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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Miyake Town, Nara Prefecture and Creww launch "Miyake Local Startup," a program to support entrepreneurs!

Creww and Miyake Town, Nara Prefecture, announced the launch of "Miyake Local Startup," an entrepreneur support program aimed at creating new businesses in Miyake Town born from the perspective of solving local problems!

About "Miyake Local Startup

Miyake Local Startup" is a program to create new businesses in Miyake-cho together with people who are willing to tackle local issues with free ideas, in order to realize Miyake-cho's vision of "a small town where people can live happily in their own way" 20 years from now.

This program aims to nurture entrepreneurs from Miyake-cho who will go out to the rest of the country and the world, and to nurture the soil for Miyake to become "Miyake for start-ups".

In FY2023, we will offer a six-month entrepreneurship course (Accelerator), a symposium (Conference), and a digital information dissemination course (Web 3.0 School).

Miyake Local Startup" details page:

(From left: Mr. Ten Ijichi, President of Creww Inc. and Mr. Koji Morita, Mayor of Miyake Town)
On Friday, August 18, 2023, we held a press conference in Miyake-cho to discuss the launch of this program.

project(s) carried out

Miyake Local Startup Accelerator (Miyake Town Entrepreneurship Training Course)
(Scheduled to begin in October 2023)

Objective.Finding individuals who are willing to practice new business, especially local business.

Who Should AttendIndividuals, sole proprietors, and pre-seed entrepreneurs (students are acceptable) who are willing to work on start-up and venture-type businesses in Miyake-cho as a field.

Eligibility for ApplicationIn principle, individuals (including students) who are considering starting their own business are eligible to apply, provided that they meet the following conditions
Start-up company managers who have been in business for less than three years and have not raised equity financing.
Small and medium-sized enterprises considering a second start-up Management, executives, successors

(2) "Miyake Local Startup Conference" (2) "Miyake Local Startup Conference" (2) "Miyake Local Startup Conference" (2)
(Vol. 1 will be held on September 2, 2023; Vol. 2 will be held in March 2024)

Objective.Symposium inviting innovators who are at the forefront of local startups and regional development.

Those who want to work on solving local issues and regional development
Those interested in local startups/ventures.
Those who want to challenge their dreams in their own way in Miyake-cho.
Supporters (support organizations, financial institutions, etc.) who wish to support these challengers
*Everyone is welcome to participate, including those outside Miyake-cho and Nara Prefecture.

3) "Miyake Local Startup Web3.0 School
(Scheduled to be held in November 2023)

Objective.Creating opportunities for new local businesses in Miyake-cho using digital technology

Who Should Attend:
Those who want to learn the basics of Web 3.0
Those who want to create a business plan involving Web 3.0 and local communities.
Those interested in local DAOs

Business Lecturer

1) "Miyake Local Startup Accelerator
[Main lecturerMs. Kaori Nishii (President, NEWRON Corporation)
Graduated from Kinki University School of Pharmacy in 2019. Took a leave of absence while still in school to start his own business. He has developed a marketing business using idea-thons, a training business, and an incubation business. After obtaining his pharmacist license, he founded and is currently running "Traveling Pharmacist (a job-cation service for urban pharmacists to work in local pharmacies)" and "Healthy&Lab. (healthy food development business). He is in charge of the "Business Idea Creation Course" as a part-time lecturer at Kinki University's Faculty of Business Administration and OCA Osaka College of Design & Technology.

[Guest lecturer
Mr. Koji Morita (Mayor of Miyake-cho)
Mr. Toshiyuki Yamamoto (President, SEVEN Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Kunihiko Ono (Representative Director, Saka-no-tochu Co., Ltd.)
        Rei Ishimoto (Director, Chugin Capital Partners Co.)
        Mr. Takahiro Niki (Associate, Incubate Fund Inc.)

(2) "Miyake Local Startup Conference" (2) "Miyake Local Startup Conference" (2) "Miyake Local Startup Conference" (2)
Speakers for the September event
Mr. Koji Morita (Mayor of Miyake-cho)
Kotaro Ishibashi, Managing Partner, Gazelle Capital / Local Local Co.
Hitomi Oshima (Representative of Takuramu)
Mr. Yuto Manriki (Managing Director, Wooo Co., Ltd.)
           Mr. Masasuke Mase (Representative Director, REMARE Co., Ltd.)

3) "Miyake Local Startup Web3.0 School
[Main lecturerMr. Arumu Mine (Head of web3 Business Division, GAIAX Corporation and Director, Japan Blockchain Association)
Started research and development of blockchain in 2015. He runs the information website Blockchain Biz and has been involved in the publication of three books on blockchain. He is also involved in the development of the "Beautiful Village DAO" system with Chigashira Town in Tottori Prefecture and Matsuzaki Town in Shizuoka Prefecture, as well as the development of a LiDAR network for smart cities in collaboration with Waseda University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, and others.

About Creww

Creww, Inc. is a total support company for startups, entrepreneurs, business companies, and individuals who want to take on new challenges. Creww Inc. is a total support company for startups, entrepreneurs, business companies, and individuals who want to take on challenges, providing a variety of services that match the needs of each individual.
Since its founding in 2012, Creww has conducted open innovation programs with more than 350 companies and startups, resulting in approximately 1,000 collaborations to date. Currently, approximately 7,000 startups are registered on the open innovation platform operated by Creww.

name of companyCreww Corporation
EstablishmentAugust 13, 2012
Location4F 1-19-9 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
representativeRepresentative Director: SORATO IJICHI
Business OverviewOperation of one of the largest open innovation platforms in Japan. Operation of a startup community.
uniform resouce locatorhttps://creww.in/
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PORT by Creww is an open innovation media for startups, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in recovery, and companies seeking to create new businesses on the theme of social issues, operated by Creww Co.
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