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Items for recruiting members are important when launching a new business! Necessary roles are also explained.

An important part of launching a new business is the "item" when recruiting members. In order to be involved in the success of the business, personnel must be carefully selected, and it is also important to know how to proceed.
This article explains the importance of recruiting members when launching a new business.
Table of Contents
What is team formation at the time of launching a new business within an operating company?
Methodology, advantages and disadvantages of launching a new business within the company
Consider open innovation when starting up.

What is team composition at the time of launching a new business within an operating company?

There are three key points to organizing a team at the time of launching a new business within a company: the existence of a project leader who is passionate and has no regard for skills, members who can speak out against the bias of the project leader, and the most unnecessary personnel are those who have specialized knowledge and are not moving.

Member selection is an important factor in the success of a new business.This will be the case. Each of these points is explained in detail here.

The presence of a project leader who has a passion for the project, regardless of skill level.

The person selected to be a project leader must be someone who has passion without regard to skills. The project leader is an indispensable position for bringing the members together and making the new project a success.

No matter how skilled you are, you cannot lead a project to success if the company asks you to do something and you are forced to do it. This is because it greatly affects the motivation of the members,Selecting leaders who are attracted to new business and have enthusiasm for itMake sure to do so.

Members who can speak to the bias of the project leader

In order for a new project to succeed, it is also important to involve members who can speak to the bias of the project leader. For example, if the project leader is left to choose the team members, the team tends to be composed of members who are compatible with him or her.

If we gather only yes-men, we will not function properly as a team.Organize a team with members who can speak up even if it means bumping into the project leader.Make sure to do so.

The most unneeded personnel are those who don't move with expertise.

The most unnecessary person on a new business team is the person who doesn't move with expertise. You are not the only company trying to enter the market with a new business.

How can your company gain an edge in the market while competitors are trying to enter the market?Working with speed is a big deal.It's a very important thing. No matter how much expertise you have, all you have are hypotheses.People without practice are the most unnecessary personnel in new businesses.It can be said that

Methodology and advantages and disadvantages in launching a new internal business

There are three methodologies for launching a new internal business: "work hard internally on your own," "make good use of external parties," and "buy it. Launching a new business in-house consumes a great deal of time and effort.

In the past, it was common to develop everything in-house.More and more companies are collaborating and jointly developing products outside the company.The following is a detailed look at how to start up a new business. Let's take a closer look at how to start up a new business.

Work hard in-house on your own.

When starting a new business on one's own, the "in-house venture system" is an effective way to start a venture company within the company. While others request consultants or outsource the work.Advantage is the ability to accumulate in-house experience and expertise in launching new businesses by utilizing the company's own resources.However, the time and effort required to create a product from zero to one is a disadvantage. However, the disadvantage is that it takes time and effort to create one from zero.

In recent years, efficient methods of launching new businesses, such as "using outside parties" and "buying in," as described below, have become mainstream, so be careful to collect the latest information to stay ahead of your competitors.

Making good use of the outside world

One way is to make good use of outside resources to conduct new business.The first is the "outside world". One of the best ways to use the outside world is to participate in a forum where entrepreneurs, new business owners, and users can exchange information.

It is also possible to meet companies that can help with new business,Easy to connect to open innovationIt will be. Open innovation is a business method of creating new products and services by incorporating outside technology, know-how, and ideas in collaboration with other companies, external institutions, and organizations.

The advantage is that it eliminates the need to develop technology from scratch and accumulate know-how in-house, allowing for efficient new business development. In additionUse of start-up studios is also effectiveIt is.

A startup studio is an organization that has a team of people who specialize in marketing, finance, and other areas of expertise to develop new businesses. The advantage is that you can bring your idea to the studio and they will provide you with the right team members, saving you the trouble of gathering human resources and allowing you to launch your new business quickly.

However, the possibility of risks such as "leakage of information on ideas and technologies" and "decline or decline in in-house development capabilities" can be considered a disadvantage.

I'll buy it.

Buying a business is one option. A typical method is to use the "M&Aand "EIRThe first is the "M" in the "M" column.

M&A is the process of acquiring or merging companies to bring into the company technologies that it lacks or businesses that it plans to launch.

allThe benefits include "strengthening management resources," "improving production efficiency," "acquiring know-how and technology," and "creating synergies.It is. On the other hand, "friction among employees" and "time and cost required to integrate organizational culture" may be disadvantages, so be careful.

Consider open innovation when starting up.

Launching a new business takes time and effort. If you find it difficult to proceed with only your own members, technology and know-how,Consider open innovation to leverage outside technology, know-how, and human resourcesI am sure it will be.

However, if you have an idea but no human resources or technology, we can recruit people with those skills to participate in the project.One way is to use startup studios and crowdsourcing.It is. Choose the most efficient method while carefully assessing your company's situation and the nature of your new business.

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