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Conference Event Report
Global Innovation Conference 2023 - Creating an Era of Great Challenges

The "Global Innovation Conference 2023 - Creating an Era of Great Challenges" was held on Monday, July 31, 2023, under the theme of global innovation, with more than 600 participants and over 300 startups, business companies, VCs, and local governments gathered at the venue on the day of the event. The event was a great success, with more than 600 participants and over 300 startups, business companies, VCs, and local governments gathered at the venue on the day of the event.
During the conference, Creww, which has been supporting open innovation in Japan for almost 10 years since 2012, hosted the "Innovation Awards". Based on the most recent results, awards were presented to outstanding open innovation cases, startups, and global cases!

Creww's co-creation program that transcends borders

Opening: Ten Ijichi, CEO, Creww Inc.

First of all, we would like to thank the many people who have helped to make this conference possible. To the speakers who took time out of their busy schedules to agree to speak, to our sponsors for their support, and to everyone who attended, thank you very much for your attendance today.

Today's conference is the first major conference we have held in a long time, since the Corona Disaster six years ago. Therefore, I would like to begin by discussing Creww's recent activities in the context of today's theme, "Global".

Creww, in the last year or two,Numerous cross-border programsThe company is doing so.

With Google for Startups, which was selected as our partner last year, we have been working with Google for Startups on the "Global Sustainability Accelerator powered by Creww | Google for Startups", a program in which Japanese startups that promote sustainability aim to solve social issues around the world.

In addition, the "Japan-Taiwan Accelerator Program 2022" is being implemented with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan, one of the world's leading scientific research institutes, to promote co-creation that links Taiwan and Japan.

Furthermore, the "Seoul Startup Open Innovation Program" has just started with the "Seoul Startup Hub M⁺" operated by the Seoul Economic Promotion Agency, which is the largest public accelerator program in Korea and a specialized agency for policy implementation in Seoul.

Why did we choose the theme "Global"?

Today, the amount of startup funding in Japan has risen to the point where it is within reach of 1 trillion yen. This is an astounding 14-fold leap in 10 years. On a global scale, however, the numbers are still small. Japan's ecosystem is only 1/70th of the global ecosystem.

In other words, for Japanese startups, there is an ecosystem 70 times larger than the global one,70 times better chance.This is also the case.
In other words, going global is in itself a tremendous possibility for Japanese startups.

In fact, I am experiencing it firsthand as more and more business is being done globally.
We hear from a great many foreign companies that they want to work with Japanese startups, and at the same time, there are many startups from around the world that want to work with Japanese business companies.

I saw a need in the world.This is the reason why we have chosen "Global" as the theme for this year's event.

Is language essential for global expansion?

Most of today's content will be in Japanese. Most of the participants are also from Japan. Is this really the best way for a conference to be held under the theme of "Global"?

I believe that this is the best way to go.

Why, to promote business globally,The most important thing is not language skills.From.
I am,The most important thing is mindsetI think it is. If the purpose of the conference is to foster a mindset, it does not need to be in English in the first place.

We have recently agreed with a well-known European sports club team to host a program for Japanese startups. After all, there is a need for startups in Japan.
Why, then, has such a program not been organized for Japan until now?

I believe this is because no Japanese company seriously proposed the program.

Perhaps Japanese companies underestimate themselves,
If you go out into the world, there are many people who will appreciate you more and more.

In an era when you can work with any company with just one mindsetis almost at hand.

The language barrier is not so much of a factor.
It is not necessary to speak perfect English in the first place.
If necessary, you can invite someone to the team who can speak.

I assume that all of you gathered here today are interested in foreign countries.
We believe that the purpose of this conference is to find partner companies that can challenge overseas together. We hope that this conference will be an opportunity to push you forward.

What is needed for innovation to respond to the age of VUCA? ~The Challenge of Global Standards"

Ms. Hiromi Okuda, Representative Director, Whiz Group Inc.

He grew up in the countryside of Yakushima and first came into contact with the world in India, where he went to school. However, he felt that he could not change the world even if he stayed here, and after returning to Japan, he turned his life around and devoted himself to the spread of the Internet. Aiming for a flat world without disparities, he started his own business producing conferences for IT companies. After that, she discovered social issues in the community and, together with local governments, realized Japan's first global acceleration of such issues. In addition, she focused on building an ecosystem for women. She became an angel investor herself and established a fund in India, where she once felt limited in her own capacity. By donating the profits to a non-profit organization in India, she was able to support girls' schooling. Today, while holding 45 different titles, he continues to pursue his aspirations with great care.

In the age of VUCA, we need to take care of our emotions.

I have decided that when I go through life, I will only put on one foot at a time. After placing one foot in an exciting place, my posture will be wobbly when I lift the other foot. But I have to trust that the wobble is evidence that I am confronting myself. In the age of VUCA, where nothing is certain, excitement and wobble create the future.

Being "where I was meant to be at that time" has created everything in my life. And what I could not do in the past,This is possible in today's complex and ever-changing VUCA environment.I hope you will always keep in mind that the possibilities are there. Please take advantage of your current value in the age of VUCA.

Also, in the age of VUCA,Emotions matter.We believe that the company is a team. A company is a team. The diversity and combination of values within a team is what makes a company valuable. How do we work globally?Acknowledge each emotion, expand harmony, and create a large circle of innovation.It is important to

By no means are all positive emotions a resource.
Include negative emotions.Do not discriminate between joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure."is the source of our mission and the source of our activities.

Be the change you wish to see in the world."
Gandhi said. What change can I create? What kind of change can you be in your company, in society, in the earth, and what kind of change can you be?

INNOVATION AWARD 2023 What is the award-winning company?

Innovation Awards, sponsored by Creww, which has continued to support open innovation in Japan.

Creww, which has been supporting open innovation in Japan for about 10 years since 2012, will present awards for outstanding open innovation cases, startups, and global cases based on the most recent results. Please take a look at the nominated projects and companies.

First Challenge Award

-The First Challenge Award is designed to honor companies that are pioneers in innovation. The award is given to companies that have held their first open innovation program over the last two to three years and are promoting the creation of new businesses while co-creating with startups.

This award honors leader companies that expand their business horizons by celebrating their aggressive innovation efforts and collaborative accomplishments. The First Challenge Award honors the efforts and achievements of companies that are not afraid to take on challenges and are active in uncharted areas, setting an example for the creation of new businesses.

Kumadaira Seisakusho Co.

About UsKumadaira Corporation is a comprehensive security company that handles a wide range of security products, from access control systems, security gates, recording monitoring systems, key management systems, and other security systems to large-scale vault and safe deposit box facilities for financial institutions.
Our company's origins date back to 1898 when our founder, Genzo Kumahira, established Kumahira Shoten (Tenjin-cho, Hiroshima City) for the purpose of selling and repairing safes, and we continue to protect our customers' valuable items even today, 126 years after our founding.

Reasons for nominationHiroshima Open Accelerator 2021" sponsored by Hiroshima Bank is the first of many open innovation programs being held across the country. A company with a history of 125 years in business was very enthusiastic about startup collaboration with a view to "future society. Although there were some geographical hurdles to overcome in this program, the collaboration with MAMORIO was successfully materialized.

Award CommentWe have been in business since 1898, and we have pivoted and pivoted throughout our more than 100-year history. My mission is to make the next pivot. I will continue to take on various challenges to live up to this award.

Mitsui & Co.

About UsWe are engaged in a wide range of businesses in the fields of metals resources, energy, projects, mobility, chemicals, steel products, food, distribution, wellness, ICT, and corporate development, utilizing our worldwide sales offices, network, and information capabilities to sell a wide variety of products and support them. We are developing various businesses in a diversified manner, including logistics, financing, and international project development.

Reasons for nomination: The first Accelerator produced four companies adopted. The details of the collaboration (global expansion) utilizing the strengths of a general trading company are impressive. Also attractive was the aggressive stance in the search for possibilities, with a first selection pass rate of a threatening 921 TP3T.

Award CommentWe would like to talk about the background of the Accelerator Program. Our company is a general trading company. While we have been focusing on business development overseas, we decided to take on this challenge, which started with a fresh look at Japanese startups.
We received applications from more than 50 companies, and as a result of the challenge of screening approximately 50 companies without modification, it was very difficult, but we believe that we were able to promote the program by carefully talking with each company and discovering various business possibilities. If you have any opportunities to collaborate with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Joyo Bank, Ltd.

About UsJoyo Bank, headquartered in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture, has a long-term vision of becoming a "value-creating group that grows together with the community" and aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable local society and remain a group that is needed by the community. To achieve this vision, Joyo Bank is working to create new businesses and expand its business domain to solve various local issues.

Reasons for nominationThe program was promoted with great enthusiasm from the start, involving the sales force, public relations team, and other relevant departments of the bank.
Especially during the presentations, with more than a dozen board members, including the president, in attendance, the mood was friendly from start to finish and questions were flying back and forth, and I think we were able to manage a good atmosphere. The fact that we were able to successfully select three companies in the end was also highly evaluated.

Award CommentHowever, with the deregulation of the banking industry, the scope of what we can do is expanding rapidly. We would like to continue to take on various challenges together with you, so please give us your warm support.

Global Challenge Award

The Global Challenge Award is given to honor startups that are growing rapidly and are expected to make their mark on the world stage. The award focuses on startups that are expected to have innovative business models and a competitive edge in their markets, helping them to gain international attention and expand their business results.


Reasons for nomination: This is a startup from Tohoku that is challenging the mission of "turning waste into resources with the power of insects and solving the world's resource shortage". It collects various organic wastes as agricultural wastes, specially processes them, and converts them into bait through joint research with a national university.

TOMUSHI has developed a technology to breed insects, specifically beetles, specifically for the disposal of these wastes. We market these insects as insect products and are also working to extract insect-derived proteins to produce meat substitutes.

While utilizing Creww's open innovation program, the company has been steadily building a track record of co-creation outside of Tohoku. Their worldview of building a sustainable society from the ground up is one to watch for the future, and there are high expectations for global expansion.

Award CommentWe are a twin brother and sister company, both of whom love beetles. We started the company as twins, both of us loving beetles, and while raising and selling them, we learned that beetles can eat garbage.
From there, we started our business in Akita Prefecture and have gradually worked with local governments.
Currently, we have 35 factories in Japan, and next year, we plan to open an overseas location as well. My brother has also become a city council member in his hometown, so we are promoting our business while collaborating with local regions and governments. We are still looking to increase our collaborations, and we look forward to working with you in the future.


Reasons for nominationSportip is a product born from the original experience of Mr. Takahisa, a former baseball player who gave up his competitive career due to an injury. This enables the user to find the optimal training for each individual, whether for injury prevention or rehabilitation after an injury.

At the time of its launch, the product was focused on sports conditioning, but it is now being used in a variety of settings, including exercise promotion for the elderly, without being restricted to sports.

As the aging of society and the decline in children's physical activity ability become social issues, Creww has produced results in co-creation through regional acceleration programs.

CEO Mr. Takahisa is an entrepreneur who has been selected for Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2023 and is attracting worldwide attention.

Award CommentWe are a venture company from the University of Tsukuba. We are a company that provides services to the healthcare industry by conducting research using the data and science possessed by the University of Tsukuba.
Currently, 800 gyms, orthopedic clinics, and nursing homes are using our BtoBSaaS service. In the future, we plan to expand our business overseas and into the sports industry. If you are interested in our AI technology and university science, we would like to collaborate with you.

Location Mind

Reasons for nominationThe company is a technology venture originating from the Ryosuke Shibasaki Laboratory of the University of Tokyo, which has been conducting leading-edge research in the field of spatial information engineering.

The company has a high level of technical expertise in assets related to location information, and Creww's acceleration program has accumulated a track record of co-creation with transportation operators and manufacturers.

Currently, we have formed an international team and are also building a track record of analytical business in six countries outside of Japan. We provide local human flow data, IoT measurement solutions, and evaluation and analysis of your data for Japanese companies considering overseas business expansion.

Award CommentThank you very much for this award. Our company is an AI venture now in its fourth year of operation. You may have heard about location data. This kind of data exists in every country, but it is generally unused. We would like to distribute this useful data around the world and give back to people. Currently, we have experience in the analysis business in 10 countries overseas. We are planning to provide a generative AI from Japan that can be used overseas, and we look forward to your continued support.

name of companyCreww Corporation
EstablishmentAugust 13, 2012
capital stock829.55 million yen (including capital reserve)
representativeSORATO IJICHI
uniform resouce locatorhttps://creww.in/
Business OverviewCreww Inc. operates the largest open innovation platform in Japan with the vision of "Creating an era of great challenges. Creww Inc. operates one of the largest open innovation platforms in Japan as a total support company for startups, entrepreneurs, business companies, and individuals who want to take on new challenges.
Since its founding in 2012, Creww has conducted open innovation programs with more than 350 companies for the purpose of creating new businesses between companies and startups, and has achieved approximately 1,000 collaborations to date. Currently, approximately 7,000 startups are registered on the open innovation platform operated by Creww.
Cloud-based open innovation support serviceCreww Growth"
■ Regional Open Innovation Program ".47 (Yonana) Cruise Project"
Innovation Community
■Open Innovation Media for Challengers ".PORT
■ Incubation Program for Challenging Individuals, "STARTUP STUDIO by Creww'-' (used in place of '-')

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