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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Hyogo Prefecture x Creww "HYOGO OPEN INNOVATION CHALLENGE" events are held regularly!

HYOGO OPEN INNOVATION CHALLENGE, which Creww manages on behalf of Hyogo Prefecture, will hold regular events based on the concept of "learning, thinking, and meeting about open innovation!
The HYOGO OPEN INNOVATION CHALLENGE will be held by the Hyogo Prefectural New Industry Division to support the promotion of new business development through collaboration between companies in Hyogo Prefecture and start-ups in and outside the prefecture.


The program will hold regular events based on the concept of "learning, thinking, and meeting about open innovation" to expand the base of open innovation and subsidize a portion of the costs required to consider collaboration.
Participating companies will deepen their knowledge of open innovation through seminars and workshops, while interacting with startups, support organizations, financial institutions, etc. This will promote spontaneous and frequent exchanges among companies, forming a co-creation community and expanding the base of open innovation in Hyogo Prefecture. We aim to expand the base of open innovation in Hyogo Prefecture.

About the Event

(1) Date and time
From June 2023 to March 2024, generally on the second Wednesday of each month from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (tentative)
*Details will be posted and updated on the dedicated website as needed.

(2) Location
Entrepreneurship Plaza Hyogo (tentative)
 [Address] Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kobe Head Office Bldg. 2F, 56 Naniwa-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0035, Japan

(iii) Main target audience
Businesses with headquarters, offices, or other locations in Hyogo Prefecture
Example: Businesses that have management or business issues that cannot be resolved internally or by existing partners alone.
Businesses that are unable to take on challenges outside of their existing business areas due to a lack of in-house technology and know-how
Businesses that are unable to give shape to new business ideas due to a lack of in-house resources and know-how
Startups from Hyogo and other prefectures that are considering open innovation with companies in Hyogo Prefecture
Example) ・Startups looking for a partner company to cooperate in business verification and demonstration tests of their services and products.
Startups that wish to utilize the resources of companies in Hyogo Prefecture for the growth of their services.
Startups that wish to establish a track record by conducting demonstration tests of their services through business co-creation with participating companies in Hyogo Prefecture.
Persons in charge of support organizations and financial institutions that support the growth of companies in Hyogo Prefecture, etc.

Main events
[Seminar] Fundamentals of Open Innovation and the Necessity of Co-Creation and Collaboration in Light of the Historical Background, etc.
[Workshop] Analyze and communicate your company's strengths and challenges for co-creation and collaboration
[Pitches: Exchanges with startups and others with a track record of co-creation and collaboration with a variety of new technologies in and outside of the prefecture
[Knowledge sharing] Share and disseminate knowledge gained through efforts toward co-creation and collaboration through this project.

(5) Cooperative study grant
Businesses with offices in Hyogo Prefecture that participate in this event at least three times a year will be eligible for subsidies to cover part of the expenses required to study open innovation collaboration between two or more parties to solve social and regional issues. (Subsidy limit: 300,000 yen, subsidy rate: 1/2, number of subsidies: about 15 (to be determined by screening))
*Details and application procedures will be announced on the Hyogo Prefecture website at a later date.

⑥Organization and operation
[Organizer] Hyogo Prefecture
[Operated by Creww Co.

Event details and event registration

The date, time, location and content of the event may be subject to change from the above.
Please be sure to check the following dedicated website, which will be posted and updated as needed.
Applications for the event will also be accepted at any time on the same site.

[Contact information
New Industry Creation Team, New Industry Division, Industry and Labor Department, Hyogo Prefecture
10-1, Shimoyamate-dori 5-chome, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-8567, Japan
TEL: 078-362-4156 (direct) FAX: 078-362-4273
e-mail: Shinsangyo@pref.hyogo.lg.jp

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