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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Event] Korean Content Business Start-up Pitch|Contents SU Global Expansion Support Program

Creww News] The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), as a quasi-governmental organization in Korea, provides support to Korean content-related startups for their overseas expansion. We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a pitch event at SHIBUYA QWS on Tuesday, 2023/12/05, inviting seven promising Korean content-related startups to Japan who are looking to enter the Japanese market as part of the "Korean Content SU Global Expansion Support Program"!

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30 Japanese and European startups with excellent microelectronics technologies gathered at TechBIZKON VII! TechBIZKON VII" was held!

TechBIZKON VII Digitalizing the world - Microelectronics for DX", a Japan-Europe startup event that brings together the best technology startups from Japan, Austria, Germany and Flanders, Belgium, will be held on Tuesday, December 12! Microelectronics for DX" will be held on Tuesday, December 12! This year's theme is microelectronics/semiconductor technology to accelerate digital transformation (DX). A prize for the best speaker will be awarded at the pitch event. This is a great opportunity to experience cutting-edge DX technologies from Japan and Europe and network with startups from other countries.

High Flyers and Kiyose City, Tokyo, sign a collaboration agreement on childcare support! Resolving Childcare Support Issues

Open Innovation News] On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, HighFlyers, which operates 11 licensed "Keytos" preschools in Chiba Prefecture, concluded a collaboration agreement with Kiyose City, Tokyo, regarding operational support for preschools and childcare support!

Musashi x TOPPAN x Health Care Systems collaborate in functional healthcare business! Solving health issues of the working-age population

[Open Innovation News] Musashi Seimitsu Kogyo, TOPPAN, and Healthcare Systems announced that they will collaborate in the development of functional healthcare services to solve health issues of the working-age population!

ALGO ARTIS, a planning optimization company, won the pitch contest Startup CTO!

[Startup News] ALGO ARTIS, a provider of automated operational planning optimization solutions with optimization AI, has won the "Startup CTO of the Year 2023 powered by Amazon Web Services" contest!
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