Creww LINE Official Account! Add friends to get useful information for your startup!

Creww has started an official LINE to deliver useful information for startups, such as information on accelerator programs, events, and seminars.

You can easily make a reservation for a preview of the coworking space "docks" @ Kamiyacho, where startups can take on challenges, so please take advantage of this service!

Three patterns of "Add Friend" methods

1: Add a friend by clicking the "Add Friend" button

Tap the button below on a smartphone with the LINE app installed or on a computer with the LINE app installed.

2: "Add Friend" with QR code

Launch the "LINE" application and select "QR Code" under "Add Friends" in the menu. Scan the QR code below to add a friend.

3: "Add Friend" in search

Start the "LINE" application, click the "Add Friends" button under "Home", and enter the following account name or an ID starting with @ in the "Search" field. (Be sure to enter the name starting with @)

Search for "Creww" or "@hpd9798b".