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Suggestion] Changing jobs isn't everything. Don't quit your job, get out.

Changing careers, doubling up, dual jobs, starting your own business.... Although the collapse of Japanese-style employment has increased the number of options for working in one's own way, the current situation in Japan is such that only a few people have had the opportunity to experience these options. Compared to the international community, Japan has by far the lowest level of human resource mobility. What will happen if Japan continues to have low human resource mobility in a society with an ultra-low birthrate, aging population, and shrinking labor force? We interviewed Kennosuke Tanaka, a professor at Hosei University and an expert on career design, and Ten Ijichi, CEO of Creww, Inc., which provides platform support to individuals, start-ups, and companies that want to start new businesses and solve social issues.
*This article is a reprint of an article published in NEWS PICKS on 2021.11.30.

Tomomi Tamura

Editorial Writer (Special to NewsPicks Brand Design)

Crossing Borders" is a growth driver for people and companies

─ ─ In these days when people are talking about the importance of human resource mobility, please tell us again why this is necessary in the first place.

Tanaka There are several factors, but the reason is that Japan, with its super low birthrate and aging society, will have an overwhelmingly insufficient labor force. Companies will not be able to surround themselves with people,If companies do not share human resources among themselves, they will not have enough in the first place.Yet, Japan does not have a flow of human resources. The reason for this is that Japanese companies are unable to maximize their human capital.

While it would be desirable for each individual to maximize his or her abilities and work in the right place at the right time while feeling both fulfilled and motivated, in reality it is difficult to do so. This is because the company manages its employees so that they do not fall off the rails of the organization by hiring a batch of new graduates and making them climb up the ladder of success one step at a time.Japanese-style employment is not structured to maximize each individual's abilities.From. When confined in an organizational box, people spend many years just carrying out their assigned tasks, and as a result, work becomes boring and productivity declines. The result is today's Japan. It has become less competitive and unable to establish a global presence. What Japanese companies need to do now is to maximize their human capital and increase the productivity of each individual. To do so, they need to,Allow employees to "cross borders" into other industries and companies.I believe that this is a good thing.

I see...I see that the mobility of human resources in Japan, with its super low birthrate and aging society, is a situation that cannot wait.

Tanaka That's right, and the way to break out of this situation is to jump out of the existing organization, in other words, "crossing the border. If people who are not in possession of their abilities or who are unable to seize an opportunity actively go outside the organization while keeping their main focus on their main business, they will gain opportunities to take on new challenges. I believe that such measures to mobilize human resources will be a source of vitality for each and every employee, and will also serve as a growth engine for the company.

Alethea triandra var. japonica (variety of kangaroo grass) I am,The site where people from large companies get involved in startups and awakenI have witnessed countless times in the past. That's how important it is to be exposed to outsiders, and those who are awakened begin to make significant contributions to the core business.

However, compared to Western countries, Japan has a deep-rooted tendency toward large corporations, and talented people who want to take on the challenges of new industries tend to flow to large corporations. As Dr. Tanaka pointed out, the working population will continue to decline, so I think it is not good if we do not make the workforce more mobile.

Tanaka That's right, and I would say, "Accelerate the liquidation process as soon as possible. This is not to say "quit company A and go to company B","Do three or four concurrent jobs while at Company A."This is the story. Business people should have the mindset to take on multiple tasks, and companies should create an environment that encourages such challenges. This is the best way to increase productivity.

From a career within an organization to an autonomous career

T: On the other hand, I think that the overwhelming majority of Generation Z think of their careers in terms of changing jobs or pursuing multiple careers. Do you think there is a sense of impatience among people in their 30s and 40s as they enter the workforce?

Tanaka This is precisely the polarization between young and middle workers that is creating a halation within the organization. Until now, a career within an organization has been the traditional way of working, but now we are finally at a turning point toward autonomous careers.

 Autonomous careers are a way of working that allows people to develop their careers while grasping what they want to do on their own, and Generation Z and Millennials are completely that way. They think about their own unique way of working and living, and make their own choices. On the other hand, the middle and senior generations have lived their lives thinking that the only career available to them is a career within an organization. This is because companies have surrounded themselves with human resources and prohibited both dual and multiple careers without looking outside. If you don't look outside, it is natural to think that a career within an organization is the norm. But in an age when you can get as much information as you want on the Internet, that domestic management does not fit. In particular, people under the age of 30 want to work the way they want to work, and they want to do work that is rewarding. They feel uncomfortable devoting themselves to a company that requires them to come to work every day and restricts them from looking outside, so if they think, "I don't belong here," they will easily leave. That is why we are attracting talented young people now,Companies that support autonomous careersIt is.

We are often asked, "If we make autonomous careers, will they leave the company?" This is a big mistake. Employee engagement increases when you support autonomous careers. This is because the company supports what you want to do. Not quit when you show the outside, but quit because you don't show the outside.The first thing to do is to get the younger generation to realize that they are not the only ones who can do this. The sooner they realize this, the better, and the more aggressive they should be in getting younger employees and middle and senior workers to cross borders. ANA and JAL's crossing the border of employees to different industries with the Corona Disaster is a good example, and should be a tremendously good career capital.

Staying with one company does not = career success.

─ Are there more and more businesspeople in large companies who want to do multiple jobs?

Alethea triandra var. japonica (variety of kangaroo grass) I think it is increasing. At Creww, we have been working for three years on a "STARTUP STUDIO by CrewwIt is called "theIndividuals as the main subjectThe incubation program was started with the following concept. In this program, individuals communicate the business they want to do or the problem they want to solve, and people who share their ideas get together to form a team. They actually create a product, try it out in the market, and if they get good resultsSell to a companyIn some cases, the company is incorporated and grows its business as is.

Tanaka Interesting. Nice!

Alethea triandra var. japonica (variety of kangaroo grass) Individuals can have a zero-cost experience, and some people use their participation in the project as an opportunity to try innovative things in their day jobs, while others move on to startups or start their own businesses. Japan today,It's more rare for people to get the opportunity to try something zero-based.That's right. So many people will come to us if they can take advantage of their free time and weekends to try their hand at zeroing in.

Tanaka I would like to make such efforts the norm. There are many people in large companies who have more disposable time and energy because they cannot work overtime due to reforms in the way they work. That said, many people feel uncomfortable submitting a request for double work to the company because it seems like cheating. That is why I think it is possible to do it in a special unit-like manner, as in Mr. Ijichi's project. Brainwashing that "career success is to stay with one company and retire."to be solved as soon as possible.

─ ─ What motivates people who work for large companies while doing multiple jobs?

Tanaka 80% self-actualizationThis is because of the Few middle and senior age people in large companies are spending money because they are not in need of annual income. In fact, many of them don't want compensation and want to experience zero income. But I would also say, "Earn more. If you earn 60 or 70 million yen, become an angel investor, invest in startups, and contribute to the creation of new industries and value, the economy will turn. Until now, capital has not been able to turn around because of the lack of liquidity in human resources, but from now onAthletes Transferred to RentalI would like to see large companies set a goal to cross-border their employees and increase their annual income by a factor of 5 or 10, just as they do in the

Tried to be CXO of a startup for 6 months in a duplicate job.

─ ─ The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has also started a project to mobilize human resources from large companies. Creww has been selected to implement this project.

Alethea triandra var. japonica (variety of kangaroo grass) METI is,Experienced personnel with experience in large companies take on the challenge in startups.The "Management Human Resource Support Project for Startups" is designed to promote the development of a new type of business.SHIFT (x)Creww is the company that will be responsible for this. Creww, as the entity responsible for this, is a large corporate human resourcesLimited and duplicate work for a period of six monthsIn,Challenging CXO of a startupThe program, which can be called "CXO LaunchpadThe company has opened a new office in Tokyo, Japan. We are looking for large company personnel who want to take on the challenge.

Even if a person working for a large company is interested in a startup or entrepreneurship, it is a hurdle to quit his/her current job and take on the challenge. However, it should be easy to take on the challenge if it is for a limited period of time of six months and if it is a duplicate job. From the startup's point of view, it would be very much appreciated if someone with experience at a large company could come to the company as a CXO or executive candidate, which is always needed during the growth phase.

Tanaka, "Cross-border Study Abroad."Yes, it is. Excellent.

Alethea triandra var. japonica (variety of kangaroo grass) Thank you. People often ask me if a startup can function with a part time executive, but we too have had a freelance CMO join us for only 6 months and he has been very helpful. Depending on the stage of the startup, there are times when we need a full-time person and times when we do not. This time, it is a project with a startup that needs my help for six months, so it is not a job change,Large corporate human resources who want to experience managing a small organization in a multi-employer environmentI think it's a great match for the

─ ─ What kind of people do you think should try it?

Tanaka People who are feeling bewildered that they could be doing more. For example, those who are committed to their main job and work energetically.Those who think "I am not getting a great job," but are not thinking about changing jobs.It is. I think this type of person makes up the majority of people who work for large companies, so I think you should try it, both for your own career and for the organization you are in. It is the best way to expand your potential without leaving the company.

Alethea triandra var. japonica (variety of kangaroo grass) I hope that companies will also send out the next generation of leaders with a mindset of getting them out there for the sake of human resource development and corporate growth.

Tanaka We need to make it a movement. In Japan today,Metabolism for GrowthI have been doing this for a long time. All the time."pupa" stateI think this project will be a great opportunity for people who work in large companies, because it makes no sense to keep sleeping in


Interviewed and written by Tomomi Tamura
Photo: Daisuke Koike
Design: Seisakujo inc.
Editing: Takeshi Kimura

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