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Monday, December 4, 2023

Event Report] "Yamanashi Startup Acceleration Program" Result Debriefing Session [Part 1

On March 15, 2023, Yamanashi Prefecture and Creww held the "Yamanashi Startup Acceleration Program" results briefing session as a hybrid of the co-creation base "Shibuya QWS" and online.
This program aims to support open innovation between Yamanashi Prefecture companies that have achieved growth through superior technologies and management foundations and startup companies with innovative ideas and technologies, thereby helping the startup companies to establish their businesses and revitalize the prefecture's industries. This article summarizes the presentations by each participating company with a strong will for innovation and reports on the results of the efforts over a period of about 5 months starting in October 2022, divided into [Part 1] and [Part 2]!

The purpose of "Yamanashi Startup Acceleration Program" (Yamanashi Prefecture)


Speaker: Mr. Ito, Startup and Management Support Division, Industry and Labor Department, Yamanashi Prefecture
Yamanashi Prefecture is located in the center of Honshu, adjacent to Tokyo. With the opening of the Trans-Chubu Expressway to Shizuoka, the number of inquiries to consider a factory or logistics base has doubled, making it an ideal location for a new business base where start-ups can easily expand both domestically and internationally.

Yamanashi Prefecture also ranks 4th in the nation in terms of the percentage of entrepreneurs among those working (Basic Survey on Employment Structure, FYH29). In terms of the percentage of business start-ups, it ranks 8th in the nation (R3 FY Small and Medium Business White Paper). Currently,Strengthening policies throughout the prefecture by steering the creation and attraction of startupsThe Company is working to Specifically, we are expanding our startup support framework by disseminating support measures, collaborating with Hamamatsu City, holding business contests, granting startup grants, providing full support for demonstration experiments, and conducting acceleration programs to develop businesses.

About the Program Overview (Creww)


Speaker: Mr. Kobayashi, Creww Co.
The "Yamanashi Startup Acceleration Program" consists of two programs: 1) for startups and 2) for companies within the prefecture,Supporting the growth of startups and the creation of new businesses through co-creation with startups of companies in the prefectureThe company is doing so.

For startups, we will provide support for establishing and expanding their businesses in Yamanashi Prefecture, and for companies in Yamanashi Prefecture, we will provide support for open innovation with startups from all over Japan. Specifically, we provided mentoring, lectures, and matching support for business co-creation with companies in Yamanashi Prefecture to the 8 startups that participated in the program, and provided support to the 3 companies in Yamanashi Prefecture that participated in the program to implement open innovation to solve problems from among the 7,000 companies registered with Creww. We also provided support for the implementation of open innovation to three companies from Yamanashi Prefecture that participated in the program.

Today, we are pleased to invite all participating companies to present their achievements over the past six months. We hope that this will be an opportunity to share valuable experiences, deepen exchanges, and gain insights for the future.

Pitch for startup companies to report their achievements

▶︎ "Predictive Control AI," Ad Dice Inc. Results Pitch


Speaker: Mr. Ito
AdDice provides 24/7 risk oversight services with predictive control AI.
This program is supported by Yamanashi Prefecture,Interviews with hospitals, transportation companies, and psychologists in Yamanashi City, targeting people with mental problemsThe results of the study showed that it was difficult to understand the root causes of patients' problems and the effectiveness of treatment. As a result, it became clear that the underlying causes of the patients' problems and the effectiveness of the treatment were difficult to ascertain with weekly therapy.
Therefore, we aimed to assist therapists and clarify the effects of treatment by visualizing the mental ups and downs of the remaining 23 hours and 6 days. The data measured and collected by manufacturers developing various measurement devices and by teachers was analyzed by AI to present a highly accurate risk score for depression and anxiety. AdDice will continue to,Providing value to people with mental health concerns while proposing demonstrations to medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, employment support facilities, industrial physicians, etc.We would like to

▶︎ "Lights that can be sterilized," Juken LLC, Results Pitch


Speaker: Mr. Stefano Valenzi
Juken LLC offers a light that can sterilize. It has been proven that it can also sterilize coronaviruses. It also prevents the growth of bacteria and continuously suppresses them. In addition, because it can produce LEDs that are similar to sunlight, it can also speed up the growth of plants, and it is also a high-quality light that can affect color and color perception.
In this program,Corona Disaster and After Corona provide ongoing peace of mind to visitors to Yamanashi Prefecture.The goal of the project was to make it possible to Companies that have actually installed the lights have expressed their delight. Juken LLC's technology can also be easily provided by simply changing the fluorescent lamps.
We will continue to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the various companies in this program to promote awareness of our services.

▶︎ "Bridge Inspection Using Drones" Aerodyne Japan K.K. Results Report Pitch


Speaker: Mr. Shikatani
The Aerodyne Group is the world's No. 1 rated drone solution provider, utilizing drones to inspect power lines, communication towers, bridges, ports, and other infrastructure.
There are many types of infrastructure inspections, but the regulatory situation and other factors differ, and the progress of drone utilization for what infrastructure inspections varies from country to country.
In Japan, we are focusing on the bridge inspection market, where a total of 700,000 bridges in Japan have been inspected.
In this context, we identified the market issue that while the use of drones is progressing in projects under the direct control of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, information on DXing is still not shared among local government bridges.
In this program,With the backup of Yamanashi Prefecture, hold study sessions with prefectural government and businesses to reflect the use of drones in the FY2023 bridge inspection specifications.The company has made efforts to achieve the goal of

▶︎ "Environmental Remediation Project Combining Pollution Remediation and CO2 Absorption" GAIA-X Corporation, Results Report Pitch


Speaker: Mr. Yamanaka
GAIA-X is an environmental remediation business that combines the purification of pollution with the absorption of CO2. using the Gaia-X purifier, we utilize specialized remediation plants to detoxify substances contained in contaminated soil and sewage that are harmful to the ecosystem. Our business is unique in that it is the only technology that can also absorb CO2 at the same time. Furthermore, we offer our services at low cost despite our superior technological capabilities to clean up difficult-to-remediate pollution sources such as radioactive materials and PFAS.
What is the background of your participation in this program?Contaminated Soil Problem in Yamanashi PrefectureThere are Due to the construction of the Linear Shinkansen and the Trans-Chubu Highway, etc., construction generated soil containing heavy metals, etc., is expected to amount to more than 15 million tons.
Therefore, we focused our market research on the construction industry, interviewing the construction industry about the number of contaminated sites and expenditures per year, and verifying the technology in small-scale construction. In the future,Financing for the establishment of the first plant in Yamanashi Prefecture to develop a long-term permanent plant project while meeting the challenges of strengthening evidence and forming a consortiumThe company plans to do so.

▶︎ "Video Analysis AI Security Service," KB-eye Corporation, Results Pitch


Speaker: Mr. Akiyama
KB-eye is a startup from Yamanashi Prefecture. It has already been adopted at disaster sites, though,In order to scale up our business even further in the futureto participate in this program.
KB-eye provides video analysis AI security services. Our unique AI specialized for traffic guidance automatically determines hazards, and large LEDs installed at both ends of the site guide vehicles to proceed and stop. The introduction of KB-eye also makes it possible to save manpower and increase the number of sites where orders can be received. Specifically, KB-eye + 1 security guard can secure sales equivalent to 3 security guards.
From now on,Expansion to full automation of security and linkage with automated drivingKB-eye will create a new business model for traffic maintenance sites and solve issues such as the shortage and aging of security guards due to their negative image and poor working environment, thereby realizing a safer society without casualties.

▶︎ "Dental Plaque Inspection Light," DENTIPPI Corporation, Results Report Pitch.


Speaker: Mr. Koyama
DENTIPI is developing a health care business. It also has products that help visualize food hygiene by allowing users to check for emerging bacteria simply by shining a light on them. In addition, the company has technology that uses general-purpose AI to reproduce the eyes of a specialist in a specific disease, such as periodontal disease, simply by taking a picture of the patient with a smartphone.
In this program,Sold dental plaque examination lights at local companies and developed health classes to educate people about dentistry at health checkups by matching them with companies that handle physical examinations and health checkups.We are considering the following. In new markets, we also worked to create an environment in which consumers can make their own choices by innovating the monopoly market by renting Contamination Check Light to enable voluntary food hygiene control inspections. Specifically, we will continue our efforts to improve the quality of school lunches by enhancing cooperation with school lunch associations in Yamanashi Prefecture. (Reference URL:http://www.yamanashi-gk.com/news_data/1565/)

▶︎ "Aerosolo Infection Control Filters," Unipac Corporation, Results Pitch


Speaker: Mr. Matsue
Unipac designs, manufactures, and sells air filters for air conditioning. We develop and provide washable and reusable filters by rethinking the medium performance filters that have been considered "disposable".
In this program,Development of Aerosol Infection Control Filters for the Maskless EraWe have done the following. In partnership with Fujifilm, we have combined the company's HydroAge technology with a sustainable antimicrobial filter. Viruses are suspended together with dust in the air. We therefore thought of inactivating viruses by attaching the entire dust to the filter. The filter is currently used at the National Stadium, Kansai International Airport, Tokyo Dome LaQua, and many other facilities.
From now on,Developing products as a benefit to protect employees in the maskless era.We will work to In addition, since it inhibits the growth of not only viruses but also bacteria, molds, and other microorganisms, we intend to provide this service not only to medical facilities but also to food factories and cultural facilities.

[Event Report] "Yamanashi Startup Acceleration Program" Results Report Meeting [Part 2].

May 24, 2023

Yamanashi Prefecture and Creww Hold Open Innovation Program! Calling for startups that can co-create with 3 companies in the prefecture.

December 14, 2022
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