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Tuesday, December 12, 2023
Home 東工大発ベンチャー 「aiwell」×東大発ベンチャー「イノカ」による海の環境保全を達成するための共同プロジェクト 67288-main 東工大発ベンチャー 「aiwell」×東大発ベンチャー「イノカ」による海の環境保全を達成するための共同プロジェクト

67288-main 東工大発ベンチャー 「aiwell」×東大発ベンチャー「イノカ」による海の環境保全を達成するための共同プロジェクト

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JR East Startup Program 2023DEMO DAY", TOYOKO won the Startup Grand Prize!

Open Innovation News] The DEMO DAY (presentation meeting) for companies selected in the spring of the JR East Startup Program 2023, in which East Japan Railway Company and JR East Startups collaborate with venture companies to realize new services, was held online on December 6, and TOYOKO was awarded the overall TOYOKO won the overall Grand Prix "Startup Grand Prize"! In addition, the "Excellence Award" went to Kenrobotech Co. In addition, the "Judges' Special Award" went to Agnavi Inc.