local communities. In order to become a company that is needed by society in the future, we are considering to realize corporate activities that pursue co-creation, symbiosis, and happiness with society.

◆Attempts to achieve the SDGs
 ⇒Carbon neutral, healthy, livable city, etc.

◆Revitalization of local industries
 ⇒Development of a system to solve and analyze labor shortages in the agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and manufacturing industries (what is lacking and how to compensate for it).

◆Human Resources Development Program
 ⇒Development of an educational system and curriculum to improve human skills and the ability to build relationships, which is not widely practiced in Japan, and development of a system to match supporters who will provide such education.

Keywords: SDGs, carbon neutral, regional revitalization, human resource development, labor shortage reduction

Management resources (resources) of Horo Sei K.K. that can be utilized by startups

Skills and Know-How

We have a wide range of skills and expertise in the manufacturing (steel) and construction industries and provide value in many fields. Below are some of the technologies and know-how we possess.

Various manufacturing skills
Metal melting, casting, ironworking (welding, gas cutting, can manufacturing), machining (NC lathe, gundrilling), rope working skills (slinging wire), furnace construction

Facilities maintenance, maintenance, construction and design technology (electrical, mechanical, civil engineering)

Equipment operation technology in the manufacturing industry
Crane operation, special equipment operation, industrial diesel, locomotive operation

Various heavy equipment operation techniques
Excavators, forklifts, wheel loaders, uniques, vacuum cars

Drone Operation Technology
Unmanned aircraft operation, 3D surveying technology, photography and video recording

Voluntary Improvement Activities
Improvement of operation facilities and procedures, etc.


We own a wide variety of tangible assets that play an integral role in our manufacturing operations.

Drones (unmanned aerial vehicles)
We have the latest drones and perform 3D surveying based on images captured by our cameras.

Various types of heavy equipment (remotely operated heavy equipment, excavators, forklifts, wheel loaders, uniques, vacuum trucks, dump trucks)
Heavy equipment is an integral part of construction projects and logistical activities. These heavy machines allow for efficient material handling and smooth progression of the work process.

Machining equipment (NC lathe, gun drill)
Machining equipment is used to process high-precision parts, contributing greatly to product quality and reliability. Advanced control technology allows us to manufacture complex parts.

Press machine for processing wire rope locks
We process wires for slinging and can process locks up to Φ30

Collaboration with Community Organizations

We value the sense of unity with the local community as we strive for sustainable development.
For this reason, we are also committed to promoting industry-academia-government collaboration, and have worked with the following organizations.

Muroran Institute of Technology
We partner with university laboratories to study and develop new technologies and workplace improvements that take advantage of university technology.
(Example of results)
Development of smart windows utilizing the properties of temperature-responsive aqueous solutions (aqueous solutions that become cloudy as the temperature rises)
Reference URL:. https://onl.la/YMtKgUd

Short-term internship with students through Project Based Learning (PBL) in the partner region

Muroran City, Hokkaido
We develop various projects to support the development of local communities and the well-being of their residents.

(Example of results)
Tetsuiku: Initiatives to create opportunities for children to become familiar with manufacturing and to foster interest in local industry
Reference URL:. https://tetsuiku-muroran.hub.arcgis.com/

UIJ-Turn Employment Partnership: "I want to work in Muroran/Hokkaido! I want to work in Muroran/Hokkaido!
I want to work! We have concluded comprehensive cooperation agreements regarding UIJ-turn employment with companies that actively employ UIJ-turn job applicants who have the desire to "want to work in Japan!
Reference URL:. https://onl.la/Q43TbrK

Enthusiasm for the Program

We aim to create initiatives that lead to the "happiness" of all those who work for us and the local community. Let's build an environment that provides "happiness" together through the advanced and unique ideas and technologies of startup companies!

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