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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Fujikko, House Foods, Kagome, and Tokyo Gas join "Food Tech Studio - Bites!

Food Tech Studio - Bites!", a global open innovation program sponsored by Scrum Ventures, announced the participation of new corporate and municipal partners as well as the early adoption of startups.

Since the launch of this program on September 30, Scrum Ventures, together with partner companies representing the Japanese food industry and startups from around the world, has been engaged in discussions aimed at creating a "new "food" industry.

Fujikko Ltd., House Foods Group Inc., Kagome Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Gas Co. have decided to join "Food Tech Studio - Bites! A total of 10 "original innovator companies" in the food industry will participate in the project to promote the co-creation of new food tech with startups from around the world. Furthermore, with the participation of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. the project aims to create innovation in terms of infrastructure and cooking technology as well.

In addition, Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc., East Japan Railway Company/Tokyo Touch Line, and Orange Page Inc. have joined as strategic partners to provide their networks and assets. All of them will contribute to enhancing the value of this program from the perspectives of promoting IoT in home appliances and utilizing the Food Lab as a place for real co-creation. In addition, a network of mentors with specialized knowledge and networks has been gathered with the support of more than 20 experts at this point.

In addition, in order to accelerate and deepen the project management of "Food Tech Studio - Bites!", 20 particularly outstanding startups (from 5 countries in 9 categories) among the startups that applied for the program were selected early.

Partners and strategic partners participating in Food Tech Studio - Bites!


  1. Fuji Oil Group Honsha Co.
  2. nissin foods holdings co.
  3. Fujikko Corporation
  4. House Foods Group Inc.
  5. ITO EN Co.
  6. UHEIM Co.
  7. Kagome Co.
  8. Nichirei Corporation
  9. Otsuka Holdings Co.
  10. Tokyo Gas Co.

[Strategic Partners]

  • Hakuhodo Inc.
  • Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Ltd.
  • East Japan Railway Company/Tokyo Touching Line
  • Orange Page Inc.
  • Sigmaxis Corporation
  • Tokyo Tatemono Co.
  • Tsuji Culinary Institute

Food Tech Studio - Bites!" will accelerate and deepen the operation of the program and promote the co-creation of businesses by partner companies and outstanding startups from Japan and abroad in order to make the social transformation of digitalization and the Corona Disaster an opportunity for future change, with the participation of new companies, local governments, and mentors. The program will promote the co-creation of businesses by partner companies and outstanding startups from Japan and abroad.

Early adoption of startups

Since the application period began on September 30, this year, we have received many positive applications from domestic and international startups for this program. The deadline for selection is the end of December this year, but in order to accelerate and deepen the management of the "Food Tech Studio - Bites!

After this early adoption, the selection period will continue until the end of December of this year, when the overall picture of the adopted startups (Participant*) will finally be announced.

*Adopted startups, including early adopters, will qualify as "participants" who will be eligible to participate in the business development program, which will begin around January 2021 (approximately 70 companies in all).

List of Adopted Companies *In no particular order

■ myAir
Location: Israel
Category: Wellness & Health
Website: https://www.myair.ai/

Location: Japan
Category: Wellness & Health
Website: https://about.caneat.jp

Allergy Amulet
Location: United States of America
Category: Wellness & Health
Website: https://www.allergyamulet.com/

Location: Japan
Category: Wellness & Health
Website: https://mil-inc.com/

Sun Coast Naturals
Location: United States of America
Category: Next Generation Foods & Functional Foods
Website: https://suncoastnaturals.com/

Turtle Tree Labs
Location: Singapore
Category: Next Generation Foods & Functional Foods
Website: https://turtletreelabs.com/

Location: United States of America
Category: Next Generation Foods & Functional Foods
Website: https://kuleana.co/

Location: Japan
Category: Next Generation Foods & Functional Foods
Website: https://www.comp.jp/

New Age Meats
Location: United States of America
Category: Next Generation Foods & Functional Foods
Website: https://www.newagemeats.com/

Location: United States of America
Category: Next Generation Foods & Functional Foods
Website: https://www.ukko.us/

Rebound Technologies
Location: United States of America
Category: Supply Chain & Logistics
Website: https://www.rebound-tech.com/

Location: United States of America
Category: Supply Chain & Logistics
Website: http://www.kiwicampus.com/

Gifmo, Inc.
Location: Japan
Category: Home & Consumer Technology
Website: https://gifmo.co.jp/delisofter/

Location: Japan
Category: Home & Consumer Technology
Website: https://tokyomixcurry.com/

■ Drop Kitchen / Adaptics Inc.
Location: Ireland
Category: Kitchen & Restaurant Technology
Website: https://www.getdrop.com

MoBiol Holdings Pte Ltd
Location: Singapore
Category: Sustainability
Website: https://www.mobiol.tech/

Mi Terro
Location: United States of America
Category: Sustainability
Website: https://www.miterro.com/

■ Flourring LLC
Location: United States of America
Category: Food Security
Website: http://www.flourring.com/

Novel Farms, Inc.
Location: United States of America
Category: Agricultural Technology
Website: https://www.novelfarms.co/

Exa Wizards Inc.
Location: Japan
Category: Consumer Products & Services
Website: https://exawizards.com/

After a selection period until the end of December 2020, the selected startups (participants) will participate in a business development program with partners starting around January 2021.

About Food Tech Studio - Bites!

Project Summary:
Food Tech Studio - Bites!" is a global open innovation program that aims to co-create a new "food" industry with leading Japanese food industry partners and startups from around the world. Food Tech Studio - Bites!

organizingScrum Ventures, Inc.

Fuji Oil Group Inc., Nissin Foods Holdings Corporation, Fujikko Corporation, House Foods Group Inc.

Strategic Partners:
Hakuhodo Inc., Hitachi Global Life Solutions, East Japan Railway Company, Orange Page, Sigmaxis, Tokyo Tatemono, Tsuji Culinary School

Official Website:https://www.foodtech.studio/?lang=ja

Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/FTS_Bites

Holding periodScheduled from September 2020 to March 2021.

Schedule (tentative):
 Start-up application period: 2020/9/30 ~ 2020/11/30
 ○ Start-up selection period: December 2020
 Business development period: Jan. 2021 ~ Mar. 2021
 Demo Day (results presentation event): March 2021

Five main areas of startups to be recruited for this program
 Wellness & Health
 Next-gen foods & Functional foods
 Supply Chain & Logistics
 At-Home & Consumer-focused Technologies

Comments from new participating partners

Kentaro Maruyama (Executive Officer, General Manager, Development Division, Fujikko Ltd.)

Since our founding in 1960, under our company motto "Creation is the only way," we have been delivering a variety of products that contribute to good taste, health, safety, and security through the science of traditional Japanese food. This process has been a series of challenges and innovations, but thanks to the support of our stakeholders, we are celebrating our 60th anniversary on November 7, 2020. We see this 60th anniversary as an opportunity to take a leap forward, looking ahead to the next 100 years, and we are proud to announce the launch of "Food Tech Studio -. Bites!We are pleased to participate in the "Health Creation Company. As a health creation company, we hope to contribute to better health and better lives for people around the world by leveraging innovative technologies and ideas from startups around the world through open innovation."

Satoshi Fukunaka (General Manager, New Business Development Department, House Foods Group Inc.)

We, the House Foods Group, are working to fulfill our three responsibilities to "society," "customers," and "employees and their families" under the vision of "Transformation into a 'Health through Food' Quality Company. In order to realize a new normal society in the Corona Disaster, we believe that not only building up from within, but also "co-creation" with external parties is extremely important. We are pleased to announce the launch of this "Food Tech Studio -. Bites!We see our involvement in the House as a great opportunity to gain a new perspective on the way the House looks at the future in terms of exploring possibilities."

Nobuhiko Yoshimi, General Manager, Business Development Office, Kagome Co.

Our brand statement is "Enjoy Nature, Deliciously, with Pleasure. We have also defined our vision by 2025 as "a strong company that can grow sustainably by working to solve social issues through food. Food Tech Studio Bites!Through our participation in "The Open Innovation Initiative," we hope to proactively incorporate new technologies and ideas into our company through exchange and collaboration with startups and partner companies around the world, to stimulate open innovation activities and accelerate our efforts to contribute to business creation and improve the value of people's health."


Kentaro Kimoto (Managing Executive Officer, Tokyo Gas Co.)

Tokyo Gas has been delivering energy to household kitchens since the Meiji era (1868-1912) and started cooking classes in the Taisho era (1912-1926). From the Showa to the Heisei period, we have been deeply involved with "food" through the flame of gas by promoting the development of advanced gas cooking appliances and engaging in activities such as dietary education and food loss reduction. In November 2019, we became the first Japanese energy company to achieve net zero CO2 emissions, and we are actively addressing the issue of global warming and collaborating with external partners to solve social issues from the perspective of consumers. Food Tech Studio Bites!We hope to work with participating partners and startups to address a variety of issues centered on food and create new value through the "Food for All" project."


Takashi Taoka, Executive Officer, CDO, Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Ltd.

The coronavirus disaster has changed people's lives and increased the importance of quality family time. Food has the greatest impact on the fulfillment of people's lives and is directly related to the improvement of QoL. The kitchen appliances we manufacture, such as refrigerators and microwave ovens, are an area where digital technology is expected to bring great innovation in the future, and together with our startups and partners, we hope to bring about a revolution in food and contribute to improving the QoL of consumers."


Noriko Ichiki (President, Orange Page Inc.)

The food industry, as an "industry of life," is under pressure to undergo a major value shift. Orange Page regards food as (1) a key factor for wellbeing, (2) an interface with nature and the climate, and (3) a communication tool that creates connections between people. We are promoting a variety of initiatives with the mission of "connecting sei-katsu-sha and 00 and fostering a lifestyle culture that collaborates and co-creates wellbeing. We have recently launched "Food Tech Studio" as a media to deliver lifestyles to your home. Bites!We are very pleased to have participated in the "Food and Lifestyle Forum"! We are excited to work with you to create the future of food and lifestyle by providing a place and consumer insights."

Shin-Okubo Food Lab (tentative name) Promotion Team(East Japan Railway Company, Tokyo Branch Office, Business Department, Planning and Regional Co-creation Division, Yamanote Line Project)

JR East/Tokyo Touch Line aims to imagine our "a little view of the future" and create a hearty urban living space in the future, In the area of food, we plan to create a "place" to overcome this barrier. The "Shin-Okubo Food Lab (tentative name)," which will open directly above Shin-Okubo Station, will not only overcome the barrier, but will also "excite" us to overcome it together. Food Tech Studio - "Food Tech Studio Bites!I look forward to meeting with my fellow co-creators and working together with you in a friendly competition."

Image of this program

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